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I'm a live coder, musician, organiser and researcher based in Sheffield UK. Currently I work full time as a research fellow with independent, open access and non-profit lab Then Try This (, exploring 'algorithmic patterns'
I co-founded the tidalcycles ( and strudel ( projects, the TOPLAP ( and algorave ( live coding/algorithmic dance music movements, and the algomech festival (
(an / post to pin, although I've been here for a while..)

cryptocurrencies are this generation's scientology

Really excited to be mentoring this Konnakol x Haskell project by Aravind Mohandas... I think bringing Konnakol to Tidal will be huge

Anyone had experience with decent live captions for online talks? I.e. beyond youtube automatic captions.. Probably humans. It's surprisingly hard to find services for this..

Ordered a "cricut maker" vinyl cutter based on good reviews, only when it arrived I looked up that they're linux hostile / don't support standard gcode. Reading into it more, if something breaks they tend to disable it over the internet, tell you to 'recycle it' and then send you a new one. They've also been slowly making features from their app subscription only. So trashy... Sending it back but worried they'll just put it in the bin :(

Live stream to Preston from Heavy Lifting, @mathr and me starting in ~8 mins! You can sneak a watch here ->

Hot take - the pandemic has been kind of *bad* for online events. I definitely organised fewer of them through exhaustion with overloaded programmes 'moved online' often in an inhumanely intense way.
When done well, online events can be lovely as a way to connect across borders and explore new ways of interaction, while (comparatively) not destroying the environment and being far more accessible in all kinds of ways.

Scratching my head over ISEA (international symposium on electronic art).. I was invited to a panel proposal, was accepted and only then they tell us we each have to pay to take part..
We decide to do a remote panel to avoid unnecessary travel to Barcelona, and only now find out that a) the rest of the festival won't be streamed b) our panel won't be streamed at the festival..
What's worse is that climate change etc is part of the theme and yet they basically require in-person, on-site attendance. Plain greenwashing.
The 'sustainability' bit of their website is just a link to some local tourism website that's actually about accessibility.
Why are arts tech events so backward?

The NFT market rusting out is obviously already pretty upsetting for those that have invested heavily in it, in one way or another. But wait until the platforms and their centralised and entirely privately owned servers start shutting down - which will happen - proof of 'ownership' disappearing with them.

There'll be crowdfunding attempts to keep them up and running, but doubtful that'll get far, esp as the global economy hits a pandemic and war-induced downturn.

Really excited to announce the speakers of the first series of free online talks on "algorithmic patterns" in arts and culture.
Featuring weaving, wire bending, heritage algorithms, konnakol, live coding and juggling patterns
Emerging info and signups here:

I mention this, because the REF2021 results came out *today*, about seven years on from that 'research' meeting..

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I decided to leave academia in 2016, after attending a research meeting in 2015. It was supposed to be about interdisciplinary research but *all* they talked about was REF2021, measurements of UK 'research excellence' that happen every 6-7 years. The chair kept turning discussion back to the topic of these REF measures, at a point where they weren't happening until many years in the future, and no-one even knew what the measurements would be yet. Academics complain about paperwork and beancounting, but the cynicism and complicity I often saw was just awful. I found that particularly meeting massively demotivating, sucking all meaning out of research work. While there are some fantastic things going on, where great people have managed to make lovely research groups, UK academia can feel like a weird cult sometimes.

After a sudden and unexpected eviction I've moved to a new studio in Arley Street Sheffield.. A bit smaller but closer to the best supermarket I know (ozmen extra), an excellent Nepalese takeaway, a hackspace, and with a bigger artist community around it. Looking forward to a fresh start.

hello!! i'm honor, an artist living and working in norwich, england

my personal art practice usually centres around language, meaning, power, & identity; you can see more of my works at

i produce art events, exhibitions, publications and community projects with ninetales collective, run by myself and my partner, gem. we have a website at

i also curate a monthly vending machine based artist residency in norwich, called special dispensations. more info on that can be found at

whatever i'm doing is usually centred around performance, events, and happenings, and i am currently working on developing experimental tap dancing into an improvisational, musical, and agile performance practice. i'm also working with artists, musicians and organisers locally on developing sustainable ways experimental performance can inhabit more of the fabric of our irl scene

in my day job, i'm a full time stand-up comedy producer for a pro-level club in central london.

i'm always looking for new ways to think about community, integrity, communication, and connection, and always choosing to build forwards positively rather than retreat in fear from oppressive structures

excited to lurk, excited to know you all. <3

tim hunkin's secret life of componets 

I made my way through his secret life of components series. I can tell it's something I'm going to enjoy revisiting again and again. So much great information, but just watching him mess around with all sorts of stuff has been incredibly inspiring, too.

The series:

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