had to explain RSS to two fellow gen z-ers

me: its kind of like subscribing for updates on a website, before "following" was a thing.

them: oh, is that something new?

me: actually closed "following" on walled gardens, like twitter, kind of killed out a lot of RSS for our generation, but there are people who still use it and find it handy

them: wait, so i don't need to make an account?

me: no.

forget about me having to explain RSS to my gen-z peers, i had to explain it to my professor today

Happy to continue use of 'newsboat', > 2000 feeds no problem!

@pixouls I *love* RSS.

It's amazing how people are now so conditioned to accept walled gardens, and handing over personal data, that open alternatives are such a surprise.

@neil @pixouls i've been appreciating my rss feeds so much more since i left facebook... the only advantages the latter had were the centralized platform meaning i didn't have to check a separate thing and there was a unified interface to leave and read feedback

the lag and jank from all the trackers etc. meant that it started getting more convenient to switch tabs/scroll around to look for the comment box/enable js for that site again/etc., nullifying even those advantages

@carcinopithecus @neil @pixouls

Might I recommend NewsBlur as a reader? It's good for Facebook refugees, since aside from the RSS side, it's got a feed of items shared by other uses from their own feeds. Which makes a nice blend.

@carcinopithecus @neil @pixouls
I love RSS :)
I've been using it for everything recently, from blogs to youtube accounts to podcasts. It's one of the best ways to interact with the web.
I must be subscribed to something like 200-300 feeds

@TheFerridge @carcinopithecus @neil @pixouls

My problem tends to be there are a lot of sites without RSS, and that's sad.

@pixouls I still use it, in a reader app, instead of a newspaper or magazine. It's wonderful, and soooo much better than the utter chaos you're served by Twitter and Facebook!


I'm glad to see it making a comeback.

Also, I've been running into a lack of not-walled garden tools for this. They want it dead, which encourages me more.

@pixouls 😃 it is always delighting to see when they figure out the old web was a bit clunky, but way cooler than the current silos.

@pixouls RSS would be an insanely utopian concept if it didn't already exist

@protodrew @pixouls true that. Long life to RSS (which also deliver podcasts and could actually deliver more: hint data)

@pixouls Keep up the good fight! First the RSS feeder, next thing weechat and GPG exchange parties!!

@pixouls As confusing as that explanation is, I can't come up with anything clearer. RSS is weird. But good.
@pixouls Somehow Google still provides rss-feeda of YouTube channels, allowing us to subscribe without Google accounts. Handy things those RSS-feeds.

@pixouls You are on a mission bringing the good gospel to genereation Z.

@pixouls I miss the time when every artist had a Tumblr an you could just look at all their art via an RSS-reader +__+

You could still do it with Bibliogram that generates RSS-feeds from Insta and Twitter but it doesn't work reliably

@vinzv @pixouls Yeah, I think I've seen that but it looked rather complicated. Do you know if it works woth Twitter/Insta? I guess if you selfhost something like this it's less likelely to get rate-limted but then again you might need to fiddle with it when "the socials" change things on their end ...

The idea sounds really cool though, if artists are not on social media they tend to have websites without RSS-feeds (from Squarespace etc) nowadays.

@jfml @pixouls Last time I hosted it myself it worked pretty well and configuration was easy to handle.

Yes, of course, "native" feeds are always preferrable and rss bridge is just some workaround.

@pixouls as a gen-z-er the fact that rss doesnt require an account lowkey blows my mind even though i understand how it works. its a feeling that has gradually faded, but when i discovered it i didn't believe it was real

@TheAndSys @pixouls I don't reall keep track of generations, and I was already used to keeping track of webcomics manually, by checking bookmarks repeatedly.
was pretty cool to find out about rss tho.
makes it all so much less effort.

@pixouls I think I remember some hacky way to follow a twitter feed sans account, maybe even with an rss feed? Making a note here for next weekend

@lanodan @pixouls Yeah, wiz stuff; anything really that gets around the "you have to be logged in to see more of this account" type of paradigm.

From the memory banks: there were a set of extensions for firefox that made shared accounts for closed-off sites available to anyone. That was exactly like it sounds like and also used in the same way, so that's why it's not around anymore.

@lanodan @pixouls No, not true, I just checked back with my so and it was a website, not an extension.

Trust your brain to fill in the gaps

@pixouls wait, how is the blockchain involved? How could something like this possibly exist without a blockchain???

@pixouls @brion we were so close to good open social networks. A liitle more glue to allow comments from within RSS clients and auto follow the RSS comment feed when replying and we would have had everything any of the closed gardens really give us, but completely open and decentralised.

@agmlego @pixouls @brion Nah, just having comment forms that conform to a standard restful interface so RSS clients could easily create an account and post.

@agmlego @pixouls @brion XMPP being a live chat protocol has different needs to a comment thread.

It would be a bit weird embedding a XMPP client into every blog post. (Or every site having a XMPP to blog database bridge). I guess your suggesting a channel for each post?

@pixouls @rozina @COD @a Claes unto himself
Das RSS-Konto von Thunderbird hat für mich den Nachteil, dass man zum Abonnieren eines Feeds die gültige Feed-Adresse kennen muss. Und die ist bei vielen RSS-fähigen Seiten nur mühsam bis gar nicht zu finden.

@pixouls I still use RSS with Feedly. Feeds are still my preferred way of getting news. im in gen z and i know what rss is? who are these people

secret conspiracy:
what if im not actually in gen z


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

I just started using it myself. Back in the day, I just went to the websites, but this is nice as it strips any formatting and ads out. Looks better at work.

I think the last word / answer should be 'yes'.
Just sayin'... it's common logic error (if I'm not mistaken).

- so i don't need to make an account?

- yes

What do you think?

@pixouls Thank you for spreading the word. I remain a loyal user and strong advocate for RSS.

i just call it a data feed and it seems like everyone understands

@pixouls I mean, I know how RSS works, roughly, I just barely use it.

I'm tail-end Gen X, but I love RSS feeds and use them for so many sites.

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