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A collection of things @cassolotl made for those new to , based on common questions in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way 🐘🐦 @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

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@Gargron without checking the replies I can hear the thunder and waves of matrix and XMPP replies 😅

@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire so much to say! the first printed arabic text was a quran made in venice in the 15th century, the idea being that they would sell it to muslim people as a product. they pulled it off, but the result was so catastrophically ugly that no one wanted it lol. attached images are the venetian quran and an arabic quran from the same time period. I don't know how obvious the differences are to someone who doesn't read arabic, but trust me it sucks.

1/ This is a comparison more people should be making. In 1898, a couple thousand white supremacists successfully overturned an election in North Carolina, destroying a powerful, anti-capitalist coalition of poor white and recently emancipated Black farmers (the Fusionists).

is it possible to pin a column including only the toots from a specific instance?

For those about to quit #WhatsApp you can consider which is behaving the same but using #XMPP decentralized protocol.

You can moreover access to you account from different softwares like

🙇 အားလုံးမင်္ဂလာပါ!大家好!Hello everyone! 🙇
It has been one week since I joined on the post.lurk instance.

Since then I've made:
:to_farcher: 473 — Posts
:luct_warrior: 62 — Followings
:luct_amazon: 51 — Followers

I still have a lot to learn about Mastodon, but I've had a lot of fun so far sharing things with people. Everyone is so kind. Hope to continue to learn and grow with you all. Thank you for inspiring me to explore more!

🙇 :think_starry_eyes:

Pretty sure this spells the end of section 230

In some ways the narrative around federated social networks hasn't changed. The Fosdem talk about in 2010 covers quite similar issues to what we have a decade later, with the only recent addition being ActivityPub.

venting about software, banks 

I mean, what about people who don't have a smart phone?

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venting about software, banks 

dumb automation:

I'm currently locked out of my bank account because I need to use their mobile app to verify my identity.

This can not be done via the website.

The mobile app doesn't work on a phone without google play.

I've proceeded to acquire one with google play for these purposes. However I'm stuck at the next step because the app requires me to take a picture of my face.

This is not possible because the app is hardcoded to use the front facing camera which is damaged.

This reminds me again how PSD2 has been a fucking disaster when it comes to software freedom. All banks suddenly double down on their gplay reliant apps and more of such shenanigans to comply with PSD2 requirements like two factor auth. Whereas in the past online banking, with 2fa worked fine now this is impossible all of a sudden.

Does anyone know of a Peertube instance specialized in music, or at least where posting music wouldn't be out of place?
I'd like to mirror my YouTube channel on the Fediverse but I'm not sure where to go.
Boosts appreciated!

Howdy Folx, here's an from me!

I am an engineering and environmental studies student. I'm currently interested in digital humanities and archival as well as city planning. I work in energy efficiency strategy and as a program assistant for an LGBTQ+ online community org.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

I like to make bracelets, listen to math rock, learn about the early internet, explore create. I dabble in graphic design and digital art as well.

I have never used a status focused social media platform before. I look forward to learning along with you all and growing in community.

Cet automne, l'artiste et chercheuse a répondu à une commande d'écriture de , le sien très passionnant sur... l' . Il a été publié (bizarrement) en toutes capitales sur
Je l'ai traduit en français tentativement sur
Une liste d'éléments à propos des colonialités dans le champ de la traduit en français aussi sur

Nu er geen (legale) Oud en Nieuw feestjes zijn vanavond, heb je wellicht geld over. Dus is het een goed idee om een klein beetje daarvan aan alternatieve horeca te geven, zodat deze in 2021 nog steeds bestaan.

Check daarvoor de website!

"Stichting Save Alternative Venues, of SALTVEN in het kort, is een stichting die zich bezig houdt met het ondersteunen van alternatieve en creatieve instellingen in Nederland, die te lijden hebben onder dalende inkomsten, geen inkomsten kunnen genereren, geen (overheids)subsidies aan kunnen vragen of op welke manier dan ook in financieel zwaar weer verkeren.

Veel alternatieve instellingen en voormalige kraakpanden opereren volgens anarchistische of anti-kapitalistische ideologieën. Dit maakt het lastig om geld te verdienen met de verkoop van producten. Maar ook vragen om donaties is niet altijd even eenvoudig.

Daarom is SALTVEN opgericht; om een brug te slaan en het mogelijk te maken voor iedereen om hun favoriete instelling te steunen, terwijl ze daar ook iets voor terug krijgen!"


I'm a musician performing under the name th4. I mostly use TidalCycles for my "professionnal" stuff, but I also play the clarinet and the electric bass on the side.

I used to be present on the Fediverse a couple years ago, first on the defunct instance, then on a self-hosted instance, but I left when the latter disappeared in a tragic database accident (which, to be clear, was entirely my fault).

My day job is being a PhD student in computer science (wow, how original), but I'll likely not talk much about it here except to complain about it.

I'm very enthusiastic about Pink Floyd, all of Steven Wilson's projects, dogs and all sorts of handcrafting.

Hope to meet some nice people on here!

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