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Research Goals, Long Term 

I always tell people that "I teach computers how to sing", but what does that even mean?

This rhetorical question has lead me down the path of something I've been calling "Gesture". For me, it's a set of concepts and structures inspired by the human voice, as well as a set of DSP algorithms I've developed.

As a composer, my intent is to explore Gesture and see where it takes me.

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Instead of technologies, talk about practicalities. Instead of separating developers from users, have discussions about innards where anyone interested is invited to have a look. This isn't about making things more accessible to end users, but helping the practice of making software more culturally grounded and relevant, opening the windows to let out the bad air.

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Live coding: A user's manual out in November! Straight to paperback as well as free (cc-by-sa) PDF / ebook

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"Climate activists in southern France have filled golf course holes with cement to protest against the exemption of golf greens from water bans amid the country's severe drought."

A very good point they have, as swathes of the region dry up.

It's been claimed by Extinction Rebellion Toulouse

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Somewhat belated : Hello from San Francisco. My primary focus is and . I generally describe my m.o. as follows:

- Listening to art
- Playing with audio
- Sounding out technology
- Composing in code
- Rewinding the soundscape
- Loitering in video games

I'll generally be posting about sound, including music as a subset of sound. I've written professionally for a long time for publications like The Wire, Nature, 48 Hills, Boing Boing, NewMusicBox, Pitchfork, and Tower Records' Pulse! magazine, where I was an editor for many years. I wrote the Bloomsbury/33⅓ book about Aphex Twin's album Selected Ambient Works Volume II, and I have been blogging at since 1996.

If you make music, you might be interested in a music community called the that I've moderated since 2012. Each week, members respond to a shared composition prompt (you can receive those via email at

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uspol, tech 

Senate committee meeting next week to mark up an anti-privacy, anti-LGBT, pro-empowering-pro-forced-birth-state-attorneys-general bill

for the sake of The Children

You can't protect privacy and simultaneously mandate Internet-wide age verification.

You can't have a "duty to care" for the next generation and simultaneously empower states to label information about reproductive health or about being trans as Unsafe For The Children.

As written, this bill would force any Masto instance that is "commercial" to have an annual third-party audit. It's yet another "we think the Internet is three companies" law that, if enacted, would become self-fulfilling.

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The Bart & Homer climate meme going around is a bit doomy for our taste. Here's a better version!

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To anyone who says "it's just summer"... here's NASA's climate spiral👇
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Used PIXELSYNTH, a Browser-based synthesizer from Olivia Jack @ojack for this color to sound experiment.

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Wonderful to see Allen Strange's classic book, Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls, coming up for a long-overdue reprint, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign of Toronto Metropolitan University professor Jason Nolan.

(via @naxuu)

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Heads up! #Microsoft is on track to ban all commercial activity by #FOSS projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on #copyleft for their app store! 😡️ We demand rollback of this new policy:

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I think this goes without saying, but please, go on camping trips to other places (like say, Chicago or Canada).

But do not post details about your camping trips.

Use a VPN to learn details of your camping trips, especially if you do a staycation.

I 100% support the right to go on camping trips. But do not tell me about them. Do not tell Anyone about your camping trips unless they need to know.

And if you haven't already: Delete any app that tracks periods. It can and WILL be used against you.

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#Soyboy is an audio #plugin recreating the chip sound of the gameboy #audio engine. It's polyphonic and has MPE as well as basic features like:
- Three oscillator modes (square wave, noise, wavetable)
- A 32-samples 4bit wavetable oscillator
- A linear envelope generator
- A frequency sweeping to bend the pitch automatically
- A stutter, it's like a note delay

It's only VST3 and has to be compiled at the moment (no binaries yet).

Give it a go, have fun and make blips and bloops.

The install process is straightforward, as explained in the readme.
You tried it? share with us here your feelings about it.

#musicproduction #audioplugin #music #linuxaudio
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