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Howdy Folx, here's an from me!

I am an engineering and environmental studies student. I'm currently interested in digital humanities and archival as well as city planning. I work in energy efficiency strategy and as a program assistant for an LGBTQ+ online community org.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

I like to make bracelets, listen to math rock, learn about the early internet, explore create. I dabble in graphic design and digital art as well.

I have never used a status focused social media platform before. I look forward to learning along with you all and growing in community.

for folx in NY state

Legal Services Hudson Valley will be doing a "Know your rights" session on Jan 21st on how minors and adults living in NY state can legally change their name and gender marker. To register or for more info email & check their socials

The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community center also offers scholarships through their "TransMission" funds available to applicants 18+ and located anywhere in the US who identify within the trans & non-binary communities to offset medical, surgical, legal, and/or social transition-related expenses which are not otherwise covered by insurance.

Have you ever considered being a or owner?

Palomacy can connect you to rescue, foster, and adoption opportunities! They also have bird cams so even if you're not at capacity to host you can still find some joy from their site.

Below I've included a picture of beep! Isn't beep a cutie?

tired: using messenger
wired: using signal
inspired: using nothing because I don't text much and if you try to contact me its a 2-3 week response time sorry

Today I found out that it's possible to have a Half-Life LAN party between the 3DS and Vita

we should all take notes from Neopets. The number of advertisements neopets was able to engage me with for the sake of collecting what I needed for the fanciest pet ever was honestly lowkey iconic. Now that's a worthy serotonin system.

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Does anyone have a personal tedtalk about because I'd love to hear. Especially regarding the ones that have you select things out of the picture grid.

i hate apple contd 

if a user does not know how to see their settings and there are no discernible labels, how would they know that tapping the bottom right corner of their trackpad means right/secondary click. why do we even need to translate it to mean "click" if nothing is CLICKING. my user doesn't even know what a trackpad is. gah. i hate apple's design.

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tl;dr if you don't know how to use apple products please don't just give them to old folx to figure out how to fend for themselves.

@pixouls "What are your policies regarding inter-office relationships? Are they required or can I date people outside of work?"

me: I'm not really confident in my writing. I'd love to contribute, but I was never formally taught grammar or structure
person: that's fine, just contribute what you can and we'll work on it together later!
*a few weeks later*
person: due to time constraints we're just going to throw it into grammarly and then post it :D
me: oh no

went to a farm today and saw some cows and otters. a pretty good day.

anime talk 

This season really is stacked; Out of all of the shows so far that I’ve tried, I think I’m only dropping two:

Redo of Healer just seems like the exact type of show I hate, worse than Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer from what people say about it. Just, the worst vibes all around.
Ex-Arm. What the hell is this? Who thought they could air this? The first episode almost put me to sleep.

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Breaking: FAA fines Red Bull for misleading document filings about claims that it "gives you wings"

Past podcast topics (once again, conducted in Mandarin)

传送门 1: 美术馆实体还有意义吗 \\ Portal 1: Does the museum entity make any sense?

传送门 2:数字时代的观众在哪里?\\ Portal 2: Where are museum audiences in the digital aura?

传送门 3:找不到的地理坐标 \\ Portal 3: Locations Unfound: The Net Wanderer

传送门 4:区块链玩艺术你还有机会吗?\\ Portal 4: How about crypto art?

传送门 5:要给地球拍个照,一个像素代表几公里 \\ Portal 5: Selfie for Earth?

(Titles include their English equivalencies as advertised, not by direct translation.)

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The latest podcast episode from the Media Lab of Times Museum in , is on "Simon Denny: Extractor Game Under " — the first episode conducted in English and supplemented in Mandarin (the others in only Mandarin). The episode is focused on and development.

The overall podcast series of “Neo-is focused on inviting speakers from the fields of architecture, museum studies, writing, and planning for a discussion to the possible futures of .

Simplified Chinese website:

English website:

Listen here:

Image below showcase Simon Denny's "security through obscurity" exhibition

Great news, everyone! The website is now live and taking donations for the Refugee Trans Initiative!

This is the only community organisation for transgender refugees run by trans people, often themselves refugees.

Please help support this extraordinary mutual aid fund.

Please boost! Please give!

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