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The Email Privacy Tester is a great tool: emailprivacytester.com/ - it found an XSS bug in #Mailpile!

Obviously, I'm fixing it...

Anyone know less irritating versions of eventbrite and meetup?
(Read, more flossy/federated etc)

Framadate and nuages.domainepublic.net are toobminimal for the others

All Artists who were in the running for the Belgian art prize, collectively quit the competition, because of an all white, all male selection by the jury. Quit your own nomination! bruzz.be/uit/news/genomineerde

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Google versus Palantir ASN lookup. Explorations of network structures during workshop with @rra

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I know not everyone will agree but I think putting links in footnotes really improves the aesthetics and readability of toots.

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There's another Tumblr called "People matching Artwork" and it's full of people matching artwork


They go so well together

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What sound does a bunch of dropped C modules and libraries make?


Hei, A, welkom !
Ik zag dit passeren vanmorgen in dit fediverse:
Floss tools voor schrijvers: gitbook, trelby, manuskript, ghostwriter, and bibisco.


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this friday at , audio synth from e-waste workshop, bring a bag and walking shoes ;) varia.zone/Space-Junk-Workshop

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"Toward the aftermath, the main question is What will be left of advertising—and what it supports—after the adtech bubble pops?"

"Adtech is built to undermine the brand value of all the media it uses"

"Adtech spies on people and violates their privacy. By design."


Can this be added to the emoji collection?


This implies nothing ! Just needed when chosen by tooter (haha)

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"La cour d’appel de Paris confirme que les magasins diffusant de la musique « libre » doivent rémunérer les sociétés de gestion collective."

Vivement que la législation découvre l'existence d'internet et se mette à jour... 🤢


#creativecommons #copyright #arnaquecollective

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The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard
loom weaves flowers and leaves.”

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@wendy get on up
like a Fax Machine.
Get on up
get up
Shake your arm
then use your form.
Stay on the scene like a Fax Machine.
You gotta have the feeling
sure as you're born.
Get it together
right on right on