My take/doubts on #Article17 (was #Article13) 

The pro/against campaigns surrounding , , etc are the manifestation of an economic war between two predatory practices, the function of which is the exploitative capitalisation of culture production.

On one side (pro), there is the old world made of collecting societies, traditional publishers and all the structures that have built their business outside of the net relying on the old doctrine. On the other side (against), there is the new world of multi-national tech related industries that have fine tuned the publishing/distribution of digital media in the form of platforms while developing surveillance capitalism.

The old world never understood the net and it's now trying to get a cut via this new EU copyright doctrine, which is a problem for the new world because this new doctrine is like taking away the duck who laid golden eggs. To counter this and because the new world is getting finally some well deserved heat in the recent years for its exploitative nature, it has lost lobbying credibility, and it is now taking action via astroturfing.

In the meantime, culture producers are asked to choose between Scylla and Charybdis, are denied agency, are taken hostages, end up with Stockholm syndrome on a scale unseen before.

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