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Publishing Partyline, Broadcast #3: web-to-print in education, with Julien Bidoret & Quentin Juhel

In the third broadcast we will talk with Julien Bidoret ( and Quentin Juhel ( about web-to-print in education. Tune in as we hear how web-to-print tools got introduced as the required submission format of student theses at ÉSAD Pyrénées (

Date: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022
Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST
Broadcast URL:

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a must-attend event! this Saturday (22-10-1) I will perform some really good texts with my Gesturewriter ("the theremin typewriter") in Den Haag. this time with even more letters!
🖖 :nes_fire: ⌨️

<User Sentimental eXperience- Issue4. It’s like I’m driving on an endless highway.>

Hello all, hope you had a nice summer. My skin is still a bit tanned, but now I can sense that the air is cooled down.

Today I want to present the 4th issue of User Sentimental eXperience :-)

In the new issue I wanted to question about scrolling down, which is one of the most common user mechanisms.

Today most of the contents on the digital interface are super linearly laid. I can just scroll down to see things and it seems so easy. But then I often feel I lose myself while repeating the same finger movements. I mean, I don’t have that many choices. A scrolling bar at the right side implies that I must lead myself to the down side. It doesn't really ask me what and how I wanna do though. It rather says I must do it.

I often think it's like I’m driving on an endless highway. It doesn’t have obstacles but weirdly I’m getting oblivious of things.

This way of navigation is so-called ‘intuitively’ designed, but then I'm not sure if this considers our diverse intuitions and choices enough.

I’d be glad if you let me know what you think :)

Here is the link:

Any feedback/critique is welcome. Thank you very much and have a great day.

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Read & Repair , Poetry and Finance session with Sara Hamadeh and Toon Fibbe at Varia this Saturday, we'd love to host you!
READ 11:00-13:00 CEST
LUNCH 13:00 - 14:00 (free, catered lunch)
REPAIR 14:00-16:00 CEST
Date: Saturday, 24th September 2022
Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

READ by Sara Hamadeh
Starting from the concept of insolvency, referring to not only the refusal to pay the costs of economic crisis, but also as rejection of the symbolic debt embodied in the cultural and psychic normalization of daily life. The reading session will discuss and explore different processes through which today’s techno-linguistic machine shapes and operates our social body.

REPAIR by Toon Fibbe
To trade in wind, windtrade, or in dutch; windhandel - became a common way to refer to stock market trading during the first international stock market crisis in 1720.
Taking cues from the books, images and plays that dealt with the windhandel we will collectively make inflatable sculptures while thinking about the ways in which finance’s infrastructures have infiltrated intimate realms of our lives, hoping that the wind can offer us a more collective, new type of speculative imagination.

[Image: Poster. Bank notes spiral down on a black background. Read & Repair a text layer on top. & is gaseous.]

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This saturday I'm at v2_ in Rotterdam with the @floppytotaal team to erase/format/checkdisk/write/eject (with moderation) a discussion around the launch of their publication "Floppy Disk Fever".

Do you have a copy yet? 💾🧲

Full program listing of the two days event: (click on Floppy Disk Fever - 16 & 17.09.22)

maybe maybe maybe maybe but mostly

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More sanity from my home country: Māori tribal leaders & their advisers call for data sovereignty, to take back control of what is theirs. Cited is "an intergenerational approach to data, as a taonga (treasure)"

Self-hosting is included as a strategy, servers at home & on the marae (meeting house).

This initiative can be seen as a form of infrastructural de-colonisation, reclaiming what has been lost to the digital imperialism of AWS, Microsoft & other 'cloud' giants

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A wishlist for trans*feminist servers at in Athens!

The text is also available here

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This past weekend we held the first edit-a-thon. For two days a we've been going through all the stuff already added to and discussed extensively the next steps to develop further this nascent concept and community of practice. We now have a few pads packed with stuff that we need to process and add back to the wiki, including a much better editing/copywriting guideline, plan for a better introductory text, as well as a beginning of an action plan for the group to work further together and organize a few more things in the coming months.

It's pretty cool :)

Thanks to Varia for hosting us, and of course thanks to all the participants: @cmos4040, Gizem, Katía, Lukas, @michal, Ola, @pixouls, @praxeology, @sandu, Sujata, and @viznut

[Right now] @simoon and @manetta is running theor first broadcast of Publishing Partyline from Varia (Rotterdam, NL).
They meet in Brussels with Open Source Publishing (, to return to a time of disappearing CSS regions and intrepid responses.
Broadcast URL:

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Publishing Partyline, Broadcast #1: standards and work arounds, with Open Source Publishing (OSP)

For the first radio broadcast, the Publishing Partyline meets in Brussels with Open Source Publishing (, to return to a time of disappearing CSS regions and intrepid responses. Tune in as we hear how to develop a practice based on a hack, and where dreams meet needs when it comes to working with work arounds.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2022
Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST
Broadcast URL:

More information about the Publishing Partyline can be found at:

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What @rra says about software alternatives and alternative social networks:

> Finally calls for computational alternatives might fundamentally go deeper than what floss and especially existing projects might be able to offer. If one wishes to address the issues with Twitter for example, perhaps an open source version of twitter is not the way to go.

