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A collection of things @cassolotl made for those new to , based on common questions in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way 🐘🐦 @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

Trending topics:

As in the last years, we will have a Hackathon in Berlin to work on Friendica. The nice people of the youth-club E-LOK are kindly providing us again with the venue. Thanks a lot for this! Friendica developers will meet over the first weekend in November (Nov 2nd / 3rd) near Ostkreuz Station in Berlin to work together on current issues of the code and brainstorm about upcoming plans for Friendica. If you are interested to join the Hackathon, as developer or as curious user of Friendica, please contact @tobias ahead of the Hackathon. share tweet share share

The automated system leaving welfare recipients cut off with nowhere to turn.

'The homeless and single parents are disproportionately impacted. In six months, 55,000 homeless people received a suspension; yet there are only about 60,000 homeless people receiving welfare at any given time.'

#AutomatingInequality : a series exploring how our governments use AI to target the vulnerable.

NYC folks: if you'd like a free ticket to my day long workshop this Friday about, essentially, how to run a great Mastodon instance for your community, I have discount codes!

It's based on my guide but it uses the guide as a jumping off point and I get into some of the nitty gritty, including things like "how to stay on top of Mastodon releases and keep your community informed of new features if you don't know anything about programming"

re-upping this:

Β« When Artificial Intelligence works as intended, Silicon Valley types often say it's "like magic".

But it isn't magic. It's Brenda, a 26-year-old single mother who lives Kibera, Africa's largest slum, and perhaps the toughest neighbourhood on earth, where hundreds of thousands of people live in a space not too much bigger than London's Hyde Park. Β»

What is currently the most useful links/ressources that you send to a person that want to know more about the ?
By example seems interesting.

Quelles sont les articles/ressources en franΓ§ais que vous envoyez Γ  quelqu'un qui pourrait Γͺtre intΓ©ressΓ© par le ? Je viens d'envoyer par exemple.

It's raining all the time. πŸŽƒ 🌧️ πŸ¦‡ 🌜 🌌

The perfect time for

Quick install an operating system that you have never tried before.

Warm mug of 🍡 or β˜•
and watch rolling terminals, progress bars and config files.

fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

The first joint publication coming out of Varia - Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care - is available online and can be consulted here:


With: @rra @decentral1se @manetta @ccl @entreprecariat @colm Yoana Buzova & Dennis de Bel

#36c3 #fediverse meetup?

If you are going to congress, do you want to meet #fediverse folks?

Please boost!

Making the device pattern unlock the cool s :blobsunglasses: *gets locked outbc I don't actually know how to draw it*

Attack On Titan Re-Readm, thoughts 

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