Oops, washed the air humidifier a bit too thoroughly. Luckily it opens up really quickly! not 🔧

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Ok, time to bring in some
(Not too much)
I've been looking forward to going on a local holiday, off grid, no running water. Owls, it's so quiet you can hear the flutter of bat wings etc etc.
Unfortunately I got this massive headcold, which forces me to rest.
As the holiday place is quite humid and temperatures fluctuate seriously, this is too much for me to handle. So I'm still in the city on the sofa, partner & son have left.

Luckily I have a great list of podcasts to listen to (The Experiment! Ear Hustle! Onbehaarde apen!)
And a little old dog to mend, toy from father to son. I'll darn with contrasting colours.

Gallons and liters of herbal tea. Comfy enclined. Blanket. Snoopy. Loads of colours.

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Hello Lurkers, it’s time for a brief . I am raphaël, born in montpellier, studied art in brussels, living in paris. I usually write small systems with code or physical objects, that eventually become instruments, tools, or less functional things. I love cooking without cookbooks and I usually write code the same way. I am a free software user and enthusiast. I teach art and design in various schools and during workshops. I am part of @velvetyne and prepostprint.org. I am currently (04/2021) focused on and as a language, and I still maintain lots of tiny tools that I should list somewhere at some point. Procrastination is part of my creative process and I kind of handle it now. I have a post-punk band called zone and a debian computer called jardin.

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i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))


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Kitchen fermentation 

OK here goes. Miso with homemade, fresh koji. Including custom ceramic fermentation vessel, a kind of Companion.

...forget about this for 6 months now I guess

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I'm working on a A5 zine pdf generator with python's FPDF library. It takes a text as an input, including image filenames too, and creates an A4 signatures of 2 pages. If you like to peep in the code:

The second file is the latest version, subclassing the FPDF.
I'll be adding future versions as new files.
And yes, it's on github for now, sue me :P

#pdf #script #zine #python

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"Votation citoyenne du 22 mars au 13 avril

Ouverte à tous, dès 16 ans

« Êtes-vous favorable à l’inscription dans la constitution française du droit à l’eau et l’assainissement, à protéger l’eau et à interdire son accaparement par les multinationales ? »"

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hey my department at NYU has two very exciting opportunities you all should apply for: a teaching/research fellowship ($30k stipend, due 4/15) https://tisch.nyu.edu/itp/red-burns-fellowship and a project residency ($5k stipend, due 5/1) https://tisch.nyu.edu/itp/itp-ima-project-residency1

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Meeting shoebill for the first time, that could be terrifying as they look like an ancient creatures.

They're beautiful and rare, classified as endangered species.

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The Software Freedom Conservancy (@conservancy) provides a fiscal home for community-governed projects like git, sponsors Outreachy, and is the only organization doing GPL enforcement: https://sfconservancy.org/supporter/

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Hey! Just a post for some promotion stuff.

My commissions are open to VJing and video clips! I can take care of your live visuals or promotion/video clips. More information on my DMs or on Discord (Lime#3708).

Portfolio => limewire.xyz

Reposts ✅

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Logiciels libres au 75

Après l'ERG, Saint-Luc et la Cambre, c'est au tour de l'école le75 de mettre en place différents outils libres. Au menu: une instance de BigBlueButton pour la gestion de cours en ligne, une instance de Nextcloud pour le partage et l'édition de documents et une instance d'Etherpad pour l'écriture collaborative.


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- #RQDA, an #RStats package which was unfortunately kicked out of CRAN a while ago, so hard to install. Seems to depend on one person.
- #Taguette, lovely browser-based tool, actively developed.
- #Qualcoder, promising Python-based tool, actively developed but installation barrier too high for now.
- #CATMA, browser-based as well, with more features than others, but I found the interface hard to grasp. Has institutional backing.

Do you know of other notable Open Source QDA tools?


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Did u know the glyph failure character is known as a tofu □

And occasionally the phenomenon in which it happens is referred to as tofu-baké


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So allows streaming now. Are there any peer tube instances that might want to host an two day event likely to have a peak of 800 viewers and if so, how much would they want to be compensated?

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a linux/open-source video editor job position at http://www.nonlinearfund.org/videoeditor.html

maybe someone around here is interested. deadline is tomorrow

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I have just read "The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction" by Ursula K. Le Guin.


But I've also found out that in a recent reprint, there's an introduction by Donna Haraway I would like to read as well.

Is anyone able to share it with me? I can't find it online.


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Does anyone #onhere have any anecdotes or experience with cases where fedi instances operators/community moderators had to deal with outbreaks of misinformation/conspiracy theories?

If this has occurred, how was it handled?

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