Shoutout to @chainsawriot for doing an blog series.

I just started experimenting with this weird and lisp world and getting additional perspectives in these short bites is super helpful.

nettime-l is moving to the fediverse.

While I think it makes sense to move past email lists at some point, I'm not sure know if microblogging is a good replacement. There may be other activityPub implementations better suited for longer discussions.

The awkward moment when you have to reload a website several times - without and with adblock, with and without blocking javascript, switching into reader mode at the right moment - just to circumvent a badly implemented paywall.

foxconn riots, physical violence 

@elbienmaspreciado "Foxconn Workers Rioting at the iPhone Factory" is the new "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory"

[linked for CW] makes some good points about finally removing `fortunes-off` from Debian.

That is the "offensive" set of quotes you can get from you Linux terminal, and it is full of horrible shit, from rape jokes to a ton of actual quotes from "Mein Kampf"

meta, mourning the fediverse we knew 

(I explicitly did not mention the author, btw - they already wrote about being overwhelmed by the increased attention)

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meta, mourning the fediverse we knew 

There are some beautiful words going around. They are about mourning the place the fediverse was before the last two weeks, I feel them deeply.

> "Many people were excited about what happened this week. Newcomers saw the possibilities of federated social software. Old hands saw the possibilities of critical mass. But it's important that this isn't the only story told about early November 2022. Mastodon and the rest of the fediverse may be very new to those who arrived this week, but some people have been working on and playing in the fediverse for over a decade. There were already communities on the fediverse, and they've suddenly changed forever."

This is not about complaining about 'those loud folks from twitter', or say somebody 'ruined the fediverse' by joining us here. It is about acknowledging that a space that is important to many people has fundamentally changed - the fedi as we knew it is gone. Its about allowing ourselves to grieve that loss.

I am still exited about the way federated networks can be a part of something better, and I am happy to find that something with so many people. Everything changes, thats why everything is interesting. But I am also sad about the things that got lost in those changes.

'What's More Important than Two Women Talking About Web Development?'

EP01/03 "Memorable Websites"

Lately I see too many EU-Flags on here and definitely not enough FUCK FRONTEX ones.

Wow, Mastodon ist schneller als es Twitter je war. Ich hatte noch nicht mal auf post geklickt und da war der link auf der Website schon gefixed:

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Ich würde gerade richtig gerne den Talk der Jour Fixe Initiative Berlin ansehen. Sabine Pfeiffer spricht über den Distributivkraftkapitalismus. Aber der Zoom-Link auf der offiziellen Website funktioniert nicht 😖

There may be a purple witch watching you right now. Be aware they keep existing after the end of october. Maybe give her a little treat.

I don't get people being angry about the way search works in the fediverse. I dont want my posts to be indexed centrally, not even the ones I post publicly. And I dont want to read through all the noise in the network.

I get how it can be useful to quickly find things random people post about events happening in real time. Hashtags about demonstrations and the like were one of the reasons the birdsite became so important to me and my activism at the time.

But when it became bigger and bigger, those global hashtags became more and more useless. I tended to filter every search to 'people I follow', because I did not want to read all the spam, all the rightwing tinfoil takes and all the bots. There is a reason I built and curated that list of accounts I followed.

Curation and social filtering is among the most important aspects of our digital sociality. But the (long disproven) scare of filter bubbles made us forget that. We should cherish our own curation as well as our collective ones.

Do not wait for the crawler with the huge amounts of storage and processing power to index the fediverse. Learn to trust your community, and learn when not to trust it.

Weil grade so schön viele sind: Mastodon und das Fediverse sind nicht Twitter, vieles funktioniert anders und das Netzwerk hat andere Umgangsformen. Ich hab im April einen Blogartikel dazu geschrieben, um der in diesen Tagen vielleicht ein paar Leuten hier helfen kann:

Die feinen Unterschiede zwischen dem katholischen und dem byzantinischen Ritus: In der griechisch-orthodoxen Erzählung vom Sündenfall ist die verbotene Frucht ein Essiggurkerl.

@LuetziBleibt schreibt auf Twitter:

Liebe Verbündete!
Bitte übernehmt nicht folgende Inhalte unserer Gegner:

1)" ist (nur) ein Symbol" - Nein! Es versperrt den Zugriff auf >200 Mio t . Das ist materiell entscheidend, nicht symbolisch.

2) "Es geht uns/@FridayForFuture
um die Häuser"- In Lützi sind >100 und global supporten >10 000 Menschen für 5 Häuser & 4 Hallen. Wer glaubt @faznet
S.8, dass wir diese Häuser mehr lieben, als die Lebensgrundlage der Menschheit?

3) "Ohne Kohle kein für @armutsbetroffen
*e"- Ne. Der meiste Strom in D. ist für . Arme kriegen nichts von den Profiten & Rekordgewinnen von zB ab. Wer will, dass keine*r friert, kann sich schenken und anfangen, Rekordgewinne umzuverteilen, s. @rweenteignen
. Strom sparen fürs kann die Autoindustrie, nicht Tante Erna & Opa Ahmed.


I don't like how right @Sandra is with this line, because maintaining an email server is frustrating as hell:

> It’s good stewardship to care for a protocol the way mail has been cared for and repaired and improved over the years. Like an old watch lovingly repaired. It’s not disposable, it’s built to last. The install base email has is a thing of wonder.

It is now official that these were glass fibre cables. Here is an article with a video interview with an expert from the non-governmental @AG_KRITIS (both in german)

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