Hi! I was thinking that it's been a while since I did live coding music from scratch again. So while waiting for 2021 tomorrow (at least for fellow Indonesian), I want to make it happen again.

TidalCycles Live Coding Music Session
31 December 2020, 22:00 Western Indonesian Time

Watch it here: youtu.be/u3wa9RZvKE4

I'm going live in forty mins at 1100 youtube.com/eulerroom/live wish me luck, lotta problems getting the live demung in time with the code!

​Now playing: Derek Kwan (and mb Cai too as Caider) / California (and maybe Vancouver) / TidalCycles (and maybe live visuals) / America/Los_Angeles youtube.com/eulerroom/live

​Now playing: BASASAE / Yogyakarta, Indonesia / Livecoding Jazz & IDM Tidalcycles Rangga Purnama Aji & Maria Aristya / Asia/Jakarta

​Now playing: C_ROBO / St. Paul/MN / loud Tidalcycles set with whatever vis. I can throw togeather / America/Chicago youtube.com/eulerroom/live

​Now playing: u-mano u-dito / italy / elea 9003 / Europe/Rome youtube.com/eulerroom/live

​Now playing: mrreason / Leipzig, Germany / Live coding and live looping / Europe/Berlin youtube.com/eulerroom/live

​Coming up: nervousdata x fragment scenario / Freiburg, Germany / TidalCycles + Hydra + Drawings / Europe/Berlin youtube.com/eulerroom/live

Eulerroom ​Next: naoto hieda / online / let's see what happens / Europe/Berlin youtube.com/eulerroom/live

Next: Khoparzi / Allahabad / Poking at some violent tidal sounds / Asia/Calcutta youtube.com/eulerroom/live

Next: Rangga Purnama Aji / Yogyakarta, Indonesia / Algorithmic/Live Coding Music using TidalCycles / Asia/Jakarta youtube.com/eulerroom/live @RanggaPurAji@twitter.com

Now playing: t1mpuk / Yogyakarta / (Tidal beats & bobs) w/ prepared visuals by Glasoon / Asia/Jakarta youtube.com/eulerroom/live

Any algorave friends here know the password for the weekend jam happening just now? DM me?

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