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Pleaz allow me to myself. This year I've been immersed in an art project called "The Changes You Made May Not Be Saved." The installation shares the inner workings of an anarchist collective that squatted "The Pyramid" in Memphis, Tennessee, from 1991 to 1994.

You might also know me as Rob Ray, ex-curator/floor sweeper of the DEADTECH art and performance space in Chicago. I'm an associate professor of extended realities and interface design at California State University, San Bernardino. I'm a recovering mixed reality designer at NASA JPL and a current technical designer at Industrial Toys/Electronic Arts. I also enjoy suffering through pre-calculus problems with my fairy goddaughter and being a wrestling "heel" for my fairy godson while we dance to Garnet's "Stronger Than You." He will, indeed, always be twice the gem I am.

Hmmm. Christian Marclay has a new supercut film out, "Doors, 2022." I'll admit that I really resented Clocks when it came out in 2010. At the time, I felt Marclay was flipping the supercut into something... too fancy. My resentment has worn off quite a bit, but I'm still prickly when I see work in a museum or gallery that smells like a gentrification of creative processes incubated by underground culture(s). And now that I'm making work again, after a really long time away from rigorous artmaking, I'm particularly cautious about this in my own work. I had moments this year where I said out loud, "Don't make Clocks."

In the spirit of Diane's quote from Trainspotting (speaking of flipping underground culture), "You're not getting any younger, Mark. The world's changing. Music's changing. Even drugs are changing. You can't stay in here all day dreaming about heroin and Ziggy Pop."

Maybe it's time I found a new adversary.

New podcast episode of The Bootloader with @todbot is out! We talk about Arduino and #MicroPython, voice assistants, virtual breadboards, and more.

Oooo... The Wave Farm Transmission Arts 2023 residency is posted. I've wanted to apply for years and chickened out. This year I'm committing to applying.

YouTube video about designing a tiny working escalator. 

Swooning over this tiny working 1:87 scale escalator build.

Letterform Archive interview with Emory Douglas, a Black Panther Minister of Culture a designer/artist for The Black Panther paper. 

Thu, Aug 27, 2020 — For this very special Archive Salon, we welcome Bay Area legend, Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1967 to the early 1980s. Douglas chronicled his community’s response to police brutality, racism, and economic injustice through his artwork for The Black Panther.

The Archive is honored to hold over 100 issues of the newspaper. We’ll show original prints of Douglas’s posters and covers while he describes his creative process, his experience with the Black Panthers, and how this work relates to today’s movement for social justice.

Speculation about a future corporate raiding of Mastodon. 

Someone somewhere at Google must be working on some sort of Google Sites-style "Goostadon" with ads built in. Making web technologies turnkey in trade for AdSense and user tracking is their DNA.

Hello lovely people of the fediverse.

I'm going to be helping put on a one day unconference with geeks for social change about how technology is shit but we wish it wasn't.

It's on the 10th of December on discord and you can find out more details here.

Here is the full online archive of Technical Aesthetics, a monthly industrial design magazine published by the Soviet Technical Aesthetics Research Institute from 1964 - 1992.

Our latest how-to zine, "Build a Solar-Powered Music Synth,” will show you how to make a tiny square wave generator you can play like a musical instrument. Thanks to @pixouls for his many contributions, including the cover illustration.

Personal COVID Status 

Well... after dodging the beast for a very long time... I have COVID. All things considered, I'm doing just fine. It suuuuuucks, though.

Welcome to to the new followers!

Open Collective is used to finance many entities in the Mastodon community.

For example:
- Mastodon itself
- Tusky, an android client

And many more:

Time to contribute?

Hi, I'm Chancey! I'm a #Blind tech educator in New York. I'm passionate about making sure accessible tech isn't harmful or extractive, building digital literacy, and bringing tactile graphics and Braille within reach for all Blind people! I run the Dimensions Project at NYPL — we're the world's only free and public tactile graphics lab and we've got all the equipment and training you need to learn the art of tactile design. #introduction

If you've ever played any or , or have an interest in digital narrative, I encourage you to play and vote on some games from the 28th annual Interactive Fiction Competition () this weekend!

You're fully prepared if you've ever played any text adventure games, but most entries won't require any previous experience. Many are not games at all but short pieces of fiction—our community welcomes both types!

You only need to judge 5 games to have your vote counted, and it's important to us as a community to broaden the representation of the judging pool.

Please check it out at

When working with my & students about how to best share and receive after presenting their work. I encourage the "critter" to always ask the presenter a simple question "What type of feedback would you like?" This question gives the presenter the agency to frame the critter's crit style and thinking and communicates a good-faith intention about the engagement. I then share some possible ways the presenter might answer this question.

I share my personal three ways of responding: Unicorn 🦄, Rose 🌹, and Chili Pepper 🌶.

"I want 🦄 unicorn feedback." means "I'm feeling kinda bruised about the work right now. I want conversation and thoughtful questions, but I'm too crispy for interrogation or things that might exacerbate my doubts about the work."

"I want 🌶 chili pepper feedback." means "I'm ready for direct questions, counterpoints, and challenging ideas."

"I want 🌹 rose feedback." means "I'm ready for some deep and direct interrogation of my work, but only when paired with what you think is working well or what you're enjoying about it."

There are some connections to this system with how I think about authoring my Content Warnings. Done well, a creates that opportunity for alignment by diffusing an assumption about how someone wants to engage.

Enthusiasm about an anti-social time waster. 

I'm enjoying the "do horrible things with a car" vibes of this procedural driving game.

Call for Abstracts – Journal Of Imaginary Research
Each submission consists of:
1. A title for your (fictional) study
2. A 200-word imagined (fictional) research abstract
3. A 100-word imagined (fictional) researcher biography
4. An image
Deadline Friday 2nd December, 2022

meta, advertising 

One of the unexpected positives of this platform is that I don't have to be worried that if I click on a random link, the All Powerful Advertising Algorithms will suddenly think I am really into monster trucks and proceed to chase me around the internet trying to sell me monster truck stuff.

Help me find more #BIPoC Accounts, for me, for you, for everyone on #Mastodon

If you're #black #indigenous or #peopleofcolor feel free to comment, if you like you can comment who you are and/or what you do, so other people can follow you more easily

I will report everyone who dares to comment something hateful or attacks anyone here

Please boost :blobfoxheartcute: :boost_ok:

Snark about the birdsite. 

With my apologies to Chris Hedges... Twitter is a Farce that Gives Us Meaning.

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