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in light of chinese musicians starting to do gigs via video streaming, it's not futuristic at all to imagine earning all your money via live streaming, ordering all your food and anything else you need to your door and essentially live without much human contact for years.

How hard is it to rip and/or copy blu ray video disks on Linux? It'd be nice to make backups.

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microsound, unit generators 

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re: audio dev rant 

audio dev rant 

audio dev rant 

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It's that time of the day to go read & listen to & favorite everything posted in @paul's feed.

I like how fossil-scm has a both a "blame" command, as well as a "praise" command. Both do the same thing.

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Made some more progress on the first pippi tutorial to cover sequencing and rhythm so far -- look ma, a drum beat!

(I wonder if this is how 4th/5th dimensional beings feel)

This show is great to watch a second time. Better, in some regards. Anticipation and knowing what will happen next is a great feeling. Surprise is overrated.

I feel so drained today. Turned off my computers and started rewatching the witcher.

This looks like an interesting color palette:

It was mentioned the comments section of r/pixelart. Might attempt to use it at some point.

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After I don't know how many years of squatting on the domain, I've finally soft-launched a web site at It's pretty utilitarian at the moment, but it's a solid start.

(Can I just say how great it feels to launch a website by just uploading some files, 1995 style?)

#banjo #mastomusic #musiciansofmastodon #pelican #staticsitegenerator #announcement #announcements #newwebsite #softlaunch

Decided to begin a spiced pear wine today. Things are currently boiling right now. The smell is heavenly.

Finally finished my trigger delay algorithm for

You can think of it as like a MIDI delay/echo, only for trigger events in a modular environment. It is very well suited for making music.

I've uploaded a small audio demo of it in action. The trigger for the lowest note gets put into the trigger delay, and is used to trigger the higher note events you hear.

The delay is synced to a master clock source to prevent clock drift that can happen often over time with audio delay effects. As a result, delay time is not expressed in units of seconds, but in "ticks". This patch randomly flips between tick times of 1 and 3, which make it sound like a sixteenth-note delay and a dotted eighth-note delay.

I have yet to really play around with this, but I have a feeling this could end up being really fun to use, especially trigger-delays feeding into other trigger delays.

Made it possible to disable Janet bindings in Monolith, so now things can compile in PCC, should it ever come to that. *removes tinfoil hat*

s9 scheme (my fork at least) and tinyscheme both work with PCC, so at least there's a working LISP-y thing available. S9 scheme is the main scripting language used in , so I feel relieved about this.

Lua works as well (at least in ANSI mode it does, haven't tested anything else).

A few external C libs I use do not seem to want to work with PCC. Janet and Cairo seem to cause complaints, which is a bit of a bummer.

TCC seems broken on Alpine Linux, but PCC works! Been testing it out on various C projects of mine, and most of them work! Nice to know I don't need to depend big hulking compilers like gcc/clang to keep my projects working. I feel a liiiittle bit more immortal now.

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