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Okay so

Hello. I'm @paul. I'm a musical hacker and sound designer interested in teaching computers how to sing. I spend most of my time working on software projects related to the field of computer music.

Some topics that amuse me:


My website:
My mirror website (hosted on GH):

Maybe it's something I'm just more sensitive to since I recently removed soundpipe/sporth from github. There's only so much crap I can put up with.

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Is it just me, or does there seem to be a growing trend of software devs of major projects saying "screw it I'm out"

Working on a toy stack-based VM that is designed to have an plain text serial format. To make the format a bit more readable than something like base64, values are encoded in multiples of 6 rather than 8.

As an example, this code:

INT12 666
INT6 0

pushes a 12-bit int 666 onto the stack, followed by a 6 bit value 0.

CALL pops '0' off the stack and calls a function with that id that then pops '666' of the stack and does something with it.

This program could be represented in a plaintext serial format as 'A!


= INT12 666
'A = INT6 0
! = CALL

Someone measured the formant frequencies of crocodilians.

Future eurorack module?

Thanks !

I have an idea for a TV show called "Babble Bots".

It's like "Battle Bots", only instead of nerds building gladiator robots, nerds build robots that can freestyle rap in rap battles.

I imagine it being more of a software angle, with MIR used to analyze and react to external sound and music, and NLP and speech synthesis techniques for the actual rapping.

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what people think programming is: beep boop i do precise calculations using the power of brain science

what programming actually is: somebody asked me to do something stupid so now i have to think of the smartest way to do the stupid thing that wont get me fired

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A typo here and there, but here is a pretty good overview of and how it works:

Aiming to add links to relevant sections in the source code. I want this to evolve into an annotated guide to the literate program known as Monolith.

Today I added my fractional brownian motion code to , and created bindings:

@neauoire a potentially silly question, but does sound work with 9front + pi? Any gotchas I should be aware of?

I would *love* to create or be part of a contemporary version of this. I wouldn't be able to do much though. Can't write. Can't do voice acting. But hey I sometimes make funny sounds that go beep bloop beep.

Maybe I can overcome my shortcomings by doing a rick-and-morty style inter[stellar|dimensional] radio show. Can't actually write a good story? "Discover" a story in language that you yourself don't fully understand. Don't have any voice acting talent? Don't worry, these actorial beings don't have voice boxes, and instead use communications that must be crudely translated into a format for human ears.

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I can't stay mad at HN when it introduces me to things like X Minus One 1950s science fiction radio on internet archive:

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new music blog is up! A couple of things left to do (like rss support), but there's already a few music recommendations for you :)

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"Good Plan. Didn't work."

- Boris (The Animal), Men in Black 3

Pikchr looks like a really neat project. I may try and use it to build signal block diagrams in .

It ticks a bunch of boxes for me:

- Based on Unix-y DSL
- Uses Lemon Parser
- Uses Fossil
- Can be distributed in projects a single file
- Enthusiastically documented and maintained
- BSD0 license

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Started to organize our repositories on into projects, we've also collected a lot of the example files for Orca and Famicom in their own repos:

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Hey! Little help needed here:
I'd like to build a small website to expose my music/visual/tech projects.

I'm so far away from web dev atm I don't even know the best stuff to use. (Back in the days I was making websites there was no framework nor scss, later I played a little with bootstrap.js/jekyll/hugo and that's all...)

I want something small, lightweight, simple and a bit responsive. Something like this:

Would you recommend specific template engine/frameworks?

mildly crude language 

I can't believe I've never used the phrase "shit-uation" before.

I'm reading a HN discussion about browser tabs and it all reads like satire to me. I'm unsure if it actually is or not.

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