I'm glad this moment of support for Black lives is happening, but it needs to last for longer than a moment. Sadly we've been here many times before. You don't need to wait for another Black person to be killed before you start taking action.

I've just double-checked what an anti-fascist is, and can confirm that I am one.

Ok the UK is going to be fine coming out of lockdown due to herd immunity we have built up, and the reason Germany is doing well is due to "dark matter" and I guess nothing to do with political decisions. Lets see..

Had fun on the algovoids festival stream last night, doing a fully improvised set.. + those neuvoids
Parisians are pushing stream production to the next level!

I've been writing up the notes + my own thoughts from the discussion at the Visualists Meetup that happened at ICLC in 2019 about making a checklist for organisers of Algoraves visualists.

Would be great to have input from other performers as well. ttps://github.com/hellocatfood/algorave-checklist

Hoping that it'll be useful as a document that can be referred to when organising and maybe eventually summarised into a checklist #algorave #livecoding

Getting back into TidalCycles. Well, I'm performing at ICLC soon with mxwx so better git gud

Happy to have contributed to this article by Kristina Andersen, Ron Wakkary and Laura Devendorf, on creative collaborations with machines

I haven't listened to Speedy J's Ginger album many times over the past couple of decades, but each time I do I love it more.

Friendly reminder about free software. It’s not free as in free beer, nor free as in free speech (urgh), but free as in free toilet: it’s our collective responsibility to keep it clean and working.


In the mood to 3d print @tidalcycles patterns as time spirals

If I quit listening to music by everybody who's cancelled, all I'd have left is algorave, probably? Maybe that's ok?

(If #algorave is cancelled, please let me know.)

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