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I've decided to publish a version of my rejected PhD project proposal on my wiki, and place it under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Enjoy!

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Okay. It's live. introducing: the candy crystal rainbow codex:

And the code:

more transmissions to come.

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Okay so

Hello. I'm @paul. I'm a musical hacker and sound designer interested in teaching computers how to sing. I spend most of my time working on software projects related to the field of computer music.

Some topics that amuse me:


My website:
My mirror website (hosted on GH):

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Australian folks, if I wished to make some Australian foods, what should I make?

It took some fiddling, but I managed to get Firefox running from inside a arch linux chroot jail!

it's approachable enough that I think I might try to hack in a Forth, as a proof of concept. In my computer music works, I find myself constantly thinking in both S-expressions and postfix notation.

For example, a sine modulating the frequency of another sine to make vibrato would look like this in postfix notation:

6 100 sine 440 add add 0.5 sine

You could turn the sine LFO into an s-expression like this:

(sine 6 100) 440 add 0.5 sine

Encapsulating the whole frequency input of the sine oscillator:

(add 440 (sine 6 100)) 0.5 sine

and, finally, the equivalent patch as an S-expression:

(sine (add 440 (sine 6 100)) 0.5)

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There's also an implementation that strips away the GC, making it even simpler!

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I fell down the rabbit hole of minimal LISP implementations again, and found this:

You get a LISP in ~1k lines of commented C code.

NFT aligned art 

Here's a thought experiment:

Suppose a program exists that can generate a lifetimes work of masterful art in the blink of an eye. And by masterful, I mean it has the genuine nuance and evolution of a "real" artist, with real ideas and thoughts. A seasoned art critic would be able to analyze and admire the genius behind the work. Another blink, another artistic genius is born. What happens next?

I'm handwaving a lot and making a lot of implicitly false assumptions about art here, but it's been a fun thing to ponder on this morning when I suspend my disbelief.

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NFT aligned art 

With some of these digital works, I feel the need to save a local copy (right click save gang rise up), and create a better setting to properly study and appreciate them. Like a zen private e-gallery. Many of the works I've seen do seem compelling maybe, but the current rapid-fire art-in-a-tube overstimulation is quite the turnoff.

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NFT aligned art 

There's something really ironic about seeing gobs and gobs of generative minimalist abstract art appearing on NFT Twitter. It's an art style I'd usually claim to enjoy, but the current presentation/curation of them on a Twitter feed leaves me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

oh wow, that includes the live REPL on the homepage. Forgot about that part. probably pre-wasm'd, but still pretty cool.

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I rely on the documentation a lot, so I decided to look into getting an offline version working.

I was literally able to clone and serve a local version of the janet website in less than 5 minutes. What a cool little language:

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This is a reminder that Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 snow plows have all the best names, and can be tracked live here:

I mean...


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job hunting (boosts welcome) 

idk if it's allowed here, but i'm currently on the hunt for a flexible part time job (ideally no more than 16 hours/week, and should be at least £10/hour, or around that much, no less than £9/hour) that can be done remotely/from home, within the UK timezone (if applicable).

i'm mainly looking for jobs that are either:
- tech support
- technical writing
- frontend web development
- editorial writing (i.e. writing for articles)

so if anyone can help me out with this, that'd be great

This month, I attempted , really as an excuse to put time into my sample library and study wavetables.

And while the novembeat stuff kind of trailed off for me, I'm pretty pleased with the progress I've been able to make with my zet in these past few weeks. It's got a ways to go, but you can browse the wiki export here:

(for practical and legal reasons, there are no samples published, it's only metadata).

The whole zet (minus the samples) is managed in Fossil, which I have exported to a git repo here:

Is it just me, or has gluten free pasta has gotten really good lately? There's so much variety! I just had this lentil rice pasta thing. Texture and flavor are excellent.

Does anyone in the community want to be a moderator of r/linuxaudio? DM me!

mead, homebrew 

My honey bucket is nearly empty! Funny how that happens.

puff pastry + fudge = ??? 

Okay these actually sorta worked out. Nice.

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puff pastry + fudge = ??? 

I had some extra scraps of puff pastry and fudge lying around (as one does), so I tried rolling them up to see what would happen. Here it is cooling down. It's a mess.

My guess is that this will turn the fudge into a hard as rock substance, but if it manages to be pleasant I might try rolling it into my next round of croissants.

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