Nothing like firing up the playalongs and blasting through a couple of choruses of 'Stella' on the Mad Max 'piece :)

Everyone knows that buying lots of trumpet mouthpieces makes you play better! L to R Warburton 4D with 5* backbore (current jam), Mad-Max 3C, no-brand Chinese 3C two-piece, ptrumpet 3C, Slade 3C, Kelly Screamer, hilarious no-brand Chinese plastic megatone 3C.

I was not able to attend the Decolonising the Musical University event a couple of weeks back. Anyone know if any of the materials are now or will be available online? I can't see anything on the conference website.

Last performance before the Q&A is beepblip & Luka Prinčič

Next performance is 'Electrowar // Flux'

'Oceanic “Datanimism” uses a combination of data sonification, audio production, and creative coding to explore the theme of bringing environmental data to life. The sea levels are rising and the data from this research was sonified to be at the core of the composition.'

Going with the changed order, now we have Oceanic “Datanimism” from

Ok, change of order it seems, coming up next 'Society for Nontrivial Pursuits // HyperDisCo'

I think I've made it on time to catch SuperContinent!

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