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🇵🇸 ✊ 📡 🎧 Radio alHara - [Filmishmish/في المشمش]
Has been streaming consistently great music all day.

(see previous boost mamot.fr/@RyBn/104480225072670 )

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RT @JalalAK_jojo@twitter.com

Starting this morning, and for 72 hours, Palestine-based Radio Al-Hara will be playing a wonderful lineup of anti racist anti colonial artists/DJs/musicians from Palestine & elsewhere. Full schedule👇Join the worldwide protest! Listen here: https://yamakan.place/palestine/#filmishmish

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/JalalAK_jojo/status/1280797343609208832

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The Experimental Publishing () class of 2020 would like to invite you to the launch of our final publication, Collectiveioning. :thinknyan:

Collectiveioning is a that collects the work generated in our time at XPUB, from collective Special Issues in the first year (Special Issues 07, 08, 09), with threads that connect to the second year projects.

Date: , July 10th, 2020
Time: 19h-2030h CEST/UTC+2
Place: project.xpub.nl/collectiveioni
Occasion: ULTIMATE Very Special Issue Indeed
Attire: Suit or Business Casual or Business or Come As You Are

XPUB Class of 2020:

Simon Browne 📚
Bohye Woo 📄
Paloma García 🗺️
Artemis Gryllaki ✊
Tancredi di Giovanni 🌀
Pedro Sá Couto 🖨️
Biyi Wen 📻
Rita Graça 🚨

The Collectiveioning launch is made possible with the support from Open Source Publishing, servus.at and lilimit.

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@aral a lot of my concerns are taken care of with this page I didn't see yesterday:

The code is published here github.com/HSEIreland/ and from what I can see, there is a lot of documentation about the functions and databases.

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Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

@impiaaa @kyzh

Is it basically this?

1. set up a for-profit company
2. tell everyone it's a "collaborative", "open data" project
3. partner with a non-profit to earn brownie points & attention
4. train up your models and develop your tech based on crowdsourced data you got people to willingly upload
5. sell yourself to Evil Corp for $$$
6. shut down the open API, minimise and hamper any community efforts, maximise profits

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We need people to test #Mobilizon new beta version. Help us by installing this software on different systems and give us feedback on the documentation
-> https://docs.joinmobilizon.org/administration/

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This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

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"Ever since the Yugoslav war in the 1990s, I've got border issues. Especially borders that are closed or closing."

RT @deziluzija@twitter.com

On the verge of the election weekend in Croatia, here's a personal reflection on the parallels between my experience of the Yugoslav war in the 1990s and the world in 2020. https://fo.am/blog/2020/06/25/systems-crumble/

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/deziluzija/status/1278978337537429505

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The open-source model treats open source as a utilitarian model for better programming, while the free software model is adamant that it's an issue of individual freedom. Both models are open to exploitation; open source because it explicitly holds itself out to be useful to corporations, and free software because it includes, not just incidentally but foundationally, profit-making corporations in its freedoms. https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html.en Both deal only incidentally or poorly with the community that arise out of the development and use of software.

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Here's an idea: every time you feel like sharing a new exciting app / tech / program, don't limit yourself to looking at its features. But also look at:

- Who is developing it? Is the team diverse? What kind of organisation is it?
- What resources are they relying on?
- Have they, **from the beginning**, published a code of conduct, and/or released a statement that specifies that fascists, racists, queerphobes, patriarchs, down-punchers are not welcome to use or contribute to the tool?


, Norwegian guitars. Flowing over to , Mess on a mission. Travelling to New Zealand with ... :luct_griffin:

Home alone, 4 year old in bed, listening to loud guitar music. Now playing through NewPipe, Belgian band with Artline. :think_starry_eyes: Now ready for :nes_fire: :nes_fire:

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