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Today I presented my paper On Cultivating The Installable Base at Participatory Design Conference ().

In it, I argue that existing F/LOSS alternatives (such as Mastodon) are important resources when it comes to participatory work with groups looking to organize their own digital infrastructure, as it allows them to practically start inquiring in the nature of those alternatives and start thinking from there. However, to even consider them for such a process, the quality of those alternatives needs to be sufficient. So if PD wants to bring about computational alternatives, improving the quality of existing F/LOSS applications in concrete and material ways should be an important research outcome.

Full paper here:

Last week I and Chaeyoung Kim introduced a collaborative (binding) workshop 'Chatty, Messy, Sticky, Tsss...'. in Habitat, a cultural platform based in Tredozio (IT).

We've been often questioning what publishing really means. How can we tackle the borderline between a creator and readers? If a publication only has a tiny range of audiences, is it still publishing? How shall we call what we make...? A book? A zine?..?

The workshop was composed of two sections.
Part1 ) A collective (book) binding section: Participants makes their own page, then relay bind them together. In the end, everyone labels the outcome, whatever they wanna call it.

Part2) Cooking Buchimgae (Korean pancake) in groups: Bring different ingredients and glue them together into a pancake.

The physical outcomes were a cute and thick book-thingy and pancakes. But we knew that we were already publishing in the moments of chatting, smiling, and messing things around in the all process.

Ciaooooooo Habitat!

Habitat announces the opencall MEGASTUDIO! Habitat is a permanent cult(r)ural settlement and collective workshop carrying participatory practices of living (and publishing) within and beyond the local scale.

Megastudio is aimed at individuals, informal and formal collectives operating in the fields of arts, design, architecture and cultural production.

The residency is aimed at forming an editorial-curatorial team that knows how to relate to the archives, experiments, documentation, artifacts, recordings, and experiences collected along the path that led Habitat to transform itself from a temporary event into a cult(r)ural settlement, permanently established in the territory of Romagna toscana.

full description:

1-31st October 2022

Cà de Monti, Tredozio (FC)
Deadline: 15th September

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Hello hello!

So, first an

I'm Camilo, a visual artist and designer from Bogotá living in Rotterdam. Usually getting lost while learning and making. Drawing is my first impulse when thinking and very often I find myself making connections between things.

These days I´m one half of 'attempt', an intuitive and independent publishing project for written and visual language, and also I'm co-organizing Zine Camp Festival in Rotterdam, a free festival for making zines and sharing small publications.

Happy to be here to start sharing and circulating more processes! 🌱

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Calling all web-to-print afficionados:
Join us ( @simoon and @manetta ) at Varia for the Publishing Partyline on the 14th and 15th of October, to dive into the dependency relations that are being formed when working with web-to-print techniques, between designers-and-tools and between tools-and-standards.

For more information and to see the log visit

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Microsoft Teams rant as a project 

Given the sacrosanct Microsoft Teams rants I've read in the timeline, I thought to share this recent lil project of mine which is called "A CV of Microwork" and commissioned by Art Goss, full of Teams cameos :)

"Set up multiple alarms, scan a QR code, wait for someone to join the call, fill availabilities for a meeting, retrieve and/or change passwords, agree to barely-read terms of service, solve a bunch of captchas, type emails in your mind, forget to send them… A pulverulence of microactivities and minipassivities ends up eating a substantial portion of your day. The “hyperemployed” (I. Bogost) incessantly relive the trauma of “the death of the secretary” (M. Gregg), whereas living secretaries do this tiny digital work for themselves and others. The paperwork explosion of the ’60s, which computers were supposed to end, has become a collision of digital microinteractions – a microwork explosion. In this CV of microwork, the life experience of the traditional résumé coincides with user experience."

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Logic Mag will transform into Logic(s), and put even more focus on Black, Asian and queer perspectives on tech

> Black, Asian, and queer are not only descriptors of our individual identities but also mark the kind of theoretical and political approaches we hope to infuse this next chapter with. Logic(s) will retain the core commitments of the magazine’s founding while laying the groundwork to radically shift both the tech journalism genre and dominant publishing models.

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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