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Howdy Folx, here's an from me!

I am an engineering and environmental studies student. I'm currently interested in digital humanities and archival as well as city planning. I work in energy efficiency strategy and as a program assistant for an LGBTQ+ online community org.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

I like to make bracelets, listen to math rock, learn about the early internet, explore create. I dabble in graphic design and digital art as well.

I have never used a status focused social media platform before. I look forward to learning along with you all and growing in community.

the description for the digital carbon footprint workshop is cool too:
"We frame this work, not through the faulty ideology of individual responsibility, but through the Black feminist praxis of adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds. Without absolving corporations and governments of environmental responsibility, we simultaneously embrace “ways for humans to practice being in right relationship to our home and each other, to practice complexity, and grow a compelling future together through relatively simple interactions” (brown 24). "

If you're not familiar with brown's work i definitely recommend it. she also has some public videos up on youtube and Instagram that anyone can watch. I find her work on pleasure, sensuality, and embodiment very interesting.

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I mentioned last week that the platform "manifold" had an interesting collaborative annotation UI. There will be an intro to manifold workshop that is still taking registrations.

Some other interesting topics that still have open registration include
"Exploring City Narratives with the Elements of Gamification"
"Reducing Your Digital Carbon Footprint"
"Archiving digital projects using the DDP"
"Podcasting 101"
and a number of introductions to related open source services

It's unfortunate that there are a few I cannot attend due to the fact my classes start that week :(

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more promising and interesting event that will be taking place though is that Feb 8-12 there will be a number of free workshops taking place through the New York City Digital Humanities

so basically authors can and will put commas wherever they want. i did however get them to OK the Oxford comma though phew

I talked to the librarian and digital humanities specialist at my college today and it was so great!! he's really interested in the intersection of art, literature, and tech, and gave me so many resources. I am a very happy boy. I feel a lot more reassured about the direction I'm heading in.

after i get off a zoom call i like to just, yell!


@pixouls SCARYGIRL was one of my favorites! Never blocked on school wifi, easy to play, good story, never got past chapter three or four tho (I'm really bad at video games)

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@pixouls I honestly think it's really weird that a 12 year old was given the prowess to be a beta tester but I was pretty confident about being a gamer ™️ and it was clever marketing. If I still did those things now I'd probably put it on my resume even.

Bunni bunni when we first met was also taken down 😔
Whyrld? Was another one, really weird

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@pixouls to continue some nostalgia here are some games I played as a kid
Club penguin
Nitrome games
Eden eternal
Tera (beta tester, I was a beta tester for a few)
There was a vampire and a knight mmorpg I was a beta tester for too
Aura kingdom
Children of caanan
Petpet park (part of neopets)
Pixie hollow
Black desert online (I think also beta??)
Moshi monsters

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The year is 2011. You are talking to your internet gf on habbo hotel. You can't wait till you can get a driver's license till you can go out to see her. You know that on the internet, she might actually be a dog. But honestly, that would be even cooler.

i like this idea of queer subjectivity. subjectively? i'm queer.

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TW: ED Mention, Quoting from an abstract on storytelling and fat studies 

"The authors argue that linearity requires a constant labor of improvement that seeks to restore and recover fat queer bodies to imagined state(s) of normalcy/health. By using concepts of queer and crip time, the authors illustrate how queer subjectivity—queered in terms of not only sexuality, but also body shape and size, and/or eating dis/order practice—finds itself out of sync with time: that is, how the project’s storytellers are refused or engage in acts of refusing available futurities and instead construct and live subversive temporalities."

— Emily R.M. Lind, Crystal Kotow, Carla Rice, Jen Rinaldi, Andrea LaMarre, May Friedman & Tracy Tidgwell (2018) Reconceptualizing temporality in and through multimedia storytelling: Making time with through thick and thin, Fat Studies

ayy very swanky online short course on "Archiving for the Future" archivingforthefuture.teachabl includes going through vocab and methodology, developed by "staff of the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America at the University of Texas at Austin in consultation with representatives of various DELAMAN archives and other digital data repositories in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and Cameroon."

Found while browsing the Indigenous Librarianship at the University of British Columbia. I'll prob try to do it next weekend or something. This weekend will be a hackathon.

@Cyborgneticz shared something related to GLAM the other day and I saw it come up again in the @fossandcrafts archive again.

GLAM stands for "Galleries, Libraries Archives and Museums"

I found this website which hosts a book about setting up a digital GLAM lab.

Might give it a read later as it might be useful to my research. A bit skeptical about how it kinda gives off a business model oriented vibe but we shall see.

archive work - today a pivot from doing readings to addressing some of those podcasts. seeing if i can add some oral critiques to our lit review rather than purely using academic journals (kind of ironic if we don't include oral references while advocating for their utility afterall)

if 2021 could give me one thing it would be for the standardized oxford comma in print.

Had my first meeting for my copy editing job today and I'm going to be starting off with a book chapter on housing and i'm so excited!! the book as a whole is being published by a cities + education program. the authors are all super sweet. so basically, yippee!

this is a friendly reminder that the next time you're looking to buy something off of amazon that you don't

“Yet, my passport’s steady entrance into Britain and undoubtedly my “suspect” racialized body, not to mention my markedly Californian accent, have regularly made me a suspicious body at Customs in Heathrow. “Why,” they ask “are you coming to Britain?” I say “for business.” “What kind of business?” they ask. I reply, “To do research in the manuscript archives.” The interrogation goes on usually until I begin pulling out the sheer number of specialized library cards in my wallet.”

— Kim, D. (2019). Building Pleasure and the Digital Archive. In E. Losh & J. Wernimont (Eds.), Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities. University of Minnesota Press.

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