Finally trying out the new tidal stuff I've been working on the past month.. Working well! Will show it in
Tidal club Sheffield on Thurs

In daily life, 10 is a nice number because we generally have fingers+thumbs literally at hand count on. (I'm not sure *why* we have ten of them there but hey)

In computer science, 16 is a nicer number because it's divisible by 8, 4, 2 and 1, for easy bit shifting in calculations.

In textiles, 12 is a nicer number because it's divisible by 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1, allowing a wide range of pattern operations.

Here's a quipu-inspired structure I made with 60 x 8-9 year olds of Wybourn Community Primary school for the @CMCPlayground exhibition, lots of messages hidden in the knots and beads..
(photo credit @tonibuckby)

Algorave Moscow tonight! I'll be sending a stream live from Sheffield

Something I've noticed a lot - percussionists make the BEST live coders. Why is that?

I'm starting to plan the 3rd festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, 3-6th May 2019 (*not* 2018 as previously tooted!). Hit me up if you have ideas! Last year's festival info is here:

Free school meals to get kids coding

Off to DINA Sheffield tonight from 7:30pm to do some of that live coding

Where are all the nethack sonification projects?

About time I started a new project.. I'm an artist-in-residence leading up to exhibition with CMC Playground, working with some children on doing things with pattern with string and code

Live coders! The next International Conference on Live Coding will be at Medialab Prado in Madrid, 14-20 January 2018. You really have to be there.

Here's the code for that:

daveWeave =
TabletWeave {tLoom =
TabletLoom {tablets = [Tablet [y,y,y,y] Z, Tablet [w,r,b,w] Z, Tablet [w,w,r,b] Z, Tablet [b,w,w,r] Z, Tablet [b,r,w,w] S, Tablet [w,b,r,w] S, Tablet [w,w,b,r] S, Tablet [y,y,y,y] S],
tabletWeft = thread orange
tSheds = map (replicate 8) [S,S,S,S,Z,Z,Z,Z]
where y = thread yellow
b = thread brown
w = thread white
r = thread red

Having fun modeling tablet weaves in the deutsches museum

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So for starters some . I'm an artist interested in computers and the people that use them. I've been on the for over a year now as @rra Outside of the fediverse I have a website over at which is . I learned to self host through the Now helping @yaxu and @300x200 to host this instance as part, an initiative to take discussions on and computational out of corporate silos

I solemnly pledge to keep this feed up to date and not just drift back into using bloody twitter all the time

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