At first I was angry that YouTube was only showing my videos at 240p, then I remembered "right, I make teeny tiny videos by design. That's what 240p means".

I am now hacking some new key bindings into this fasttracker 2 clone (space to toggle song playback. Escape to toggle recording). This now officially makes this a fork. Now that it is a fork, I'm tempted to think about new features.


The oneplus logo always hangs for an uncomfortable period of time before going forward. always nerve wracking.

Updating lineageOS to 16. Hope I'm doing it right.

The thing is like a neutron star. has the volume similar to that of a ping pong ball (a bit smaller), and it weighs a little over a pound. it has the great way of making other similar sized objects feel like styrofoam.

My new tungsten sphere. It is literally the definition of an expensive paperweight, but damn if it doesn't blend right in with with the rest of my workstation.

@rra what are your thoughts on uploading videos to this post.lurk? I'd love to be able to share some of the work I'm doing (CC0 license) without using external proprietary services, but I also don't want to abuse the free service. Videos I've been generating are short videos, only 1-2mb in size, but they do add up.

Getting back into the regular routine of composing etudes. This time, I'm attempting to make my sounds "bleed" into the visual domain, something I've always wanted to get into.

Here's the first one. It's a 1MB video file, so I hope I'm not abusing the attachment system too much.

My twtxt feed is live! (well, as live as a statically generated page can get).


I'm using a mix of SQLite and Janet to generate a feed for me (using my new wiki engine):


Using a 7-inch laptop screen every day really helps you appreciate a 10-inch screen.

I am loving my new LDK. There's something really charming about the form factor, and that it is running Linux. Managed to get RetroFW installed on it, and also was able to compile and install the IOTester using the buildroot toolchain. It uses SDL which is pretty neat.

From what I have gleamed, it seems like the core retrofw dev had a meltdown and archived everything? Here's hoping that doesn't cause too many issues for me.

It's also somewhat incredible that the format has so much mainstream popularity. The GIF format has never not been mediocre.

For what it is worth:

I grew up pronouncing it with a soft G, and so it is physically the comfortable to say. I also think the hard G sound is more aggressive, and I'm a lover not a fighter.

I love having internal debates with myself about the GIF pronunciation.

Hard G, as in Gift.

But what about Giraffe?

It is Graphics Interchange Format, so hard G! Duh.

Okay. It is Joint Photographic Experts Group, So J-FEG.

The original creator pronounces it with a soft G!

He's not the only creator, other people at the time used hard-G!

etc. etc.

Linux systemd is now going to manage user /home directories.

I don't... I mean, I just can't...


Let me try again.

1) You are going to let a piece of software manage something which is freakishly sensitive and can create A LOT OF PROBLEMS down the line.

2) ALL software have bugs. Lots of them. And systemd is, shall we say, a highly complex piece of sotware, that contains a LOT of bugs.

What could possibly go wrong? 🤦‍♂️


they did NOT just use "SQL injections" as technojargon on ST discovery. no, that would be silly.

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