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The racist museum of abuse thread. Read if white 🙃 

I have not gotten this much racist abuse since joining the fediverse. I have gotten isolated cases of harassment on twitter but nothing of this scale or as pervasive. The fediverse is racist and white people do nothing about it. Let's start with some slurs to hook you up.

Let's see if any of you white people can stomach this thread 🙂​

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We just published a new blog post detailing our adventures with streamlining authentication in #XMPP!

It turns out you don't *always* have to choose between improved security or better performance. Why not both?! 🌈 🦄

Check it out at

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Apolitisme (n.f.) : positionnement politique consistant à ne pas assumer publiquement d’être de droite.

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Bookstores in France have been selling the board game "Antifa" to teach how to resist the rise of the far right. A police union complained to FNAC (the largest retailer of cultural products) which removed the game from its stores and website. Their 404 error page is very telling…

pep boosted my first progress note published at the same time on #XMPP and #ActivityPub 🎉

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Venez au @capitoledulibre ce week-end!

Dimanche avec @mmu_man on vous présente les nouveautés de @haiku beta4 (qui arrive tout bientôt). Et ensuite je vous présente la console VTech V.Smile, comment s'y prendre pour en faire la rétro-ingénierie et les outils de développement pour pouvoir (un jour) créer vos propres jeux fonctionnant dessus!

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[#Analyse] Assurance-chômage: le gouvernement a le feu vert pour baisser la durée des droits

Le Parlement a définitivement adopté la loi Travail 2 ouvrant la voie à une modulation des droits des chômeurs selon la conjoncture et barrant l’accès à l’indemnisation en cas d’abandon de poste ou de refus de CDI. Un an après la première réforme de l’assurance-#chômage, le gouvernement entend taper encore plus fort sur les chômeurs.

Par @CecH

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Time and time again this whole "no politics, we only care about the code" attitude is just a screaming dog whistle for bigots, Nazis, and abusers. This guy just said it out loud.

If you think it isn't and you haven't figured it out yet, you are not fit to lead a community.

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Infographie signée l'AFP : l'évolution des prix d'une sélection de produits alimentaires en octobre 2022 par rapport à octobre 2021, selon les données de l'Insee.

Coucou @capitoledulibre, j'étais parti pour créer un évènement sur mais je demande avant si jamais ça pose problème

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Refusons les mégabassines, refusons la privatisation de l’eau
Cette lutte contre cet énième projet d’accaparement des ressources, porte en elle la volonté de la construction d’un monde plus juste.

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Own your words, my friends. Backup your words. Don’t put them into walled gardens that may grow weeds and disappear. (2012)

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After years of development, Tim Henkes "Syndace" has released python-omemo, An open Python implementation of the OMEMO Multi-End
Message and Object Encryption protocol!

It supports legacy OMEMO (aka OLDMEMO) and current state of the art OMEMO:2 (aka TWOMEMO).

Read the full announcement at


#e2ee #cryptography #xmpp #omemo #python

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the amount of times I've seen people go like "i've been here for a week and I know to do X on fediverse better" is disconcerting.

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For all it's advantages and faults, #Mastodon was not built to be a *new* Twitter. It was built to be *not* Twitter.

That distinction is important.

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Projet de loi immigration : Un air d’« Inquisición » frappe la France
Bien décidé à continuer sa course sécuritaire, c’est sur le terrain de la «lutte contre l’immigration», sujet de prédilection de l’extrême droite, que le ministère a choisi de se rendre.

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:anarchism: 👇WORKSHOP DETAILS 👇:fediverso:

(please booooost!)

🗓 This SUNDAY November 13th at 11am ET we're presenting our workshop "Alternative Social Media for Anarchists - An Anarchist Introduction to the Fediverse"

The workshop is ONLINE on zoom, as part of the Boston Anarchist Bookfair:

🤓 First we will explain what the Fediverse is, how it works, and why anarchists should embrace it. :anarchism:

Then we will invite participants to register for an account at an instance and do a guided walkthrough/tutorial of how to use Mastodon! 🐘🤔

Please BOOST! 🗣 and share far and wide both on and off Fedi. This will be a great way for new or curious users to understand the Fediverse and how to get started on here! It will be a very nice and safe hand holding workshop! If you just got here and are lost and confused, come! And bring a friend who is curious!

✅ You need to register in advance with the bookfair to get a link to the zoom on Sunday. Registration link:

👉 (please do not reply complaining about how the workshop is on zoom! The Boston Anarchist Bookfair is the host, and so we are beholden to their choice of platform. They are running their bookfair as they see fit to reach and accommodate their audience. We already know why zoom is evil. Don't bother @ ing us to tell us. We will happily give the workshop again on Jitsi or another platform if another org would like to host and promote it, so just get in touch!)

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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