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Live coders! The next International Conference on Live Coding will be at Medialab Prado in Madrid, 14-20 January 2018. You really have to be there.

Here's the code for that:

daveWeave =
TabletWeave {tLoom =
TabletLoom {tablets = [Tablet [y,y,y,y] Z, Tablet [w,r,b,w] Z, Tablet [w,w,r,b] Z, Tablet [b,w,w,r] Z, Tablet [b,r,w,w] S, Tablet [w,b,r,w] S, Tablet [w,w,b,r] S, Tablet [y,y,y,y] S],
tabletWeft = thread orange
tSheds = map (replicate 8) [S,S,S,S,Z,Z,Z,Z]
where y = thread yellow
b = thread brown
w = thread white
r = thread red

Having fun modeling tablet weaves in the deutsches museum

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So for starters some . I'm an artist interested in computers and the people that use them. I've been on the for over a year now as @rra Outside of the fediverse I have a website over at which is . I learned to self host through the Now helping @yaxu and @300x200 to host this instance as part, an initiative to take discussions on and computational out of corporate silos

@rra hope you don't mind us jumping in already @nescivi @torrejuseppe

I solemnly pledge to keep this feed up to date and not just drift back into using bloody twitter all the time