Its happened. I've now played enough Skyrim for it to be addicting. Spent most of today playing. Welp.

Unexpectedly good pairing: Laphroaig and Oreos.

Been using fossil in some new projects of mine for almost a year now. Now that the project has grown in size and complexity, I'm starting to see what this SCM is really made of. Not bad I think? Enjoying the built in web interface quite a bit now.

Polyphony from scratch is one of those things I thought I could just do as a weekend. it wasn't. It really really wasn't.

Total preservation is of course a futile task, because so many useful technologies *will* break quite quickly. So I try to build components that will hopefully be more future-proof. Some considerations I make:

- Plain text whenever possible
- Be aware of your dependencies (and keep local copies whenever possible)
- Make sure you can do offline rendering
- Use languages/tools that have "cooled down" and that are heavily standardized (ANSI C, for instance)
- Be ready to bootstrap

I want the software and tools to build/run my art to last my a while to last a decade or two. Last person I told that to burst out laughing, but I don't blame him. It's hard (maybe impossible) to do that sort of thing, but I still think it is important to try. Not because my art is any good, but out of principle. Art is best learned through absorption over many lifetimes. In order for computer art to evolve, we need to be able to leave a lineage for future generations that won't bitrot.

Did my character count change? Could have sworn it was 1337 before. Now it's 500... Did I do something wrong?

Manged to get the standard C "hello world" working on the Classic Mac OS via the PCE emulator (the same one used by for their in-browser software emulation).

Through TSA security. 5 bins. Gotta stop bringing tablets with me.

Discovering this vintage macintosh software repository has completely derailed any attempts at productivity today:

Okay so

Hello. I'm @paul. I'm a musical hacker and sound designer interested in teaching computers how to sing. I spend most of my time working on software projects related to the field of computer music.

Some topics that amuse me:


My website:
My mirror website (hosted on GH):

Linkedin just told me I am "skilled in C++". Hilarious.

The cutting came to an abrupt end after I broke my blade. As you can see, I didn't dull it too bad this time so that's an improvement. Pluses and minuses.

I cut two different sized rings today. The larger rings are 16 gauge ss wire, and the smaller ones are 18 gauge ss wire. Both I intend to use for 4-in-1 maille weaves.

An early morning addition to my Worgle literate programming system: code maps. This allows you to view a program as a structure of blocks, instead of as a document with text.

Here is an example of a regular table of contents for a literate program:

Here is the table of contents for the code map of that program:

It's not perfect, but it felt like a step in the right direction. If you are feeling morbidly curious, you can see how it's being done here (warning: rushed writing):

I don't care what you tell me, MPE is a hack on top of MIDI.

Okay. Master is okay. Phew. The devs know they can break stuff on dev.

FAUST upstream has broken features, again. sigh.

Trying things on master, seeing if the problem is there or not.

2 USB-c otg convertors later, and I've learned that my new phone ain't gonna do OTG. Disappointed that I can't use my HHKB with termux, but I gotta pick my battles.

It took some mild troubleshooting, but jack works on alpine Linux!

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