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Okay. It's live. introducing: the candy crystal rainbow codex:

And the code:

more transmissions to come.

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Okay so

Hello. I'm @paul. I'm a musical hacker and sound designer interested in teaching computers how to sing. I spend most of my time working on software projects related to the field of computer music.

Some topics that amuse me:


My website:
My mirror website (hosted on GH):

Mono Icons, Aesthetic 

Generated a tileset of all the Mono Icons[1] using imagemagick's montage command:

montage -verbose *.svg -geometry +0+0 out.png

There's something about monochromatic icons densely packed together on a grid really does it for me.

Many of these seem like they could be converted to pixel art without too much trouble. Or at least something like it. Susan Kare's Icons for the Macintosh SE come to mind too, but these are more symbolic/abstract.

Perhaps it will be inspiration for some distant audio-visual project.



and if you're not familiar with these ft2 and pt2 clones (and you know what I'm talking about), you're in for a fun evening:

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I was just writing on lines about 8bitbusy's SDL clones of ft2 and pt2, and I stumbled on this repo of theirs today, which is a bit-accurate ft2 playback engine:

In my lines post, I wasn't sure how much attention was put into sound accuracy. Seeing this project by the same author, I'm convinced it's probably pretty good (or at least consciously considered.)

Has anyone ever tried using the output of a bytebeat signal as a modulation source?

Thinking about trying to use it in the context of AM/FM synthesis. Could be interesting, especially with some rate control and smoothing.

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eternal september.

looking for writing that goes beyond "code of conduct" (aka peace keeping) and more towards healthy community building.

getting a bunch of people together and saying "don't be jerks" doesn't make a strong or interesting community--- but the internet is in such a horrifying state that we've very much set the bar this low.

Tell me about toys 

Recently been thinking about the concept of a "toy", and toy design. What makes a toy a toy? What makes a toy a good toy? When does a toy stop being a toy and starting being something else?

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Little demo of the audio repeater tool have been working on, added playback speed control using the mouse wheel

Good quality niche hardware is expensive. Get used to it.

cooking, food, gluten, dairy 

Spaetzel attempt was a gloopy success. I lightly browned them in my cast iron skillet, then covered them in a bechamel cheese sauce with garlic powder and truffle oil.

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A collection of micro-scores for a recording project I'm working on with a friend.

We're each making two recordings of the actions described. Each action has a sync point we'll use to line the recordings up. Once layered & sequenced, they become a score for further instrumental recordings... #theWorkshop

I just figured out that I can put my SDL application in ~/.xinitrc (instead of something like i3 or DWM), and it'll start that up in fullscreen when I run "startx", and close X11 when I quit.

Could be useful for this bitmap hypertypewriter I'm working on.

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Anybody using Bela? - - augmented instruments/hackable instruments (UK).

Am interested in a user community on the fediverse.

Had those boards for 2 years before i started using them in 2020. Great extension to building #diyinstruments. I use #puredata - supported as well are #supercollider, c++, #faust and some #csound.
Active user community.
I am not working for them.

#bela #belaio

P.S.: Descriptive soundfile for box below not present, as it plays, what you program into it.

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So, who are the other #expert users of #puredata on #Mastodon? I am working in #musicfordance, #generative, with a reocurring note to simulating real life things, like #rain, #sociallife etc.


Get in touch.

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unix-style text search question/help 

I want to begin using command line utilities to query a directory of markdown files for things like: a) the number of instances of a given string, b) the number of files with one or more instances of a given string, c) a # of chars after a given string in a given file, among others. I know sed/awk/grep may be a place to start but I'm not sure how to narrow that set of features to the above use case. Any help/direction on some useful concepts or tools?

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it was FFT day in my intro to programming class, which means that I got to indulge in the joy of making a bunch of goofy audio visualizers

The reverse operation of converting clocks to phasor signals is also interesting to me. This problem is a bit more complicated, and comes with many caveats.

The ideal implementation would allow phasors to be converted to ticks, to be converted back to phasors again, with the relative phase being preserved.

Without knowing the initial tempo of the incoming clock, some sort of delay would have to be introduced. To keep things in phase, even more delay would have to be added. Not a total dealbreaker, just a complication to consider.

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