event on design for libre federated chat ecosystem 

On the 30th of january the community is organizing a development sprint focused on and in the XMPP ecosystem.

XMPP is a long standing protocol for federated chat which in recent years underwent impressive technical modernization that brought the ecosystem modern mobile clients, cross device chat and end-to-end encryption based on Signal.

The XMPP community organizes so-called sprints where developers gather from across Europe to work on the ecosystem.

Even though the ecosystem saw many improvements in recent years, the UX across the ecosystem still leaves a lot to be desired. To begin addressing this, the next XMPP Sprint will be focused on UX and UI, particularly in regards to naming conventions.

That is why we’d like to invite members of the open source design community to join us on the 30th of January in the offices of Open Source Publishing[1]. On february the 1st we will also do a smaller meetup in the margins of FOSDEM.

If you already have an account on the XMPP network, join us in our Sprint chatroom:

If you don’t, the room is also accessible without an account via:

For more information have a look at:


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