Non-EU ZZP'ers (freelancers) with residency permits in the Netherlands may lose their residency status if they apply for coronavirus support. Please sign this petition if you disagree and want to see this addressed by the Dutch governement:

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Shareable document version, Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

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ballpoint pen drawing of kombucha bubbles; something’s brewing, 2020

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Last Monday I did a stream of only cassettes on

Tonight at 20:00 CET, I shall return with only 7" records. Expect more, italo 🧀🇮🇹 some spacey disco 🌃👽and other (non) electronic treasures from these bins and crates.

(These records are not pristine condition but bargain bin material. Crackles and pops)

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COVID-19 Resources collectively created by teachers & students of Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam:

Manifestos & charters
Mental health
Education-based resources
Community-based resources
News articles, blog posts etc.
Safe practices
Software for online collaboration, with a focus on Free/Open Source
Free online archives & libraries
Inspirational films, art, literature
Rotterdam local support resources
Social impact, general articles/essays
Carework curves
Gossip diary


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Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

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Getting rad with @alcstrt, @simoon and others, come along! 💃 💃 💃

Boekstekje Bureau: Pirate Library Edition with Varia, XPPL and Bootleg Library (Meeting-Grounds / Onomatopee 190)


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🏴‍☠️📚💻 Special Issue 09💻📚🏴‍☠️

Interfacing the Law 3 / The is Open

Thursday June 20th, 2019
Leeszaal West

Three free : Marginal Conversations, Knowledge in Action, Blurry Boundaries


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was n0t fam1l1ar w1th h0w w3ll h3 c0uld m0v3 ab0ut 1n h1s pr3s3nt

dar3 3nt3r a r00m d0m1nat3d by Gr3g0r crawl1ng ab0ut th3 bar3 walls

sam3 r00m w1th h1m w1th th3 w1nd0ws cl0s3d.

r3ads th3 pap3r 0r stud13s tra1n t1m3tabl3s. H1s 1d3a 0f r3laxat10n

H3 c0uld alr3ady hardly f33l th3 d3cay3d appl3 1n h1s back 0r th3

i mean, lauren ipsum wishes you a good hello world

lauren ipsum whishes you a good hello world

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