Winter knobbly allotment goodness. Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac, fennel, leeks, chard and kale today 💚


This poster is a real eye opener. But a starter for one is £143 million on Ventilation Cash written off.
This wouldn't involve Dyson would it (Brexit backer, Johnson Brother works for etc)
There needs to be more serious questions on these write offs


COVID, UK government response history 

Memories of spending weeks sewing hundreds of face masks for healthcare workers and packing them in little bags - all now forgotten and never to be talked about in polite company.

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COVID, UK government response history 

It's a strange feature of the pandemic that I find it hard to remember the sequence of lockdowns and measures - this is a pretty great chart from the Institute for Government, good nuggets like "19th March 2020: PM says the UK can "turn the tide of coronavirus" in 12 weeks" source:

SARS-CoV-2 evolution, post-Omicron 

Good catchup on where we are, and a little bit on what might happen next: "Following the emergence and global spread of Omicron lineage BA.5, there has been an unprecedented diversification of Omicron sublineages. In this report we describe the different evolutionary trajectories and mechanisms driving the emergence of these sublineages and give examples of the most prevalent lineages in each, covering topics such as; second generation BA.2 lineages, simple and complex recombination, antigenic drift and convergent evolution."

fossicking in cornwall 

Chalcopyrite fossicked from mine waste at Great Wheal Charlotte in Cornwall. This is the main ore of copper, and so presumably the main "pay dirt" back in the 1800's. I thought the blue and red flecks might be a secondary mineral, but more likely to be the iridescence of the metallic chalcopyrite itself. This composite image was made by using Hugin software to stitch together images from a cheap USB microscope.

As many people have pointed out, the masochism of "lines of code produced" = "effectiveness" exposes a deep naïveté about how things work. Someone I once worked with struggled for two weeks to fix a bug, ended up altering what turned out to be a single bit in a line of code - the work that went into that one fix was immense. I even think we had a small party to celebrate.

popcorn.js is the best name for a javascript library I've come across

Back in the realm of EU projects, work packages, deliverables, partners, objectives and a general belief in the future. It's like another planet.

Anyone know anything about cookie law/best practice? We have a site we are building for schools to use as part of their lessons where students can login with a code and submit citizen science data by watching videos of wild crickets ( No PI data is stored, only a session ID for them and a link the to class group they are in so we can show them statistics of their group vs everyone else. Class groups and schools have a name so they can check they are in the right one. I *think* this falls outside the requirements for consent (no PI data) but no biggie to ask - just trying to cover all angles here...

Some important rules when considering adding ML to your app:
1. Start building without machine learning
2. Continue without machine learning
3. Be blissfully unaware of concept drift, model versioning, AUC, and feature engineering
4. Turn off the computer
5. Go outside and buy a small child an ice cream cone
6. Sit with your beloved under the stars and, wonder at the vastness of the universe and your small role in it
7. Turn the computer back on, you’re now ready to add only linear regression

fossicking in cornwall 

channelling @microresearch in this, I realise

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fossicking in cornwall 

This might be Cassiterite, an n-type semiconductor ("fossicked" from mine waste from from Great Wheal Charlotte near St Agnes). It's the primary ore of Tin so it would fit the location, but I'm confused by the hexagonal crystal formations, as it should be tetragonal. It might be more Sphalerite like the last sample, but seems quite different.

fossicking in cornwall 

Got a cheap USB microscope to look at some samples "fossicked" (gathered from mine waste) from Great Wheal Charlotte, closed in 1840, situated on the cliffs near St Agnes ( Not sure, but my best guess is that this might be Sphalerite - a semiconductor (when pure) and zinc ore. This image is a mosaic as this (£25) microscope can only do 640x480 resolution otherwise.

Finally got a proper allotment day, pinkest chard, big fat fennel with happy broad beans coming up that miraculously the slugs have left completely alone, and the biggest Jerusalem artichoke ever. All no dig, no herbicides/pesticides/artificial fertilisers (frogs and manure do those jobs nicely).

I have an important request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization, please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

Lovely to have @yaxu down in Cornwall for the week, changed a bit since we last saw each other

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