In 1983, Pete Shelley released XL-1, and a ZX Spectrum program of visuals. The idea was to start the vinyl and the program at the same time for an early audio-visual artwork.

Really love this.

πŸ’¦ The birds of Singapore Island.
Singapore: Printed at the Govt. Print. Office by W. T. Cherry, Govt. Printer, 1927.

Trying to translate a bunch of scribbled notes into a set of Github issues and finding it really difficult and maybe a little overwhelming! Oof.

🐼 The birds of Australia, supplement /.
London: Printed by Taylor and Francis . . published by the author . .,[1851]-1869.

One thing I love about the tech neo-reactionary movement is how dependent it is on Sci Hub and its role as a democratiser of academia and knowledge doesn’t factor into their politics at all lmfao

Is there anyone following me who has experience with self hosting and Docker who I could ask some (very occasional!) questions as I teach myself these systems?

Self hosting is great and all until your Google Docs alternative silently fails to write any document to disk out of the box and it turns out that this catastrophic issue is the most popular multi-month issue on the project's github

Why did Thunderbird choose to roll its own GPG implementation, rather than fix the 1000s of other issues it has as a mail client?

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