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#uxn is turning 1 year old tonight.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed code, ideas, time and laughs to help this project grow into what it is now. It was a wonderful year for smol ordinators.

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Just found out my new favorite stonehenge picture, taken by Bill Brandt in 1957

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I'm uncomfortable with how close corporate acquisitions are to buying and selling people...

"Believing in the good of humanity is a revolutionary act – it means that we don’t need all those managers and CEOs, kings and generals. That we can trust people to govern themselves and make their own decisions."
-- Rutger Bregman

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An absolutely amazing article about how GPS works. It's a great achievement to visually explain things so well on the web. (most likely needs a modern browser)

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Hm, which linux #NAS / #MediaServer should I use in my Home/Small Business network? :boost_requested:

*Note, i currently do not have a large media library and little need for local storage, but i have a lot of space just sitting on unused HDDs

**Bonus points for including some of your reasoning in the comments. thank you!

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After some soul-searching, I've decided to call the KONPEITO project done. I know y'all were fiending for the new tape but it seems like there's always something else diverting my attention and that's usually a really good sign my heart isn't in it.

The capsule will stay up indefinitely and I'll make sure you have notice before I take it down.

I'll have one more tape up before I do, to say thank you to everyone who's listened and everyone who's shone light on the Gemini project.

Be well.

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I just wanna be draped in garments (holy) (ambiguous) (diabolical) (pastry)

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Here's a book that changed my life, it's about growing food at sea, and living on the water, instead of constantly having to to resupply in cities. I recommend it even if you're not planning to sail, if you're interested in food preservation, dehydrating, water collection, the names of algae, etc..

It's on libgen.


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Michael Parenti’s brilliant response to the notion that the ruling class “don’t care about what we think” in Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies

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Taper: an online literary magazine for small computational pieces, published by Bad Quarto.

Call for Work for Issue 8, with the theme of 8-Bit Nostalgia by April 1st

The 8-bit era was characterized by remarkable creativity in working with constraints, something Taper seeks to emulate. We seek works inspired by 8-bit computing, music, games, graphic art, character sets as well as the number of bits that constitute a
byte and its multiple representations.

We also welcome submissions that address cultural associations of the number 8, such as fortune in Chinese and other Asian cultures, holiness in Japanese culture, and other religious associations.

Alternatively, works could address abstract aspects of the number eight, such as its relations to geometrical figures (cubic vertices, octagons), the symmetry of the number, how it becomes the symbol of infinity when rotated, or its impact on poetic forms (octosyllabic lines, various kinds of octameter, octets, octaves, etc).

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Alright, I'll stream the #uxn book by @compudanzas, starting tomorrow. One day per stream (the book is organized in days), so hopefully on stream per day.
I am super excited.

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I just received this wonderful tome edited by Demian Conrad, Rob van Leijsen and David Héritier, designed by Johnson/Kingston and published by Onomatopee. "Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age" includes the work of so many friends and practitioners that I admire as well as some amusing AI-generated commentary.

Should designers learn to code? This is the vexed question I wanted to tackle in my essay, but instead of giving yet another trite answer, I decided to focus on the bigger picture. To understand the "code imperative" one has to look at laid off coal miners in New Hampshire, woke journalists and their detractors, fictional ex-ballerinas working in cyber, IBM "new collars", AI pair programmers, etc.

In the essay I distinguish two paradigms: Learn to Code and Code To Learn. If the former is presented as an economic destiny for society as a whole, the latter has to do with gaining autonomy and technological self-determination – it means learning *with* computers and *through* computers. While both paradigms are real and useful, they lead to radically different ways of approaching creative coding as a practice and as a teaching subject.

I would also like to thank @rra, @cmos4040, @raphael, @mara and @sejo for their invaluable feedback.

Get the book here, DM me for the essay:

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i wish parents trying to control their children would stop using the tactic "stop doing that, the seller is mad at you, look, they're angry"
1. I'm not angry
2. don't teach your kids to be afraid of other people's anger
3. don't teach your kids to think people are mad at them without seeing any behavior to indicate it
4. stop lying to your children to control them

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