Scratching my head over ISEA (international symposium on electronic art).. I was invited to a panel proposal, was accepted and only then they tell us we each have to pay to take part..
We decide to do a remote panel to avoid unnecessary travel to Barcelona, and only now find out that a) the rest of the festival won't be streamed b) our panel won't be streamed at the festival..
What's worse is that climate change etc is part of the theme and yet they basically require in-person, on-site attendance. Plain greenwashing.
The 'sustainability' bit of their website is just a link to some local tourism website that's actually about accessibility.
Why are arts tech events so backward?

in the end seems like some stuff that I rely on isent quite ready for wayland, so maybe I will stick to openbox and maybe migrate to i3 to one day move to sway once I either replace legacy software or it catches up.

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hi linux folks, im about to move to a new laptop and thinking about moving away from the ubuntu/openbox combo I have been using for the past decade, for something with wayland. I liked openbox because its so minimal and very configurable. I cant deal with gnome/kde or other ones with lots of bells and whistles, but im not sure a tiling wm would suit my needs (particularly vjing and such). If anyone has any advice im all ears! I might be able to be swayed towards a tiling wm ;)

As a colourblind child I hated colouring activities. Yet look at me now, colouring the world.

Just having a chill afternoon just scheming and chatting with friends and colleagues on Signal.

I really look forward to getting a new (used/refurb) thinkpad t490, but my upgraded t430s just keeps on chugging along.

If anyone has advice on telegram to mastodon bot or other solutions im all ears!

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Freeliner LIVE at this week. Roaming around downtown with a mobile projection cart. Follow the action on

@liaizon @milan

#fediverse #followerpower
Our school was hit by the floods at July 13.
We are running our own server, using #Matrix, #Nextcloud and #Peertube with @milan's help.
The server is gone. We have organized a replacement-server and @milan is currently setting it up. You can donate and help us with the costs:
Förderverein Hermannschule
IBAN DE13 3916 2980 7318 2590 16
Usage: Wiederaufbau Server
Feel welcome to boost, thanks!

https://mobilize.Berlin is a decentralized, privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events, based on the open source software #mobilizon - it's part of the #fediverse network and it's connected to other decentralized social media like #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Pixelfed

#berlin #mastotips

flashing, hypnotic imagery 

this short excerpt from a 2019 performance by @crashserver is stunning
📺 🔥 🌀
#Livecoding #FoxDot #Python #vj #vjing #visuals #live #video #videofeedback

im shopping for some speakers for a project and could not find what I wanted online. Now I am having much more fun calling up local shops and chatting with friendly competent people. Lesson learned lets shop more local! Call people by their name!

Here is my latest Freeliner lightning talk where I go over the evolution of the keyboard interface into a domain specific language.

@cjd @natecull reduce memory usagr, remove a bunch of visual overhead baggage, reduce network traffic, reduce load time... live on your better user agent.

To all queer #videomakers! We make live visuals and we're looking for queer-themed video footage to play with.

Get in touch with us if you'd like your videos to be remixed and featured in our livestreamings!

Check out our profile or reply here for more details.

Please boost or -even better- forward to specific people and creators who may be interested.

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