just accidentally run into @ojack (and roger p and ?) in my regular daily local bakery-café 'Brot'!

#Ljubljana #AlgoRave cc: @fileneed

When a person discussing a system design (a food web, a social medium, a government, etc) is focused on preventing "freeloaders" or "parasites" instead of maximal benefit for minimal effort it's time to step back and reframe.

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Whenever I try to work on my drawing tool I get distracted making drawings ....

Hi Friends! Thrilled to have just launched the inaugural issue of “the html review” a little literary magazine for poetry and literature meant to exist on the web. you can check it out here-- thehtml.review

preparing for (a)live computing dance, a live-coding performance based on the technique and wooden blocks.

this sunday, on Algorave 10th birthday party!

our performance slot:
sunday, march 20, 2022, from 16:30 to 16:40 UTC
(10:30 to 10:40 CDMX)

> This March in 2022, algorave is ten years old. Lets try to fill a whole day with ten minute live streams, of live coded and other algorithmic performances.


just signed up to share some (a)live computing dance!

Algorave is turning ten! Sign up for a ten-minute live stream here:


Open to all + all types of live-coded performances welcome

Now i released some color filter for #Hydra.
These are filters for mixing or manipulating colors. Some of the filters are rather subtle, others create strong effects. All filters are designed so that the original image can be mixed with the filter effect. This is especially useful with the intense filters. But even with more subtle filters like the sepia effect, it can look good if some of the original coloring still remains visible in the output.


How did I only learn about get() in javascript this week 🥴 excited to try.

New episode of Artists and Hackers podcast is our new segment on Art Tools. We start with an interview with @ojack about Hydra, a browser-based livecoding visual synthesizer.


Really frustrated at seeing so many of the example sketches from hydra editor being sold by random people as NFTs. These sketches were made by members of the community to help others learn. The people copying them are so lazy that they don't even change the code.

Is there a #license that prevents a work from being marketed as NFT?
But allows anyone to freely modify the source code to create their own derivative works.

All the generative tools are in danger of producing boring and trivial material out of greed of some persons. Minimal changes in existing code fragments leads to $.

In the end, this also damages the reputation of the tool and the original programmer / artist.

How can you protect yourself from exploitation in the generative scene?

It's really nuts how easy and simple linux audio has become with #pipewire. Everything you plug in to your computer just shows up in the jack patcher. That's it. And using multiple sound cards, usb microphones and bluetooth headphones at the same time is just not a problem? Linux audio is more plug and play than even MacOS audio now. It's crazy!

Are anyone looking for a job in graphic programming or tech art with some lower level gpu stuff involved ? Remote possible, part time possible

#OpenBSD is now a lot more pleasant in regards to performance (on current at the moment but it will be the new reality for 7.1 users in a few months)

:flan_thumbs: :flan_sf:

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