Padsynth algorithm is crazy fun to hack on :)

I couldn't care less for MIDI 2.0. Or MIDI 1.0, for that matter, either.

r/mk makes me feel better about spending more than 150 dollars on a keyboard. (HHKB ftw)

I really like all the Forth+LISP hybridized language concepts I've been seeing in places. I need to keep track of their progress. Lots of creative potential there, IMO.

A friend of mine called one of my sounds a "laser fart". Not what I was going for, but I now I can't un-hear it.

Discovered this goofy thing today, thanks to HN. Perfect way to start the day:

name brand saltines are miles better than off brand ones.

Well now I know what to do when you accidentally make a commit from 2033 using fossil.

Managed to figure out how to send scheme code blocks in org to the REPL started by "run-scheme". The default implementation is wayyy overkill. All I needed was about 5 lines of elisp code.

noweb expansion works out of the box, so now I have an interactive playground for literate-scheme programs, which can also be quickly tangled offline using my custom org-mode tangler written in ANSI C. A nice workflow I can get used to!

Somehow managed to get lineageOS installed on the zenfone 3.

Looks like my pomegranate mead burned up all the sugars. SG is at 1, making the estimated ABV to 16.5%! Taste is pretty dry, but not as dry as I expected it to be. May plan on backsweetening (never tried this) or adding some fruit in secondary.

Becoming more and more worried that the USB-powermate Griffin Powermate is now being discontinued. A fantastic little rotary encoder for music making with a slick aluminum design, costing 50 bucks. It even works on Linux without too much hassle!

Know your meme is the new urban dictionary.

I am now able to turn on LEDs on the monome via Scheme via libmonome! I'm done fighting OSC and liblo, so I'm writing to the device directly (since I'm writing in C, might as well take advantage). It's taken me this long to get here because I'm putting a lot of thought into building abstractions that would allow me to spoof monome hardware control in the future.

Next step is to build a similar pipeline for the griffin knob.

One thing I am appreciating is how robust Emacs is.

I'm currently hacking s9fes scheme, which can be used as a custom scheme interpreter inside of Emacs. The new things I'm testing crash from time to time. When I do make s9 crash, it only takes down the scheme REPL, and not the whole Emacs editor. This makes the whole experience a lot less demoralizing.

New emacs experiment for me: attempt to use ansi-term buffers for all my shell needs.

Trying out this PS1 for a while:

export PS1="\$(basename \$(pwd))> "

Seen on reddit: "Locked bootloaders are like chastity locks. They drive people crazy and prevent loving."

Season 3 of Travelers brought to you by Apple.

Just implemented hot swapping today in my new live coding environment for music and sound. It's the keystone feature that actually makes it a real live coding environment. Looking forward to fooling around with it via the scheme REPL in emacs.

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