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from last night in Utrecht, pics of me in my natural habitat twitter.com/cc_utr/status/1120 (i.e., gesturing emphatically at made-up words in front of patient onlookers)

tomorrow night in brussels: passaporta.be/en/calendar/the-

jewel: The sperm whale's clicking tale in the Off Track series.
On echolocation ; Antarctic ocean floor audio recording devices and using dial-up tones to surface them ; the head of the sperm whale as a lens..
Fantastic, super, (✷‿✷) abc.net.au/radionational/progr

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@olimex is selling the first commercially available FreedomBox. In other words, they are selling the ability to democratize the internet. #BeAPioneer and buy a #FreedomBox today.

Order: olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/

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"Data Workers", exposition d'œuvres algolittéraires qui m'a l'air passionnante au Mundaneum à Monse en Belgique. Si jamais vous avez la chance de pouvoir y aller.


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@dansup gave me some tips for managing users with my #Pixelfed instance. I was able to delete a spam bot account.

Some useful commands: with "php artisan" :

php artisan user:delete user_name
=> Delete account (with confirmation)

php artisan user:suspend user_name
=> Suspend a local user.

php artisan user:unsuspend user_name
=> Unsuspend a local user

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Soirée Associalibre

Jeudi 25 Avril

17h : ateliers

18.00- 19.30 : "La bataille du Libre de Ph. Borrel", version intégrale en première belge.

19.30 : débat

20.00 : des associations libristes se présentent au public.

Un Associalibre en soirée : 17h à 21h30,


rue Royale, 150

1000 Bruxelles

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These 22 people were put on a target list of 1 million names by Microsoft and used to build face recognition technologies megapixels.cc/datasets/msceleb

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Since requests for help seem to work here, let's try a geeky one:

Dear friends, is there any newb-friendly alternative to VirtualBox? I really like VM's but don't like Oracle at all. What do you use for virtual machines?

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You don't have to use Google Play on your Android phone.

There's a free open alternative app store called F-Droid, which is much more privacy-friendly, and which you can install yourself relatively easily.

There's a simple instruction guide for beginners on switching.social:


There's a much more detailed guide by @IzzyOnDroid here:


You can follow the official F-Droid account here:


#FDroid #GooglePlay #DeleteGoogle

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do you have some recommandations about care/reproductive work and servers/system administration ?

vous auriez des recommandations autre des relations entre care/travail reproducteur et l'administration système/les servers ?

:www_server: 💗

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Soirée "Public Domain Day"

En 1948, la vie de Sergej Eisenstein, de D.W. Griffith et de bien d’autres a pris fin. Cette année, 70 ans plus tard, la protection du droit d’auteur sur leur œuvre expire. Les voici tombées dans le domaine public, disponibles à toutes les réinventions. Le Nova, en collaboration avec les asbl Plus-tôt Te laat et Constant, célèbrent cette résurrection en vous proposant un programme ludique autour de certains films. C’est (...)

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For the worksession called Networks with an attitude in Antwerpen, by and so much more, we only used the train, and a to transport electric cables, camera, projector, coffeemaker, kettle, thermoses, paper, pens.. With every change in venue, a trolley distribution was done amongst the participants.
The last transport back was done today!

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Hello fediverse, I’m a web developer interested in p2p and queer networks of all kinds 🌸

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I have to find a new place to live in #Amsterdam, starting may 1th. I already lived in the South and East, so maybe can I try the West this time? Any ideas, friends who can #help?

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