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Howdy folx, here's a / !

I'm an engineering and environmental studies student.
I'm interested in energy (from buildings to food, especially in relation to solar).
I'm passionate about accessibility
My hobbies consist of computational history, cultural memory work, beading, and mushrooms. Sometimes I do digital art and graphic design.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

dirty little vice: i have my watch on military time but i always go "minus 2" to figure out what hour it *really* is so maybe i should just go back ...

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i couldn't remember the term for guilty pleasure when talking to my plantfriend so here's somethings i came up with:
- dirty little secret
- shameful vice
- like drinking orange juice from the carton, but as a hobby

: Net-juu no Susume OVA / ใƒใƒˆๅ……ใฎใ‚นใ‚นใƒก OVA / Recovery of an Junkie OVA

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Made tres leches cupcakes!! Tres leches is my favorite cake flavor.
^ note I switched the cake flour with normal flour and two tablespoons of cornmeal.

They expanded a lot more than I thought using a normal muffin tin, so we didn't get a dimple to form like they did in the photos. Though they were nice and spongey. Poke lots of holes with a tooth pick, and pour a little of the leches at a time, spreading it around with the back of the spoon so it hits the whole surface.

Here's a friendly reminder, "Why not both?" Take it with you

It's freaking H O T out here

My friend out a flower in my hat ๐Ÿ‘’ uwu

i wonder how many new mastodon users are doom scrolling on the explore feeds right now

memories of music devices 

Catch me running around the middle school gymnasium singing Doctor What to myself, as we're not allowed to bring music devices so I'd be my personal radio by learning songs.

(Let's not talk about the number of earbuds/headphones I had and broke as a kid, and how much I wanted to be seen as "that kid with the headphones... oh man so mysterious")

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memories of music devices 

Ah, right, this was also around my teamspeak days. Hmm, I think I also picked up some EDM from my siblings too, like Deadmau5, Skrillex, Knife Party, Swedish House Mafia?

I remember hating Monstercat or any House music too though. And debating with people on the bus what made pop or mainstream music different from alt and indie. I was called a wanna be hipster a lot at the time. I was literally like 12 so that's kind of silly to have a hipster child in hindsight.

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memories of music devices 

Another major influence early on was probably watching british youtubers, something I picked up from my sister but got way more into. With Charlieissocoollike and Bryarly Bishop came along with my days of listening to the Shins, Evelyn Evelyn/Amanda Palmer, and Mumford & Sons.

I also definitely used iHeart radio a lot, because it didn't have ads! I was really fiending for any music app that didn't have ads at the time. Data was also super expensive, so when I started streaming more on my way to and from school instead of using my own library, my dad got super upset with me for constantly hitting the family's data limit.

When social media and other messaging apps became bigger, our data limit also took a huge toll as a result of me. Yikes! But I was defiant, and didn't understand why I should have to "wait it out". I learned my lesson eventually of course.

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memories of music devices 

I do remember using an iPod mini for a bit, but I think my first actual iPod was a touch that used to belong to my brother. Something happened along the way that it was taken away from me though. I stole music from my sister's MP3 and got more into the Plain White Tees, Paramore, Kings of Leon, and Green Day. At the start of middle school, I pirated a lot of music and that included Hot Topic hits like Emilie Autumn and Silverstein, free songs that Starbucks would give away on cards every month/week, free songs from WeAreHunted (killed by Twitter), and probably every single LinkedIn park and death cab release. Avril, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift were also were personal picks. Ripping music from soundcloud or youtube also wasn't uncommon for me. I wasn't allowed to listen to the radio, so I had a time and a half trying to find new music. Groove Shark and Songza were other influential platforms sent to the grave during my time. I used Spotify early on but dropped it because free features kept disappearing and it wasn't compatible with my music library. Really, I found managing my own music library as it grew harder and harder. I also discovered prog rock through a classmate and math rock in the sixth grade or so, which changed all of music for me from then on.

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memories of music devices 

With discontinuing the , I thought I'd share some of my memories of portable music devices.

My first mp3 in Elementary school was usb sized, similar to the Creative MuVo. My music was completely censored, so I had a lot of music that my dad had to pre-approve like Hillary Duff and Owl City, and stuff that he put on there, ABBA, BeeGees, Bach, and the Beatles. Kids Bop was also allowed. Audiobooks had to also get approved by my sister. Once I got an Android device, I discovered that there were a lot of apps to get music illegally. It would take me so long to download them over home wi-fi I was almost late to school often. I put music on my tablet, my Nintendo DS' R4, and later, my PS Vita. But I decided that music might be better kept on a separate device, and I had a 16 GB Creative Zen Mosaic that was enough to fit everything I had on. When I got my first iPhone and set the mp3 aside, I barely kept any photos on it to make way for my music library. Both having an MP3 and a phone on one's person was contentious in middle school.

> Since she has never been pregnant, she wanted to lean on other experiences she could find.

> However, according to her, she failed to go back to fix those sections. At the time, she told herself, โ€œIโ€™m just borrowing and changing the language. I will rewrite these parts later during the editorial phase. I will make this story mine again.โ€

> This is a deeply problematic approach and, as I recently highlighted in my article on How to Actually Avoid Plagiarism, the way you avoid plagiarism isnโ€™t to โ€œchange the languageโ€ but to never have that language in your original work in the first place. Furthermore, the editorial process is not the time to paraphrase or add citations, that needs to be part of the writing process.

> ... Iโ€™m not angry at Bello. What does upset me is a simple fact: No one contacted me about [being plagiarized].

"Plagiarism Today Plagiarized in a Plagiarism Atonement Essay" by John Bailey

I have friends who I can go dumpster diving with and I have friends who have never set foot in a second hand shop and only buy fast fashion

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Yo my thrifting efforts have been ultimate lately

I got a several hundred dollar jacket for free ๐Ÿฅต

*Schizophyllum commune* has over 23,328 distinct, mostly inter-compatible mating sexes. It's growth is also influenced by gravity, so you can see that this fungus grew one way and then grew another way when flipped over. They can remain dry for a long time and revive quickly with the return of rain like a sponge.

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