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On monday I'm presenting a paper on during the 'Computing within ' conference.

In the paper I'm describing the design choices we made, such as designing for unavailability and how they were based on reducing a few key metrics such as data transferred, calculations per request and use of third party services. This opens up a way of thinking about and ICT. We should be looking in to that waaaay more.

The paper also tries to implicitly answer the 'how do we do sustainable web design?' question and argues aiming for reduction (of bytes transferred, computation and infra required) as useful rule of thumbs guiding a design. That is to say, solar protocols, 'low tech look', 3.5MB dithered images, green CDNs etc ain't it.

However, it also self-criticizes for the fact that it is so unreproducible and a very limited and 'easy' use case. So yeah no answer but thinking through degrowth should definitely be considered as the direction of the answer..

I'd like to port this question from birdsite as I'm pretty sure interesting answers will pop up here:

"What would you say are the important *events* (things that happened, not in the β€œconference” sense) in the domain of in the past decade?" (Bill DeRouchey)


Do I know anyone who has experience with ? I'd be very grateful if I could ask a few questions about an open source project I'm working on

Boosts appreciated. ❀️

Wordle 219 / spoiler 

My theory is that today large parts of the non-native English speaking world learned the word knoll

lmao every few months moxie talked big about how his centralised chat app is better than decentralised alternatives because its centralisation prevents fragmentation and increases security, and really it was so he could build critical user mass and then insert a shitcoin into it

ACM inline references are incredibly bad UX my god.

My son wants to make some terrain with a 3d printer for his tabletop adventures.. Any tips on accessible software for designing stuff? (Personally I find blender super scary.)

The call for papers for the LIMITS 2022 workshop is out, for those interested in the relation between computing, ecological limits in general, climate- and climate justice. 🌱

@acousticmirror hey, welcome to the instance! Please dont mirror posts from twitter to here! Thank you!

#Gitea is joining the fediverse πŸŽ‰ We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

*Ski-Jump Ambient*
A DJ Set for New Years Day

Live audio stream
on 1.1.2022

Suggested Mode of Listening:
- Tune your TV or whatever to the Ski Jump competition in Garmischpatenkirchen
- Turn off the sound.
- Plug this set into a nice speaker
- Lay on the sofa, watching humans fly gracefully through the winter air.

*Ski-Jump Ambient*
A DJ Set for New Years Day

Live audio stream
on 1.1.2022
14:00 CET

Suggested Mode of Listening:
- Tune your TV or whatever to the Ski Jump competition in Garmischpatenkirchen
- Turn off the sound.
- Plug this set into a nice speaker
- Lay on the sofa, watching humans fly gracefully through the winter air.

I will post the link tomorrow shortly before air time.

For those in Brussels tomorrow, it is our final book reading of 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism' by Shoshana Zuboff, at 15:00 at the Beursschouwberg, with That Might Be Right.

with Seda GΓΌrses
Chapter 18. A Coup from Above

We have been learning about 'a global architecture through which vast wealth and power are accumulated in ominous new behavioral futures markets, where predictions about our behavior are bought and sold, and the production of goods and services is subordinated to a new means of behavioral modification...'

Tomorrow we are joined by Seda GΓΌrses, a scholar of TU Delft whose work focuses on issues of privacy, software infrastructures, social justice and political economy as they intersect with computer science. With Seda we will move towards a collective understanding of the book's conclusion.

We work towards a shared, although not necessarily consensual, understanding of the topic. The book is in English, English will be the main language of conversation but we can contribute in other languages.

If you would like to join register here -

~ * We will be wearing masks and keeping distance in the space. * ~

Image: a group of masked people sitting under a suspended white tarpaulin, making a reading space and a wall for projecting a pdf.

Do I have anyone in my network who would be able and interested to port some Pelican plugins to / Hugo for LOW←TECH MAGAZINE and specifically?

boosts appreciated

Spread the Call

The Feminist Hacker Assembly from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world takes place at #rc3 2021 online. The glue is /etc, Eclectic Tech Carnival, running since 2002. Contributions: managed #servers ( and, #fanzines, #books, #radio, #codes, #games

For proposals/submission: πŸ“§ call AT eclectictechcarnival org (first schedule draft 18/12)

Quick #cabal update!

We've landed private messages in both the new cabal-desktop release (7.0.0) and in the new cabal-cli release (14.0.0), super exciting! :D

These updates include a breaking protocol change so make sure to update to the new clients for the new year.

Download the new clients:
* `npm i -g cabal@latest` (make sure cabal -v returns 14.0.0, npm seems to be a bit slow today)

"I block the datacenter"

Against the construction of yet another hyperscale datacenter in the netherlands, this time by facebook.

Is losing your data good for you? Tune in on the 18th of December (18:00h - 19:00h CEST) to find out!

In 2015, researcher and media artist Dave Young (@dv) wrote an essay entitled "Know Your Filesystem (And How It Affects You)". He argued that "the β€˜traditional’ filesystem interface, familiar to us as a visually traversable hierarchical structure of files and folders, is replaced by an app-centric interface."

Half a decade later the issue has become urgent again and it is time for a retrospective evaluation. In the fourth and last episode of The User Condition, PDF-hoarders Dave Young and Silvio Lorusso will look back at this interface parable and try to understand where are we now. Did app-centricity actually become hegemonic? What did we lose in the meantime? What have we gained? How helpful is the "helpful framework" of smart interfaces? How purist should you be when it comes to file management?

More info:

First appointment of the Servus D*sign Week:
Conversation with Christoph Haag
➦ today | 17:00 – 18:00 | Radio FRO

Listen to the talk here:

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