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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. You agree to the LURK Terms of Service. By using LURK you agree to first read and stick to our TOS: https://lurk.org/TOS.txt
  2. Help keep sealions at bay! LURK is here for discussions, also the difficult ones. However, for particularly baity topics including cryptocurrency, NFT, Vim/Emacs and ${OUTRAGE_OF_THE_DAY} please use the local-only function to prevent attracting bad faith actors from across the network.
  3. Keep the local timeline accessible and tidy! Local TL is our only truly shared space. Make top-level posts public and subsequent posts in the same thread 'unlisted' unless they are very important or updated at slow pace across time, like a slowly updated research log or slowly built collection.
  4. T2F crossposting is spammy, F2T is praxis! No Twitter-to-Fediverse cross posting.However, feel free to do Fediverse-to-Twitter.
  5. Help avoid hellthreads! If there is a discussion with many participants tagged, and some are no longer answering: Consider untagging them, especially when the discussion veers off in a completely different direction or when participants request you to do so.
  6. Make use of Content Warnings. Mastodon has a strong culture of using those, especially with regards topics such as suicide, self-harm, abuse, mental health and the latest twitter or political outrage. However, they are also useful to for example summarize longer posts.
  7. Help make this space more accessible. Use the available accessibility tools. For instance to provide a summary/description for images. Yes, even for your obscure memes.
  8. Be a kind host. If you make use of your invites to get new people to LURK, you are their point of contact! Show them around, introduce them to others who they might connect with and make sure they feel at home and make other LURKers feel at home as well.

What is LURK?

LURK is both a collective and a community of communities. We host, facilitate and archive discussions around net- and computational culture and politics, proto- and post-free culture practices, (experimental) (sound) (new media) (software) art, and things like that…

We’re volunteer run and wish to:

  • give the opportunity for individuals, groups and collectives working on net- and computational culture to have a presence outside of corporate silos, surveillance capitalism and closed facebook groups;
  • offer a place where discussions and resources on self-hosting and alternative network infrastructures can exist outside of libertarian and pepe discourses;
  • provide ourselves with something high-quality to procrastinate with, share good memes and eat pop-corn;
  • etc.

This is our Mastodon instance, but we also run a couple other things.

Is this for you?

The relevant themes/practices/topics at LURK are art, sound and design practices that engage with:

  • net and computational politics/culture/critique/history
  • play, gaming, modding
  • art servers, self-hosting, networked infrastructures including alternative social media and networks
  • generative and algorithmic processes
  • proto-, post- FLOSS development, publishing and licensing
  • digital and networked media such as live coding, net art, software art
  • post-digital practices including media archeology/reflective nostalgia
  • electronics, microcontrollers, DIY/DIWO making, hardware prototyping
  • redefining technology in relation to sustainability and ecology like repair culture, permacomputing, collapse informatics
  • graphic and visual design, zines, experimental publications, print making
  • alternative economic models, modes of organization and production

While these topics expand beyond the scope of art, sound and design practices, we want LURK to be specifically welcoming for art, sound and design practitioners, from makers to writers.