Algorave will be 10 years old in March 2022, around the solstice.. Maybe a good time for the first algorave festival ?

I am a pattern thinker, a pattern seeker, sometimes the work is just observing and dreaming

On the topic of patterns I'm really enjoying Korean drum notation

On the topic of purchases I recently discovered the Sanquhar pattern and next time you see me I will probably be wearing full hat, jumper, scarf and gloves combo

My most optimistic purchase of recent times - five juggling balls, after watching this video
Lets see..

At the risk of being a grumpy old prescriptivist, the number of folks who completely miss the point of masto by having an ifttt-style twitter account mirror is really disappointing

Am physically unable to not eat a packed lunch any later than 11am. From 10:30am I can think of nothing else apart from the packed lunch and by 11am I start to panic

Howabout instead of calling music either "classical" and "popular", we call it either "royal" or "people's" music?

Saw the news that Tesla is now accepting Bitcoin payments for cars, so I looked up some figures and did some math.

According to Tesla's own figures, a Model 3 saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime compared to a traditional car. A Model 3 costs 0.69-1.21 BTC. Mining one BTC results in 257 tons of CO2 emissions.

For the next time someone tells you Elon Musk is saving the planet.

People using the fediverse to echo their twitter feed is one thing. It's a whole other thing when you switch to only tweeting about your NFTs

And in my attempt this year to pad every rant of mine with substance:

If you need to, implement your "magic music box" quickly and get it out of your system.

Reducing musical structure to modulo-12 arithmetic will only get you so far.

It's not what you say, it's *how* you say it that matters.

Patterns and sequences that look good aren't always going to sound good, and usually don't.

When in doubt, treat music as a subset of speech.

Musical performance is a continuous gesture. It's only our clunky protocols that lump it into discrete events (the same can be said about digital audio).

Visualizations of music are helpful the way flat maps of earth are helpful. They give you information conveniently, but they distort reality.

Acknowledge the keyboard bias inherent in our music software (for keyboardists, by keyboardists), and aggressively walk towards it or against it.

Four well managed voices in a big space has served humans well for hundreds of years. It doesn't need to be anything more than that.

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We are happy to present you Pagelaran Algorave Indonesia #1 an event for live coding music & visual performance on this date:
22 April 2021
20:00 WIB (Western Indonesian Time)
This event will present several performance sessions from Indonesian based musicians/artists who use the live coding practice in their artistic activities
This event is a non-profit event which also will be held virtually and can be watched on the Youtube Channel: Paguyuban Algorave Indonesia

Does anyone want to buy this receipt I made for an url to a pdf I made from a script I made in Processing?

Tried to register to submit to the Journal of Artistic Research and they asked for a passport scan.. Is this a thing? I pointed out that I had a public website and they said that they aren't proof of identity. So how am I supposed to know who they are?

The NFT discussions going on rn are killing me.

Why does twitter get angry about some guy sitting on a dead horse, and not angry about keeping pigs and chickens in tiny cages for their whole lives?

"Boris Johnson insists discovery of Brazilian variant in UK won't reverse lockdown easing" you kind of know what's going to happen next don't you :(

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