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@paul I first thought you were talking about typing as in typed programming languages :)

Typing. Mind boggling that to me that humans have the mind + dexterity for it. And it isn't even a superpower. A certain proficiency for it is actually *expected*.

Carnival Row 

NASA should launch another golden disk into space, but with classic video games.

Anyone have any experience using tinyemu? It's made by Fabrice Bellard (QEMU, FFMPEG, TCC, etc), so I have high hopes for it.

Oasis Linux Thoughts So Far 

Code smell. It's a useful term in theory, but it is uncomfortable to use in practice.

I, for one, would prefer NOT to know what my code smells like thanks.

Witcher 3 Soundtrack 

Jamesbond, Octopussy 

AWS Composer. Profanity. 

Oasis is a linux distro that is completely statically linked. It's been a really fun project to fumble through. So far, I've managed to get a chroot set up. Looking into how to install additional packages and get sudo/su working:

Naturally, I've forked their code base. They've done a great job up to this point. It takes only takes one average brain to maintain a C codebase of the current size. C++ encourages codebases that require multiple brains to maintain.

Friends of mine are converting their embedded C codebase to C++. Welp. I tried to help them.

Vegan food question 

Alpine Linux on Surface Pro 4 

Alpine Linux on Surface Pro 4 

Keyboard surface cover works as a keyboard on alpine Linux w/ surface pro 4! No kernel patching required.

Homeless lady just said to me "tie your shoe baby, or you'll fall". (My shoe was indeed untied).

Many thoughts.

witcher 3, no spoilers 

witcher 3, no spoilers 

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