I have email notifications switched on, and am periodically checking my spam folder. Must be getting near funding application notification time.
This is for an application I submitted in June. I got and responded to feedback in November. I hear whether I get an interview in the next day or two. The interview would be a month from now. I'd hear the final result of that in April for a start in July.

I always wondered, why are 'mind maps' tree structures?

Today I announced a new mentoring programme for Black artists in the West Midlands (UK) who want to explore the creative potential of live coding. Details are here: algo-afro-futures.lurk.org/

In short four participants will get mentoring in all things live coding from me and @yaxu over four sessions and will be given a fee of £100 per session attended.

I know my reach on the fediverse is small so if you know anyone who could benefit from this please pass it on to them

Where historical context is lost, digital art seems like it is new, but is impoverished without its original grounding in craft.

19-21 February, there'll be a weekend full of live coding streams from TOPLAP nodes + friends from around the world transnodal.toplap.org/

Tidal has always had two big limitations - being only about trigger messages (can't change a sound while it's playing), and having no state (so can't natively do things like markov chains). I always thought these were design trade-offs of representing pattern as a function of time. But this year I seem to have solved both of these problems, by applying some pretty tripped-out philosophy of time, that ended up resulting in very small representational tweaks.. Sometimes when you stare at a problem for long enough it melts away

Went to the dentist today. For the first time ever I was looking forward to it. Lockdown excitement

HMRC tax office just rang my mobile to say I would be arrested shortly unless I pressed 1. Fairly sure this was spam.

I wonder if there is anywhere in the UK where they go outside and clap their hands because Boris Johnson told them to?? Not gonna happen in Sheffield

It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

@Pulsaare @frozentreasure @rlafuente If you still want kofi gold let me know your id there, thanks!

Probably the biggest limitation of @tidalcycles is that it can't count (apart from counting time). Wondering about how to work around this

@neauoire "Orca was inspired by a misunderstanding of Tidal." I'm interested in what the misunderstanding was!
Around 2000 Julian Rohrhuber made the just-in-time library for live coding SuperCollider after misunderstanding something in the supercollider manual..

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