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There is no better kind of post on the internet than "I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this task, so I wrote it down here as a reference for both for my future self and for others."

(This post inspired by https://felix11h.github.io/blog/install-paprika-wine )

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=== Call for Applications ===
We're looking for a professional Instructional Designer to design and develop learning experiences based on our research and resources on #investigative techniques, digital safety & security, and more. Apply by 15th August! https://tacticaltech.org/news/instructional-designer

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I'll plot your drawing 

Send me an SVG (it will help if it's optimized for plotting! ask me what that means) and I'll plot one in your color of choice onto your paper of choice and mail it to you.

I can only plot things that can be plotted by an axidraw V3.

I'll share pen/paper options if it seems like anyone is interested. 🙂

If you have a multi-color idea tell me! Maybe we can do it.

Boosts welcome, but I will have to cap this at 20 folks for the moment (if that many are interested!) and see how things go. First come first serve... :)

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anyone knows of good online html+css courses for beginners - perhaps live?

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A curated list of open technology projects sustaining a stable climate, energy supply, and vital natural resources.


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Photos of the Largest Bird Nests in the World, Built by the Sociable Weaver in Southern Africa

“The Sociable Weaver is a small brown bird found in the Kalahari region of southern Africa. They are unlike most other birds due to their lifestyle and nest building, constructing permanent nests on trees and other tall objects. The nests are the largest built by any bird, big enough to house over a hundred pairs of birds, often containing several generations at a time.”


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At this point most of the day to day work necessary to keep #FDroid up and running is contributed by volunteers.

If you like our project you can help too! Here's how to get started contributing: https://f-droid.org/contribute
If you've got enough on your plate already we also accept donations: https://f-droid.org/donate

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L'après grève de la faim des personnes - une lettre à leur voisins.
"8 bonnes raisons
de soutenir
la régularisation
1. Régulariser, c’est lutter contre le travail au noir et la fraude sociale.
2. Régulariser les travailleurs et travailleuses répondrait au problème de pénurie de main-d’œuvre.
3. Cela rapporterait par ailleurs jusqu’à 65 millions d’euros nets par mois dans les caisses de la sécurité sociale.
4. Les expulsions et la détention
en centre fermé coûtent très cher à l’État.
5. Régulariser est la condition sine qua non au respect des droits fondamentaux de toutes les personnes vivant en Belgique.
6. Régulariser, c’est lutter contre l’exclusion sociale, le racisme et la montée de l’extrême droite.
7. La Belgique a déjà mené des campagnes de régularisation sans que cela n’engendre d’«appel d’air». Cette crainte est donc injustifiée.
8. Régulariser, c’est rendre leur dignité aux femmes, hommes et enfants qui ont déjà tout perdu."
Signer la pétition.

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#Sketchfab changes its Terms of service and adds:

"You agree that your use of any User Content downloaded from the Services will always be subject to the most-current version of the License Agreement or Creative Commons license [...]"

Is this legal? I thought a #CreativeCommons license was irrevocable. If I download one of Sketchfab design today for use under a certain license, this can't change over time. It would be impossible to comply with future changes. Anyone?

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Hello #fediverse 👋

Well, it isn't Hello, World because we've been around since February 2018 thanks to @xuv.

But now, we're here as a project. We are slowly taking shape as a true community-run project. We'll post updates about our progress here.

Sick of hearing bzz close to my ears :unacceptable: whilst doing an evening trip I put lemon balm next to both my ears, under my helmet. A bit weird looking, yes, do I care, uh.. no.

Other mosquito repellent tricks are welcome .

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My colleagues at ASAPbio are looking for a #commenting system to be used on #preprint servers that respects privacy.

They currently use Disqus and would prefer not to have to code it themselves. Do we have something to offer?

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The Linux Foundation are carrying out a survey on "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source", and I know this is something #foss #freesoftware and #opensource people (and opponents thereof!) on the Fedi have opinions on. So please boost and fill in.

Contributing to an evidence base may be a way of highlighting the problems and shaming people with money into doing something about them.


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🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 vient de sortir ! 🎉

Nous ne sommes pas peu fier⋅es de vous annoncer une nouvelle version de #PeerTube, notre alternative libre, décentralisée et fédérée aux Youtube, Viméo & co.

Au menu de cette nouvelle version : des outils pour personnaliser la page d'accueil de votre instance, l'ajout des listes de lectures à la recherche, la simplification des URL et bien d'autres choses encore...

▶️ https://joinpeertube.org/news#release-3.3

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Just came across this really cool art residency:

2022 Experimental Weaving Residency Call for Entries ($10k!)


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