OW #4 is out, btw. In this contribution, I examine various ways in which designers have conceptualized, expressed and exerted their power.


(pic by Billy Fleming)

piss, the discovery of phosphorus, gross 

shout out to the guy that gathered 1500 gallons of piss to do an alchemical experiment where he thought he could synthesize gold from it and just boiled the whole damn quantity until it was thick as honey and glowing in the dark, therefore discovering phosphorus

this is the kind of stuff we're missing out with all the tvs and internets, we're not bored enough to start boiling piss

Why do I feel compelled to try BSD? In my heart I know itll really not be any different but I wanna try it anyway.

If you run bsd over linux, why?

Search isn't helping me at all: who here on fedi was working on an epub-in-browser thing?

This deserves a signal boost. Armbian is a great project and they could use some help.


[en] NYT article on the matter

Thomas Hermann Kaspar,
Chief Product Officer von #Ippen Digital und Chefredakteur der Frankfurter Rundschau schreibt:

“Die FR wollte die Geschichte in der heutigen Ausgabe drucken - wie viele andere Recherchen der Kolleg:innen. Da das Erscheinen untersagt wurde, sind wir davon in der Folge auch betroffen.”

#pressefreiheit #döpfner #reichelt #metoo

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and doing anything to break down that barrier is "unrealistic" and "bad user experience", even when it _does not impact user experience_!

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Feminist Hack Meetings #3
Feminist Futurotopixs

At Varia + online  
Saturday 06/11/2021  
11:00-13:00 CEST

will introduce us to Feminist . This workshop will enable participants to dream, invent and desire together feminist . They will invent narratives, speculative fiction and radical imaginaries that work as alternatives to existing oppressive or dystopian models. The workshop is oriented at co-designing stories and creating new worlds as processes to imagine and together about feminist desired futures.   

More info: 

To register send to: estragonius@protonmail.com

F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings), organised by Artemis, Angeliki and Julia, are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking. More: fhm.varia.zone

/This event is made possible with the kind support of the Creative 
Industries Fund NL/  

*Varia's newsletter:* 


@athousandgateaux in a previous draft of the post, i was comparing how revolutionaries and conspiracy theorists alike have this misguided sense that somebody is "in charge", that there is power to seize that is wielded by a person. i completely agree that if the world is ruled, it is ruled by these alien and inhuman autonomous rule machines of law, bureaucracy, military, and corporate forms, and this has only accelerated with computerization.

📄 Lori Emerson, The Net Has Never Been Neutral, 2021 https://loriemerson.net/2021/08/14/the-net-has-never-been-neutral/

“The Internet is ‘open’ in the sense that, from the point of view of the user, it is generally uncensored; and from the point of view of the engineer, it’s open because TCP/IP makes possible the connection of any and all networks. But these foregoing characteristics do not mean the net is fundamentally neutral or inherently a bastion for freedom.”

What if I just polished up XHTML2 and released it as "HTML 6"

I don't think WHATWG could stop me

I initially thought partiboi69 was just some kind of disposable prole-trash-fashion-irony one-liner but I have to admit, they're a good DJ.


Oh, wow: ANRT just released a big set of typeface revivals under the OFL: https://anrt-nancy.fr/fr/fonts/

The most interesting forms are in the Gotico Antiquas, but that's kind of a given compared to something as well-trodden as Baskerville.

even now, i feel like using a touch screen makes me feel like, a bit stupid. still feels a bit like i'm using some kiosk at an airport. pressing actual buttons or keys makes me feel like i'm operating a sophisticated piece of technology, but touch screens still feel like i'm a baby who thinks he can touch the cartoon characters through on the TV screen

Thanks for all the solidarity actions! We send love and support to all of you!. Tomorrow morning at 10am the police will try to kick us from our homes. We will not leave without resistance.
#b1510 #köpiplatz

I finished putting together my shaving horse. I still need to make some little tuning and come up with a more comfortable seat but it's already great for carving sticks.

Join me for a free online presentation about vermicomposting for small spaces. We'll explore the amazing benefits of worm castings, general worm husbandry, and how to get started.

No signup required, just mark your calendar. A presentation link will be available at sensorstation.co when the date gets closer.

@gardening #vermicompost #organicgardening

🐛 🌿 ✨

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