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I've just released Converse.js version 6.0.0.

Release notes:

The biggest change is support for storing data (e.g. messages) in IndexedDB which has no size restrictions. It's not yet the default store, but will be eventually.

Another big change is support for XEP-0156 Alternative Connections. Now on you can connect directly to your #xmpp server without requiring a BOSH middleman.


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Rappel: aujourd'hui l'acentrale sera active entre 10:30 et 16:30 CET!

chat +stream + archives + plus d'info:

fait un relais sur

"L'Acentrale est un collectif réunissant des radios, webradios, émissions et collectifs sonores qui paricipent à la grève. Née dans l'élan du 5 décembre 2019, elle fonctionne comme une plateforme de radio mutualisée dédiée aux voix du mouvement social. Elle anime des émissions collectives les jours de mobilisation, émettant et diffusant un flux commun depuis différentes villes."

Today 's service operator meetup at is a 5pm! We would like to orient the discussion towards creating a public list of servers and also encourage to join!

New plugin available for Poezio ( console client)! Thanks to all the Mate at . *Warning*: Only for the strong of heart (**alpha** software).

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We have this awesome lighted acrylic glass Dino at the XMPP assembly at 36c3. Come over! You can set the colors of the LEDs via a message to #Dino #XMPP #36c3

Hackers are already all over the place at on day0. Come and say hi at the assembly!

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As it is tradition by now, Conversations is available for free on the Google Play store for the remainder of the year.

Happy Holidays. Have a great #36c3.


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Less than 24 hours left to provide your feedback on the EU guidelines for #RouterFreedom! #BEREC is running a #PublicConsultation defining whether your router will belong to you or to your ISP. Please participate now, it's as easy as sending an email!

See how to make yourself heard, and the #FSFE's response on the current draft:

will have their own assembly at . Let's wait for the event all together on our channel!

sera au le weekend prochain avec ! Venez visiter notre booth ! Plein de goodies à récupérer !

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Today is the Day against #DRM! Join us and the in raising awareness about digital restrictions #IDAD

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For the XMPP sprint last weekend we rented a house near Stockholm instead of using a conference room. We worked together on implementing and improving a new group chat bookmarks specification, Jingle interoperability issues and a future landing page for new XMPP users. There have been long nights and tasty crêpes. #XMPP #XMPPSprint #Stockholm

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Testing an upcoming feature during the #Stockholm XMPP sprint: Leave a group chat on #Dino and #Conversations will leave as well, join a new group chat on Conversations and Dino will join too. The underlying protocol extension was also implemented by #Gajim and #prosody during the sprint. #XMPP

The sprint in Stockholm is ready to get into the sauna, to help digest crêpes we just had! And additionally working on bookmarks2, and a landing page for new XMPP users!

日本の方へ、deadbeefさんが 日本語ガイドを作っていただきました。ぜひ試してみてください!

JabberFR vient de publier une traduction de la lettre d'actualité du mois de septembre !

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