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I'm trying to build a swipe-able menu (from scratch), so briefly examined some swipe-able menus and UIs. I never really realized how much love and detail they put into these things. Velocity tracking makes things feel so natural. I borrowed an iOS device, and I learned that their swipe has recoil if the swipe is fast enough. Amazing.

Welp. CSound CSD from 2012 segfaults in the latest Csound6. Even Csound code suffers from software degredation. Oof.

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Listening to Rachmaninoff's "All Night Vigil". Pretty pretty stuff. Composers seem to always be on their best behavior when it's for this God fella.

@rra turns out the flashlight randomly turning on is a feature, not a bug. Through pure luck, I found the "touchscreen gestures" page, which allows you to run commands while your phone is locked. I was unknowingly drawing a "V" while the phone was locked to turn on the light.

I am watching the entire shrek movie in GIF form. The future is incredible guys.

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Just tried to send a fax for the first time in my life.

Fax machine: 1
Paul: 0

USB hotspot functionality on android is SUPER useful. No need to deal with wpa_supplicant while on the road.

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granular synthesis, hesitantly coming to a soundpipe near you.

Just discovered the Sumo Citrus last weekend. Life changing fruit.

After all these years, I can finally confirm that the BT song "all that makes us human continues" from this binary universe was done entirely in Csound, with the guitar part being fed in with diskin. Did not see the code itself, but this is what BT told me.

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Hacked some preliminary JACK support into the fasttracker 2 clone. I have not tested it much, but it seems to play my reference file okay on OSX. Have yet to test it on my Linux device, or do much else with it:

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