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Today is the Day against #DRM! Join us and the in raising awareness about digital restrictions #IDAD

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For the XMPP sprint last weekend we rented a house near Stockholm instead of using a conference room. We worked together on implementing and improving a new group chat bookmarks specification, Jingle interoperability issues and a future landing page for new XMPP users. There have been long nights and tasty crêpes. #XMPP #XMPPSprint #Stockholm

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Testing an upcoming feature during the #Stockholm XMPP sprint: Leave a group chat on #Dino and #Conversations will leave as well, join a new group chat on Conversations and Dino will join too. The underlying protocol extension was also implemented by #Gajim and #prosody during the sprint. #XMPP

The sprint in Stockholm is ready to get into the sauna, to help digest crêpes we just had! And additionally working on bookmarks2, and a landing page for new XMPP users!

日本の方へ、deadbeefさんが 日本語ガイドを作っていただきました。ぜひ試してみてください!

JabberFR vient de publier une traduction de la lettre d'actualité du mois de septembre !

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