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Hello Lurkers, it’s time for a brief . I am raphaël, born in montpellier, studied art in brussels, living in paris. I usually write small systems with code or physical objects, that eventually become instruments, tools, or less functional things. I love cooking without cookbooks and I usually write code the same way. I am a free software user and enthusiast. I teach art and design in various schools and during workshops. I am part of @velvetyne and I am currently (04/2021) focused on and as a language, and I still maintain lots of tiny tools that I should list somewhere at some point. Procrastination is part of my creative process and I kind of handle it now. I have a post-punk band called zone and a debian computer called jardin.

I discovered it in Brussels ~ 2011, and it was kind of an emotional shock. I would love to attend another performance soon.

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Soundpainting is the universal multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers, and visual Artists. it looks and sounds like that:
And the main website is

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Soundpainting have no Wikipedia entry yet. TODO

“Whatever you now find weird, ugly, uncomfortable and nasty about a new medium will surely become its signature..." Brian Eno, A Year With Swollen Appendices
Thanks to @yhancik for the source!

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I am looking for a quote saying more or less “Each medium comes with imperfections that make its technical signature, being later mimicked.” Does it ring a bell to someone?

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I just received this wonderful tome edited by Demian Conrad, Rob van Leijsen and David Héritier, designed by Johnson/Kingston and published by Onomatopee. "Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age" includes the work of so many friends and practitioners that I admire as well as some amusing AI-generated commentary.

Should designers learn to code? This is the vexed question I wanted to tackle in my essay, but instead of giving yet another trite answer, I decided to focus on the bigger picture. To understand the "code imperative" one has to look at laid off coal miners in New Hampshire, woke journalists and their detractors, fictional ex-ballerinas working in cyber, IBM "new collars", AI pair programmers, etc.

In the essay I distinguish two paradigms: Learn to Code and Code To Learn. If the former is presented as an economic destiny for society as a whole, the latter has to do with gaining autonomy and technological self-determination – it means learning *with* computers and *through* computers. While both paradigms are real and useful, they lead to radically different ways of approaching creative coding as a practice and as a teaching subject.

I would also like to thank @rra, @cmos4040, @raphael, @mara and @sejo for their invaluable feedback.

Get the book here, DM me for the essay:

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J'avais dit que j'en reparlerais ici quand le temps serait venu.

Ma compagne et moi avons monté une maison d'édition. Nous travaillons dessus depuis 2019. Notre premier livre vient tout juste de sortir.

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Really liking this browser ballet by Felina Russ, which is set to music playing on the tabs. Live on the web! Currently shown at Filmwinter Stuttgart via some massive gallery PC

Kind of depressing the only thing we really share universally and without a contract, is a virus.

Free software culture includes the freedom to chose proprietary

Any docs on social media and death? I am looking for list of advices for relatives when a user dies.

Bonnes fêtes a touzz ⭐ sauf aux fascistes : )

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