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A collection of things @cassolotl made for those new to , based on common questions in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way 🐘🐦 @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

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@KnowPresent especially for you (and other readers) we made a nice print layout for articles

Copyleft Conf's CFP is open! We'd love to hear from you and we'd love it if you helped us spread the word. ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

"We prefer pocket servers to those in the clouds"
"Networks Of One's Own is a para-nodal periodic publication that is itself collectively written in a network. [...] The series aims to document a set of tools, experiences, ways of working that are diverse in terms of their temporality, granularity and persistence."
The incredibly well documented hybrid publication and manual and executable networksofonesown.constantvzw. is released.
#etherpad #raspberrypi #etherbox

"Presenting in ~1 hours at about Internet architecture, innovation, and human rights.


Slides: …

Am presenting an academic paper in progress so comments, suggestions, and outright critique is more than welcome!"


Niels is doing super strong work advocating for implementing human rights considerations in internet standards that would basically make spec for setting (or unsetting) routing policies for autonomous networks based on human rights considerations

If you're interested in self-hosting online services for yourself, your family or your community, there are a number of projects on the Fediverse trying to make it easier:




You don't need an expensive server, cheap machines such as old desktops/laptops and single-board computers (such as the #RaspberryPi) will work too.

#SelfHosting #CommunityHosting

Scott's law: "if your community is online and the infrastructure of that community is not directly maintained/mirrored by a member of that community, your community is doomed."

while trying to reverse engineer implementations in order to learn about the protocol during tonight's meeting we discovered @puckipedia whose website just with responds bare JSON-LD objects. It is like an interactive tutorial to AP. At this point in time it actually the only hands-on place to learn how AP works without having to wrap one's head around the spec πŸ‘πŸΏ .

I'm in this week, invited by ODD for a lecture and group therapy :)

We'll talk about , , , , , , , , , , , , and artist-run things.

Any fedi users/lurkers around? Let's meet!

There's a new #PeerTube instance run by @deadsuperhero called VidCommons which is dedicated entirely to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain works:

You can also follow its channels on here:



It's just started so the selection is still limited, but it's gradually building up.

There's also a new tracker-free website run by @kinosocial which has selected CC/PD films from PeerTube and

#Videos #Movies

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does anyone know (or have a list) of editorial projects similar to Constant? ( see also post by @entreprecariat )
In other words, editorial projects that are opensource and focus on opensource culture, art, media etc.

Not specifically a #SysAdmin tool, but really handy.

pcal is a calendar-generation program, which creates great looking postscript output.

Example: A4 landscape calendar for Oct, with Monday as first day.

pcal -B -F monday -o -P a4 10 2018

Very flexible package for creating lots of calendar formats. Plus in true *nix tradition can be added to a toolchain.

#CLI #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Unix

Spain court confirms jail sentence for former IMF chief Rato

All possibilities of appeal are exhausted, one of the most high-profile bankers of Spain needs to go to jail now. This makes Spain only the second country (after Iceland) where any prominent banker were sent to jail following the 2008 financial crisis. What this article fails to mention, like all others I found, is that the trial and conviction was due to an unprecedented citzien's campaign (led by people such as Simona
Levi), which raised funds, hired lawyers and organized leaks to gather evidence. More on this aspect in an (older) article in The Nation.

via felix stalder:

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#RadicalNetworks conference is happening from 19.-21. October in Berlin:

On Saturday I'm doing a workshop on Hands-on Network Debugging on the command line :)

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