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Moving to a new servers seems as good a reason as ever to finally write an . Hi, I'm Uglyhack! I like free software, electronics, computer security, and getting nerdswiped. I try to keep my account politics free. Recommend me a good SciFi book as an easy way to make me happy.

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Just asked ChatGPT to "Write a script for a scene where live coders argue about fish"

This is what it came up with:

Scene: A conference room at the annual Live Coding Convention. A group of live coders are gathered around a table, deep in debate.

Coder 1: I can't believe you guys are still using Python for your live coding sessions. It's so clunky and slow.

Coder 2: Are you kidding? Python is the best language for live coding. It's easy to read and has a ton of libraries for just about anything you need.

Coder 3: I have to disagree. In my opinion, Ruby is the way to go. It's concise and expressive, and the syntax just flows when you're coding live.

Coder 4: Ruby is great, but I think JavaScript is the ultimate live coding language. It's versatile and can be used for just about anything, from web development to machine learning.

Coder 1: JavaScript might be versatile, but it's also a mess. The syntax is confusing and it's constantly changing.

Coder 5: Okay, okay, let's not get too heated here. Can we all agree that live coding is about personal preference and the best language is the one that works for you?


I set up an Asterisk server with open ports on my home network (you need port 5060 open to receive phone calls). I haven't run many services on the open internet before.

I'm really amazed at how fast the login attempts came. It didn't really matter for a bunch of reasons (nothing was configured to be able to make outbound called, for example), but I saw it in my interactive terminal. At first someone scanned every few hours, after a day it was every five minutes (A friend called it "syslog-snow"). After two days there were multiple attempts every second. I blocked all but one IP all at the firewall level just so the interactive terminal would be usable again.

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The phrase "no algorithms" has been bothering me, because (a) there's already an algorithm, it's just a simple one and (b) I'd really like a more sophisticated algorithm that didn't show me the same post over and over EVERY SINGLE TIME someone new boosted it.

Really thoughtful article from @timbray deconstructing what we really mean when we say "no algorithms":

Maybe a stupid question, but how exactly does defining pronouns work?

I commonly see "they/them", so I guess it's nominative / accusative. But for the common ones (they, she, he) every English speaker should know the accusative, so giving it seems redundant.

And if someone doesn't know the accusative, shouldn't we also be giving the (dependent) genitive for the full set of pronouns?

There seems to be another genitive in English, the independent one, but that just seems to mostly be dependent + s sound.

Basically, is there an RFC for pronoun definition?

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Cool tool on Github for visualizing wire harnesses. I wonder if anyone has hooked it up to @kicad yet?

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More info on use in #China Chinese social media users are flocking to the decentralised Mastodon platform to find community amid crackdown at home | South China Morning Post

I came across some great videos about the chemistry behind some glues and resins:

He goes a bit deeper than most pop science explanations while still being understandable if you haven't taken any college classes in chemistry. He covers polystyrene "glues" (like used with models), supergue, pigments, printer resin, and two-part epoxies.

This is actually a pretty good success story for documenting what you're doing. I figured out the "tagged" thing while writing down why I had given up on getting it to work.

Anyway, I didn't give up on reddit and duckduckgo. Turns out they work with "MSS clamping", which probably means my MTU was set wrong. But I don't really know what that means, and now it works, so I'm going to stop touching it.

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Spent the evening trying to get my new network working without the provider-provided router. Turns out you need to have the VLAN connection "tagged" instead of "untagged" for it to work.

Anyway, every site except duckduckgo and reddit seem to work right now. I'm hoping those two just got stuck in some cache somewhere and it will resolve itself by tomorrow.

Finally managed to call myself! Outgoing calls work! It turns out the company needed real (legal name + address) identification to activate a phone number. Now to get incoming calls working... It could be a NAT issue.

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@oaniita Bonan Tagon! Dankon por sekvi min.

Mi havis demandon por japano, do mi kaptas la okazon por demandi 😀 .

Ĉu la japana Mastadono havas similan kreskon kiel Angla Mastadono? Mi ne aŭdas pri ĝi.

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Bit of fun this weekend by looking at how Mastodon actually works under the hood. The "federation" part is really interesting, but also highlights how other servers may not be trusted.

Take for example this user (should be cached on


If you click on the user via the web interface, you'll see that the account has insta-influencer status, without all the shit-posting and self-meme'ing..

This is of course is all by design, as part of ActivityPub. When we reference another account on another server, the "federation" part of the protocol kicks in and requests information on the account. This means that on the server we control, we can set as many followers as we want (as well as post count and basically anything else we want) by returning a "totalItems" value of 99999999 in the followers ActivitySteam JSON.

tl;dr, Factor in trust of servers when using Mastodon (and stop using follow count as a metric!)

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Protip: Going to Starbucks today, as a hundred unionized stores strike, only counts as crossing the picket line if you buy something. You can still steal baked goods, CDs, and boxes of creamer.

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"You entered willingly."

An answer, but not for the question he had asked. Four days prior he had crossed my threshold wide-eyed, trembling like a gentle doe. We had started with the basics. A few nouns, and some adjectives. He repeated them without fault, eager to please me and indeed, I was pleased.

Pronouns too, a simple lesson.

Then came the verbs. Eager and hasty, he forgot his conjugations, his articles. His hearts nearly exhausted, he begged me to spare his last.

And I would not.

Is there any research into how effective comparing pen-and-paper signatures is for identifying forgeries where they looked at expert forgers?

I feel like a skillful forger with a bit of practice could do a pretty good job, but I can't find any good research. "Skilled forger" in articles seems to usually mean they practiced a on a different piece of paper before doing the real one.

The best article I've found up to now,, compares the effect of examiner training and of signature complexity on identification accuracy. It doesn't compare the skill of different forgers.

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In a classic experiment, 12 articles were resubmitted to the same journals in which they had already been published. Three were recognized as resubmissions. Eight of the nine articles reviewed again were rejected, often due to "serious methodological flaws."
#academicmastodon #publishing

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By way of #introduction I'll share one of my #projects reclaiming and giving away discarded (and mostly new) Uber JUMP #ebikes. Tens of thousands of them got sent to a scrap metal processor near my house. I wanted one for myself and ended up with several tractor trailer loads! They work great but I had to design a new bike computer to replace the proprietary integration points with Uber's app. The new model has an app too, but interfaces via BLE rather than LTE.

I signed up for a different ISP, and they actually told me my IPv4 address and ipv6 block before I'm even connected! It's a perfectly logical thing to do, but that doesn't mean it's what I'm used to from ISP's.

I went with @freedominternet because (from what I understand) that's where all the cool people from XS4All went when it was gutted by KPN.

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debugging strategy: use a debugger

I'm feeling pretty unsure about this one because I very rarely use debuggers.

would love to hear thoughts about what's missing here from people who use debuggers more often!

My friend got fired for making long hours. He was a clockmaker.

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