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The Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom is craving for more #women and non-binary people to join the Steering Committee.

The SC is responsible for choosing the proposals that will be presented in session. It's your chance to raise concerns that usually don't make it to FOSDEM.

#ETC2018 was great. Make FOSDEM great again :P

The draft CFP is being finalized at the moment. Please join and edit your name in! It will be released... later TODAY.


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"We prefer pocket servers to those in the clouds"
"Networks Of One's Own is a para-nodal periodic publication that is itself collectively written in a network. [...] The series aims to document a set of tools, experiences, ways of working that are diverse in terms of their temporality, granularity and persistence."
The incredibly well documented hybrid publication and manual and executable networksofonesown.constantvzw. is released.
#etherpad #raspberrypi #etherbox

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#OpenSourceDesign devroom Call for Proposals is out for #FOSDEM 2018!

To submit a talk go here 👉bit.ly/osd-fosdem-2019

We want to see diversity of #FOSS design contribution & contributors represented.

ALL design topics are welcome.

Questions? 👉 bit.ly/2Cf9hPp

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Reading on core memory. What a fascinating way of storing bits, by weaving wire through rings.
Here are some interesting links on the topic:
*The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance Computer - Brian Troutwine youtube.com/watch?v=xY45YE7ggn
* Examining the core memory module inside a vintage IBM 1401 mainframe righto.com/2015/08/examining-c
* Arduino core memory shield tindie.com/products/kilpelaj/c

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20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.


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I totally love the series called 'Articles of interest' broadcast on
It's about clothing, on standards, rules and regulations. Plaid, tartan and slavery... And much more.


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E-Stitches Berlin #3:
Taking Ownership of your Wearable’s Data

Thursday October 11th, 2018
doors open 19:30, talks start 20:00

KOBA, Görlitzer Strasse 72, 10997 Berlin
open to public, free entrance

>> kobakant.at/KOBA/e-stitches-be

#kobakant #koba #maßschneiderei #tailorshop #tailor #etextiles #wearables wearabletech #wearabletechnology #technology #DIY #data #maker #electronics #textiles #handmade #custom #shop #ladenraum #berlin #kreuzberg #görlitzerpark #görli

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Fascist typography by a nationalist racist Flemish party.
Not Antiqua-Fraktur but another (creepy) spectrum 😶

Watersystem @ Archipel Antwerp. Temporary space use

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Heya! Celebrating 10 years of HSBXL & Belgium Hackerspace scene TONIGHT!
@ first ground zero / Starting 19h
> avenue princesse elisabeth 46 - 1030 schaarbeek <
All welcome!



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"Our machinery has become intricate, our manner of working fast. Yet every age must have felt that way about its achievements, and only looking back does everything that went before seem slow. How slow will we appear some day?"
- Anni Albers, "On Weaving"

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New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they're being repaired by an independent technician

@rra Hey, heb gemaild ivm een datum verandering van de werksessie netwerken met een standpunt. Past 8-13/04? Groetjes, w

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Oh, btw, the new week recap is out, highlighting new releases of Audacity, Krita and Pencil2D, new Blender add-ons, various Blender-made short movies, Inkscape and Krita tutorials, and new artwork:


Looking for decent affordable lodging for 3 nights in . Attending the conferences.


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For those of you interested I'll present some experiences and findings about the project during Radical Networks: radicalnetworks.org/

Held between october 19 and 21 in Berlin. Really interesting yearly conference on alternatives network topologies such as and , protocols new and old, meaningful understandings of politics, weird prototypes etc etc organised by @chootka

@raphaelbastide for example will present a based around the protocol!

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