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A collection of things @cassolotl made for those new to , based on common questions in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way 🐘🐦 @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

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anniversary update! meow was first published on november 15, 2019, which means today is its first birthday :blobmiou:
- meow can now show your tooting statistics! ever wondered who's your most mentioned friend or what's your most used emoji?
- attached images are now displayed as 16:9 rectangles, using focal point data for cropping (like in mastodon)
- favorites are now called stars because i couldn't make up my mind on american vs british
- there now is an obscure easter egg no one will find

Funkwhale is looking for new maintainers 

Hi there!

It's been a while since our last blog post. Lots of things happened, in particular Funkwhale 1.0 and 1.0.1 were released, eventhough we didn't publish proper announcements on the blog, so congratulation to the community for this big milestone.

I come today with some important news that are going to impact the future of the project.

On Funkwhale development and project management

When I (Agate) started Funkwhale, five years ago, it was a personal hobby. Over the years, it has grown to become much, much more. New people joined the effort, we built a collective to support the project and work together, Funkwhale itself grew and many, many new features were implemented.

While the collective effort of our community made a lot of things possible, like keeping the documentation accurate and up-to-date, translating Funkwhale to new languages, packaging it to several platforms, integrating it with third-party projects, giving feedback on new features or developing a dedicated Android application, some tasks kept being handled almost exclusively by me.

In particular, I'm thinking about project management, development and maintenance tasks, such as:

Building a roadmap
Implementing roadmap items (new features)
Implementing day-to-day bugfixes and enhancements
Publishing new releases
Providing support to pod admins and users
Maintaining the Funkwhale infrastructure and services (servers, GitLab, Blog, Forums, etc.)
Maintaining and moderating
Communicating around the project and our blog and social media
Triage, answer and prioritize issues on the issue tracker

Some people helped or are still helping with those tasks but overall, it has been my responsibility to handle all of this (and possibly more).

I cannot do this anymore

As you're probably already guessing from our silence and the post title, I am not able to do this work anymore.

I won't dive too much in the details, but I had serious health issues this summer, and the dust is only starting to settle. This affected my ability to work on the project on more important scale than expected, and I haven't been able to achieve anything lately but the most basic tasks.

Initially, I thought my energy and motivation would eventually come back as they were before. They didn't, however, and I think it's time I communicate clearly about this and take a step back from my current role as a project maintainer.

We're looking for help

For the time being, I am still willing to perform some of the tasks listed above, mainly maintenance tasks like basic support, infrastructure and maintenance or critical bugfixing and releases. Everything else, I won't do anymore (I haven't in a while, anyway).

I don't want to put what we have built in danger, and I want to leave some time for new people to take over.

Me reducing my involvement in the project doesn't necessarily mean Funkwhale will die, though this implies members of the community take ownership on the unfullfilled tasks and responsibilities. I've been amazed by our collective strength in the past, and I'm quite eager to see what will happen next.

As much as possible, I'll try to help with the transition, if people have questions or need pointers. I'm not leaving the community after all ;)

Some of the development tasks can be paid, as we still have some of the NLNet funding. This could be an opportunity for you to get paid working on open-source software!

If you are willing to help with one or many of the tasks listed above, please get in touch with us on our forum, or on Matrix.

Thank you so much for reading and helping with Funkwhale <3

On Twitter, we can experience the dark undertones of heteronomous convenience. User Tony Arcieri [developed]( a worrisome experiment about the automatic selection of a focal point for image previews, which often show only a part of them when tweeted. Arcieri uploaded two versions of a long, vertical image. In one, a portrait of Obama was placed at the top, while one of Mitch McConnell at the bottom. In the second image the positioning was reversed. In both cases the focal point chosen for the preview was McConnell's face. Who knows! The system spares the user the time to make such choice autonomously but its logic is obscure and immutable. Here, convenience is heteronomous.

Does it have to be this way? Not necessarily. Mastodon is an open source, self-hosted social network that at the first glance looks like Twitter, but it's profoundly different. One of the many differences (which I'd love to describe in detail but it would be out of the scope of this text, srry) has to do with focal point selection. Here, the user has the option to choose it autonomously, which means manually. They can also avoid making any decision. In that case, the preview will show the middle of the image by default. :workstation:

(thx @joak for pointing me to this case!)

Show thread got nominated for the 'Best Venue' audience award of the 2020 .

So if you've enjoyed the things we've done at , either in-person or remotely please help us with your vote: (it is the yellow section midway down that says 'Beste Podium') got nominated for the 'Best Venue' audience award of the 2020 .

So if you've enjoyed the things we've done at , either in-person or remotely please help us with your vote: (it is the yellow section midway down that says 'Beste Podium')

Please consider boosting.

This is me screaming across the fediverse. I'm looking for people that used the original Seesmic before the service was shut down in 2009. I feel like if I were to reconnect with anyone from there, they'd be on the fediverse in 2020.

For context, Seesmic was a cross between YouTube and Twitter. Micro-video blogging with threaded conversations, no commenting, only videos.

I feel with a custom PeerTube instance we can maybe recreate what once was, what do you think?

The collapse of international communications conglomerates left communication dead zones all over the world. On remote Pentecost island, residents applied traditional building techniques used in Nagol land-diving towers to construct long-range wi-fi nodes capable of rising above the jungle and mountains of their home.

#inktober2020 #mastoart #solarpunk

So I currently have enough money now to buy a new laptop. I don’t believe in buying new things unnecessarily either. Do you have a 13 inch or smaller laptop that will run Linux well and still have usable battery life that you want to sell me?! Please boost! Would love to buy a laptop from the fediverse.

New zine ready!
***Tunnels and smartphones***
Consider buying a physical copy to support the vpn zines project from
Available to download in digital format at

does anybody know the background story of the kpop roleplayers that recently joined in large numbers?

What was the trigger to move over? Is it because Twitter started removing kpop persona accounts prior to the US election?

hey folks, just joined the fediverse. I'm interested in design, typography, open source type and free culture. Also fascinated by archives & collections.

an important report has just been published by my friend emmi: The Decentralized Web of Hate

"Fascists (and other bad actors) are [...] hosting manifestos resiliently, raising money anonymously, communicating securely to organize attacks, sharing weapons plans, and networking to build out their numbers."

"We cannot abandon p2p technology but we also can't ignore the risks. The only way out is through."


An abandoned war strider rusts away in a salt marsh on the coast of the Carolinas, its purpose long forgotten.

#solarpunk #inktober2020 #mecha

Tomorrow, my desktop essay 'Feditation', commissioned by The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, will be screened as part of the programme of their event Coherency, Diversity and Networks in Artistic Research and its session on "Alternatives & Interdependencies in Constructing Future Networks". You can find more info and a link to the webinar here:

Mobilizon [1] instance in Vienna: Who wants to team up to make it happen? I'll chip in my yearly meetup expenses (~100€) for hosting budget, plus brains and hands for graphics/theming and looking after the application (possibly contributing bugfixes too). Physical hosting aspects I'm clueless, server software/os duties I can help ("GefΓ€hrliches Halbwissen"). ETA: <= Christmas/New Year :D Let's do this! /cc @c3wien @metalab


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