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We've been selected with c0d3 p03try (@flordefuego and @rapofran) to present a performance on the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC). The problem is there are no funds to travel, so if anyone knows of any scholarship it would be really helpful cause we have no money to travel and it would be for us such an opportunity to assist :(


Nos seleccionaron con c0d3 p03try para participar de la ICLC que será en Irlanda pero no tenemos dinero para viajar, si alguien sabe de alguna beca a la que podamos aplicar seria de mucha ayuda, gracias!

A run-through of new Tidal 1.1.x features with a jam at the end:

Up to 99% of my goal to fund a week's tidalcycles dev
That's 165 coffees received, I'm literally buzzing

I'm now accepting cups of coffee in return for weird music software

A hastily trimmed version of a demo of upcoming tidalcycles features sent to London Music Hackspace

anyone else having problems getting to load?

Got tempo patterns working in the new tidal.. will stream a live demo tonight, 7 hours from now

Having fun pushing the tidal refactor towards release.. Rewritten innards leading to big improvements, e.g. to combining patterns, taking input from external controllers, tempo control (hopefully being able to pattern cps). Can't wait to try this out on the Japan tour !

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the performance by Ryan, Lucy and Loz using was great, they looked like they were having so much fun, I guess because if there's 3 of you making sounds, it's less to stress about trying to keep the flow going.

had a chat with Neil (of praxislive) about it, seems impossible to do that kind of collaborative text editor (with multiple humans changing things at different places in the same file simultaneously) thing with the "whole program compilation" model of both my system clive and his (awesome) amen $ mother function set...

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@celesteh @yaxu
The collective investigates
how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and how it influences the way history is recorded.

Packed schedule for Yorkshire > Japan trip in a few weeks, + a big show still to add!

I'll do a pre-release in the next week or two, in time for November workshops in Osaka and Tokyo.

Excited about the new tidal, I've replaced all the innards and there's so much new stuff to explore. Still haven't got around to trying out the new controller input stuff either..

Finally trying out the new tidal stuff I've been working on the past month.. Working well! Will show it in
Tidal club Sheffield on Thurs

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