After receiving over 2500 coffees, I'm now closing down my personal crowdfund:
If you have some spare cash and like TidalCycles it'd be a huge boost to its future if you could donate to the new collective fund:
Be sure to cancel any recurring donations to my personal ko-fi. From December I'll pass on any donations to the collective fund but that doubles the transaction fees.
Thanks for all the support!

The F*UK 'Festival of Brexit' has been rebranded "UNBOXED".
They're really trying hard not to use the word 'festival' at all.. But I guess the idea is that Europe is a box that we are being taken out of.

"Anybody who ever lighted a fire without matches has probably gained some proper respect for "low" or "primitive" or "simple" technologies"

It's true. I remember building my first bow-drill and spinning up an ember to blow to flame in a nest of tinder. And the bow, spindle, fireboard, handhold, and tinder bundle all need to be designed just so. Making fire *IS NO SMALL THING*!

#xCoAx 2022 - 10th International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X - Coimbra (PT). The call is out:

Doing live streams can feel the worst, you give so much energy and then at the end there's silence and you're on your own and have no idea what really just happened.
If you want to make someone happy send them a message to say you liked their live stream

Still a couple of places left to remotely operate your very own personal maypole dancing robot on Wednesday or Thursday this week as part of our Looms in Motion event, register for free here:

Apparently you need to work collectively to farm rice but wheat farming is more individualistic. That's why white people are less likely to wear masks on trains

"Archer's Knot":

A really handy knot where the loop stays fixed /w tension on the standing end, and the working end can be cinched to shrink the loop.

Fun fact: this knot seems to be the complement of the Arbor Knot (, where standing end tension cinches the loop & the working end doesn't.

Also, handy rope terminology that really helped me out:


Back in 2012, live coded/algorithmic dance music nights didn't really exist. I came up with the dorky word 'algorave' but it took some years of some hard work pretending it existed before it really happened. But still for me it will always feel like something that doesn't _really_ exist, like my little secret.

NEXT CANTINA! Hosted by Anne Veinberg!
Coding is generally associated with computers but what’s to say a computer must be involved?
Grab a beer or tea, and come share your thoughts with us on Octuber 11th at 8PM CEST on :

People assume that "player pianos" play music by themselves. That's very much untrue - they're designed to be played by a human performer.. Not only by pedalling but also controlling tempo and dynamics. This is really difficult (I've tried) and there were player pianist virtuosos like Rex Lawson. Automation is overvalued!

Free remote woven robot maypole dancing *next week* - help us try and weave a braid over video chat by controlling your own robot, all you need is a browser. Sign up and more info here:

I'm working on a script that generates code for #tidalcycles - my goal is to press a button (or #emacs keybinding) and have a ready-to-go techno track I can mix and perform. Like collaborating with the computer. This isn't machine learning or anything fancy, just randomization within parameters. I'm really happy with how it's turning out! Here's an example of the music it generates.

Code is here

@akkartik I've come to realize that, as intrinsic as it is in everything exactly like Nelson says it is, uncontrolled hypertextuality is the enemy.

Consider the plot of a book or a movie. Plenty exist that use non-linear storytelling or jump into and out of scenes happening in parallel. Yet we still manage to package them up into consumables.

The act of "linearizing" is an art, but it's doable. It should not be overlooked.

"I think you have to say: We don't know what programming is. We don't know what computing is. We don't even know what a computer is." And once you truly understand that, and once you truly believe that, then you're free, and you can think anything." - Bret Victor

Only realised recently that RSS never died, google only managed to kill blog feeds and that RSS spoken word feeds live on as podcasts.. But then bloody spotify are throwing thousands of millions at finishing it off.

Preparing for multiple intense events this month as well as finishing edits on a book and writing papers etc. Expect grumpiness and also multiple new side projects spawned as a
distraction tactic.

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2021: Beyond the Screen

Self Care • Imagination • Duality • The Mundane • Translation • World building • Journaling • Exploring the Senses / World • Self-Expression • Play

Submit by Oct 18, event online Nov 22–26:

After failing at manjaro and nixos, now trying arch. Watching the base system install in a moment of peace. Maybe this is the one

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