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Le PleinOPENair sur les chapeaux de roues !

Domaine Public sera pr茅sent les samedis 25 ao没t et 1er Septembre au PleinOpenAir avec un petit stand pour vous offrir th茅s/caf茅s et petits g芒teaux. N'h茅sitez pas 脿 passer !

Le PleinOpenAir aura lieu les 24 & 25 ao没t sous le viaduc Hermann-Debroux et les 31 ao没t & 1er septembre, dans le quartier Heyvaert, sous la halle Libelco,

Le programme complet (nova-cinema.org/prog/2018/167-) et les horaires (nova-cinema.org/prog/2018/167-) sont en ligne.

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I also 100% just added "code weaver" to my profile. I think it's fitting for a textile historian who also codes for digital humanities :)

A Banksy, photographed in Dover, on our way to bxl from Wales. In the UK, when you say you are from Brussels it stirs up benefit stories, in all flavours.. another splintered community..

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Another very unskittish monarch came by and hung out in the yard this evening though, so there was that. 馃

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I was really lucky to see this yesterday. A carnivorous plant.

Round-leaved Sundew - Lus na Fe脿rnaich - Drosera rotundifolia

Very small (~40mm across) but quite deadly if you are an insect attracted by the nectar, glistening on the hairs. Any that get stuck, get slowly digested by enzymes. Horrible way to go...

#nature #photo #photography #macro #Highlands

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Aujourd'hui, nous traversons l'oc茅an 鉀

Partons 脿 la rencontre du chaton qu茅becois KOUMBIT, qui fournit des services web incluant l'h茅bergement et le d茅veloppement de sites et d鈥檃pplications web (Debian, Drupal, WordPress, etc.). Le tout, bien s没r, 脿 partir de logiciels libres !

Plus d'infos : koumbit.org/fr

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RT @Elyas_FoodBae@twitter.com: Spent 176 hours on this 3d painting, RT my next customer could be on your tl, hit me up for prices

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eTextile summercamp is rolling!
Just cooked some organza to take the shape of stones..

How to transport a large (empty) travel trunk by bike..


You provide sunny, safe and dry housing. Flowers (terrace imni meadow) are a big bonus for them (and you). They polinate.
End of the exchange.



We put tree trunks & pieces of bamboo to attract mason bees, which works quite well. Put them somewhere sunny, make sure the wood & holes are smooth so they don't damage their wings. Protect them from magpie's (yes) with some chicken wire.
The regular masonbee only lives out in the open for 6 weeks. The rest of their life they spend in the bamboo or wood.


A second type of solitary bee has decided to join us on our 2nd floor terrace. We think it's a tuinmaskerbij, Hylaeus hyalinatus


Thet gnawed through the wood to make nests to put eggs and food.
Tiny hairless black bees..

Guifi went for wireless - Michaelston-y-Fedw took up the shovel & digging machines..

The villagers who DIYed some of the fastest internet in the UK 鈥 video

Frustrated with snail-like internet speeds, the residents of Michaelston-y-Fedw banded together and dug 15 miles of trenches to lay their own superfast broadband cables


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Pierre Marchand's path in the writing of a ten js lines to render 3d Brussels buildings.
(the log is slowly filling with #cartography and #mapping stuff, after have been monthly meetings) log.critical-cartography.club/

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I am looking for a digital #artist to commision for three assets for the mastodon client @Tusky: A generic "elephant friend", an image for the error view (maybe a sad elephant?) and an image for the empty view (maybe a sleeping elephant?). Must look good on dark and light background and fit well with material design. Artist must be ok with the assets being published under an open source license. Vector assets preferred. Commission will of course be payed.
Pls boost!