experimented with and reversing colors last year in that I should get back to at some point. had these ideas of the worlds of "nature" and "digital-sorta aesthetics" (vague ideas I know) intermingling in various ways...

first day of learning how to skateboard: fell 4 times and kept landing on my wrist (prob not good) and scraped up the tail but i managed to get up and down the street...ish. this is pretty fun and should have documented it for when i win the x games next yr. then after i win, loafers patched up with headphone wire will become synonymous with skating and then vans will make a signature skate loafer for me.

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got myself a cruiser and guess I'm now entering the getting into skateboarding part of my life. 2020 just keeps coming with more surprises am i rt

air is starting to smell like sitting right next to a campfire and feel a bit harsh... mb not so good to breathe in

i am an ox and a leo so my zodiac sign is a golden catcow with a glorious mane. if the fires come any closer to me, this magnificent creature will find me in my direst hour of need and together we will escape my fiery fate upon amethyst skateboards.

I fixed my shoes with old headphones and I am pretty proud of my craftsmanship (for now)

i have been futzing around with conchospirals in and the way i have this one colored looks plaid-ish in wireframe and i don't wear plaid but i would totally wear a conchospiraly plaid shirt

I was in Joshua Tree earlier in the year and some tomatoes momentarily got loose and so began the Joshua Tree tomato races

sleep paralysis is bad enough but then having dreams about having sleep paralysis smh

was sitting in the car then started thinking about the politics and class issues surrounding formal attire, "dressing up" for things, and concert attire (esp wrt to classical music) and I'm going to think about it for awhile but also if somebody has stuff I can read about these things that'd be cool 👍 like how and why do things like t-shirts and jeans become not acceptable?

daily california sun/sky documentation. Smells pretty smoky out there, like a campfire.

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