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opportunity in academy

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tutor in commercial practices at WdKA, art academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The job description is quite generic, but here is a list of relevant topics/subjects that are relevant to this position:

-art and design practices in relation to degrowth and collapsology
- system thinking and ecological economics applied to art and design practices
- alternative (micro)economic systems/models in art/design/publishing
- collaboration, cooperation and collective practices within microenterprise and coop
- (post-)free and open source software, hardware, and licensing
- resilient and less extractive computer technology and networked infrastructure
- creative design with extreme material, carbon and energy constraints
- collective care, work and labour ethics in the creative industries
- transition, circularity and beyond, gambiarra and repair culture (engagement and critique)
- multi-, trans-, and cross-disciplinary projects beyond the cultural sector

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"Europe’s best meet in on May 21, 2022 to find out who’s best on track. Twenty-five teams from nineteen nations will compete in seven disciplines for the popular . In addition to titleholder and host Leipzig, teams from , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and will be part of the competitions. Special highlight: in the 10th year of the TRAM-EM, a team from will take part in the event for the first time. The Australians operate the largest tram network in the world."

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Rustic computing at the Tangible Cloud worksession in Brussels with amazing woodworking tools from @praxeology This particular item is a coinbit, a binary decision making and speculation system.

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In the train heading south, starting to see Black Locust (Robinie) trees with blooms on them. I identify with them. We're both invasive species from North America. We like the strange spaces between the machines and the forest. They are weedy, putting up shoots often in unwelcome spots. But they do their best to leave the soil better than they found it–collaborating with bacteria to fix nitrogen.

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@acousticmirror @hugoestr @IngaLovinde Lisp machines existed, were sold commercially. They had built-in hardware garbage collectors and tagged pointers, so what is normally associated with "dynamic languages being slow" was in fact plenty fast because the hardware itself handled it. Were even the world leader in 3d graphics for a while.

Watch this glorious mulleted dude (enby?) drinking wine and demonstrating the software for the future we didn't get (and once had)

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I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

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Make some 10BPM techno.

I'm still getting my Lurk/Mastodon sense of a schedule rolling, so while the latest Disquiet Junto music community project went live yesterday (and I'd mentioned it in advance here), I haven't actually posted it here in. So, here is the overview. Deadline: Monday, May 16, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are

Disquiet Junto Project 0541: 10BPM Techno
The Assignment: Make some snail-paced beats.

There are two ways to do this project.

Option 1: Record some 10BPM techno.

Option 2: Record what you imagine it would sound like to attend a club event of 10BPM techno, including crowd noise.

Further details at

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we are selling our Shapeoko XXL CNC router (33" x 33" work area)! (pickup in berlin) maybe a nice addition for your makerspace or lab?

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When people ask why bother with combinatory logic, knowing that it maps so poorly to silicone, to the point of making it quite useless - I think of Thoreau's

“This curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired and enjoyed than used.”

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One plate of "One of the earliest known atlases, made by an and , شكوفه مقبل [Şukufe Mukbil], [...] was made in 1916 by a female Ottoman student and it is an early, if not the first known atlas by a female mapmaker in the Islamic world. [...] the atlas was made as a school project. [...] The atlas was made in the time of a major movement in the Ottoman Empire, when women demanded same rights as men, and could be possibly connected with the first Ottoman female university for women , which was established in 1912 as a part of growing female emaciation in the Ottoman Empire and as a reply on similar foreign schools for girls. [...] [the author] was 20 years old at the time, married for 4 years and mother of a small son. Previously schooled by foreign tutors and speaking several languages, she could only enter the university with the permission of her husband. [...] The name Mukbil means fortunate, fortune or fortuna, and could be adopted only for short period of time by the author." (Alexander Johnson, 2021)"
One of the 115000 of the Historical Map Collection ()

Meditation № 2:

1. Stand in front of bookshelf.
2. Take the first book that excites you.
3. Turn off phone.
4. Place phone where the book was.

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On the 23rd of May 18:30-20:00 CET, the cell for digital discomfort (Jara Rocha, Karl Moubarak, and myself) is organising a workshop as part of 2022!

A workshop session to map out each of our current conditions of connecting and being together, the physical-political, and technological conditions using a diagrammatic methodology.

The workshop is geared towards installing ourselves into the conference's infrastructural spectralities by sharing, learning from and attuning to each others' conditions for connectivity, online participation and basic computer-mediated mundane day-to-day life. We want to pose this affirmation as an initial trigger: installing is about situating — attuning to our network of (inter)dependencies and attuning to the dependencies with our local and vernacular but also standardized and planetary networks.

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..Last sunday i was invited at Paris for a special live coding performances du vent et su sable:
une transposition de Dune à Paris
Artists: Mari Moura et Joenio Costa
amazing !

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I tore the ribbon cable to my e ink display. Oof.

The universe is telling me to make it work with pen and paper, and to simply minimize screen time.

"Joinery, Joists and Gender: A History of for the 21st Century is the first publication of its kind to survey the long and rich histories of women and gender non-conforming persons who work in wood."

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🔖 Statements Towards the Establishment of a Proof-of-Rest Protocol

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We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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