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We are a collective body of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free speech, free software and open hardware. We chew on the roots of control and domination, disrupt patriarchal societies and imagine better alternatives.

Eclectic Tech Carnival (/etc) is a gathering that happens whenever and wherever someone feels a need to organize it and finds the resources and collaborators to do so.

To do list in left hand
Run script:
-watch left hand a lot.
-cross out when done
-go to next point.

My brain is fried. My short term memory does not go beyond 20 seconds. Solution: to do list, on paper, is in left hand.

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Honestly, whoever has an idea for a spam detection measure for Mastodon, and by that I do mean an implementation, get in touch with me, I'll pay for it.

I've been thinking about solutions for the past few days but the more I think about them the more they appear pointless.


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#LiveCoding initiation ce jeudi vers 18h au #fablab #tierslieux de plateforme C, le hangar quoi où il fait chaud et froid #nantes

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@yunohost Cette pr commence à dater est ce que vous pouvez réouvrir la discussion c'est quand même important. github.com/YunoHost/doc/pull/5

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facebook finally materializing the true purpose of every capitalist, being a bank

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Earlier this month, the New York Times published a rare, beautifully illustrated piece on the importance of organic, open source seeds for the future of food. Well worth the read:


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Masto mods and admins, please open - new anti-spam tool 

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🏴‍☠️📚💻 Special Issue 09💻📚🏴‍☠️

Interfacing the Law 3 / The is Open

Thursday June 20th, 2019
Leeszaal West

Three free : Marginal Conversations, Knowledge in Action, Blurry Boundaries

w-wat? issue.xpub.nl/09

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The #Relearn #curve continues in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of June. This session focuses on computed layout:

" Since 2013, several initiatives have been experimenting with making printed publications using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of CSS regions. This feature is necessary to produce multi-paged publications and since its removal from Blink (2014) and in WebKit (2017), users are trapped with old versions of WebKit. Sticking to older version is still viable today but for how long? "

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Places and spaces dedicated to digital fabrication, biohacking workshops and collaborative tinkering.


#map #making #workshop #lab

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Hey hey !

Le samedi 22 juin, on fait un atelier d'imagination/écriture cyberturfuminisme avec @leRESET et @LaQuadrature !

On va imaginer des technologies féministes, selon une méthode de @spideralex de Calafou.

On aura du thé chaud ou froid, des jus, des gâteaux, et ce sera à prix libre, à La Paillasse, 226 rue St Denis à Paris.

J'ai super hâte :yellow_heart2:

Toutes les infos ici :

#cyberfeminisme #feminisme #SF

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Oh wow. So that really famous centralized vs decentralized vs distributed diagram that I quote above? Well, in one of the companion papers, Baran provides this iteration on it, which in my opinion is far superior and I'm going to start using in my presentations.

Full paper: rand.org/pubs/research_memoran

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We are looking for 2 temporary devs: Frontend / backend and web/app designer. The Project is about bringing indigenous knowledge to climate change research. Here In particular : combining local observations and satellite earth observations. Work around Barcelona & remote. #citizenScience #openscience #job #climatechange #barcelona
#icta #uab

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Anyone knows a professional film crew based in #Barcelona? We're looking for people to record a conference. Thx.

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If you run an instance that has closed invitations (by policy, not temporarily due to load or spam), I'd be interested in chatting with you about why your instance is closed, and how/if you allow new members, and what you do for people who you can't/won't let in. (I run a closed instance myself and LOVE it, so I'm just looking to get a sense of current practice, not for debate.) #mastodamins

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Steph point me to "Unraveling the " in the new online publication Parametric Press, (Science + Society) - Issue 01

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Very frustrated with these companies making millions of dollars trying to reshape the entire FOSS ecosystem in their image so their investors can skim a few extra dollars in profits.

Your "corporate open source software" is NOT open source. Open core = proprietary peripherals.

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