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Howdy Folx, here's an from me!

I am an engineering and environmental studies student. I'm currently interested in digital humanities and archival as well as city planning. I work in energy efficiency strategy and as a program assistant for an LGBTQ+ online community org.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

I like to make bracelets, listen to math rock, learn about the early internet, explore create. I dabble in graphic design and digital art as well.

I have never used a status focused social media platform before. I look forward to learning along with you all and growing in community.

I'm trying to quit my job and work for a diff start up but I'd be an independent contractor. I have no knowledge of what that entails and don't know how to report that on taxes or to my college for the FAFSA and CSS. If it's not worth it, I won't take the startup's offer and I'll stick it out in this job.

Talk to me like I'm five please.

It's things like these at really remind me what timeline I'm in

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So blessed to be at a college where one of these was placed on every table on the dining hall

EnTwine: A Critical and Creative Companion to Teaching with proposes to feature multiple voices of users and teachers of the digital storytelling platform Twine across creative, gaming, scholarly, pedagogical, and literary contexts. We seek to include an expansive pedagogical community inside and outside of university spaces that engage deeply with the possibilities that Twine offers for creative and critical expression. We invite short abstracts of up to 300 words and short biographies of up to 100 words by Friday, October 29, 2021.

"In fact, these turned out to be even more interesting! Why? Because “hard technical problems” wasn’t my root goal—my root goal was to use my skills to get the most possible leverage on improving the world.

In school, if you pick an easy problem instead of a hard one, you lose leverage because your extra problem-solving ability goes to waste. But in real life, you can redirect it to prioritizing which problems to solve, or working more quickly, or building a machine that solves the problems for you."

"The BeagleV Starlight single-board computer was supported to be an affordable development platform for folks who wanted to get started with RISC-V architecture. Expected to sell for under $150, the BeagleV project was first announced in January and boards were expected to begin shipping in April.

But the BeagleV Starlight never went into mass production, although some prototypes were shipped to developers. Now the board is considered a prototype, and the project has been closed. But the folks at BeagleBoard say they’re working with Seeed Studio on a new RISC-V board that could be ready to ship in the first quarter of 2022."

BeagleV – An affordable RISC-V computer designed to run Linux

Interrogating Global Traces of Infrastructure:
Digital Humanities & Critical Infrastructure Studies Workshop Series 

"Interventions at local levels require an awareness of the relationship of infrastructure to global political and economic dynamics. In this second workshop, we seek to discuss the global dimensions of infrastructure – scale, flow, accessibility, durability, and transparency – and their impact on localized socio-technical practices. This complex topic touches on many aspects of Critical Infrastructure Studies as a practice, including platformisation, global supply chains, public infrastructures, distributed labor, automatization, cloud computing, environment, and the politics of archives."

Flirting at college is so over rated I want to know your browser history

If you're lucky to have a class that isn't completely theory focused, you might even learn how to solder!

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"what is an engineer anyway?"

something something transfer function something voltage divider

"The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a Web of knowledge and services in which the semantics of content is made explicit and content is linked to both other content and services allowing novel applications to combine content from heterogeneous sites in unforeseen ways and support enhanced matching between users needs and content. This network of knowledge-based functionality will weave together a large network of human knowledge, and make this knowledge machine-processable to support intelligent behaviour by machines."

local cyberwitch steals your soul for .99

gives it a lil kiss and then puts it back

some guy i interviewed: you might like low tech solar or the internet archive!

me: oh. boy. just wait till you hear about my research

sometimes i do work hunched over much more than I know I need to feel comfortable so i can really lean into the feeling of being a lil cyberwitch

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