our next ephemera zine submissions are open. if you would like to submit: using the attached image as a prompt, write a response and send it our way. any writing style is welcome, and visual art is ok too. try to keep it under 1000 words and please keep it PG.

send your submission via DM or to our email (mediaarchaeology @ Colorado dot edu)

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our next ephemera zine submissions are open. if you would like to submit: using the attached image as a prompt, write a response and send it our way. any writing style is welcome, and visual art is ok too. try to keep it under 1000 words and please keep it PG.

we finished our first ephemera zine - folks responded to an image prompt and submitted short writing. it's on internet archive here if you wanna check it out or download it - one pdf is already set up for booklet printing archive.org/details/ephemerMAL

we published a new technical report on the history of typewriters in India today and it's pretty fantastic.
from the abstract:
Switching Teeth is a research project that worked towards the documentation of typewriting technologies and access in India. Access to technology has never been equal across the globe. In order to make visible and tangible these dynamics of accessibility to technology this project presents narratives surrounding memories of typing technology to illustrate the complexities of access and technology in India. This report forwards photographic and anecdotal evidence of typewriters from India to present an understanding of the complexity behind accessing, teaching and learning typewriting through three different languages.

we're supporting a study on the role modders and rom hackers play in games preservation and archiving - if that description fits you and you'd be willing to participate in an interview, fill out the form here: forms.gle/ESVw2JzH6SXK95dcA

inspired by the exchange we had yesterday and the day before, we are gonna try and put together a series of zines collecting community submissions about our ephemera.

so, if you wanna participate, using the attached image as a writing prompt, send us a short story or poem or other piece of writing (keep it pg, pls) to mediaarchaeology at colorado dot edu by Friday, May 13.

all submissions will be included, we'll at the very least put togther a printable PDF but maybe we'll print some copies ourselves, too.

Any low-cost 3D printer can pause so you can embed a small object or several small objects and then resume printing. The resulting print has no seams and a few small non-metallic objects inside should pass even X-ray inspection. The resulting model can be shipped to a friend.

would these be interesting in a zine format? should we do photo books?

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thinking about best ways to share the ephemera, especially hand-made, that we find in our collection. these are all maps from text adventure games...

Would love recommendations for folks to follow on here! If it helps to judge what we might be interested in, we're currently watching our own pirate broadcast of Office Space on a Sony Watchman while outlining a paper comparing the process of restoring a TRS-80 Model 1 vs. that of a Looking Glass Holographic Display


Hmmm, and if we upload a spectrogram of that audio file, Mastodon's OCR has this to tell us about it:

“‘ \ I \I= . ! it u s 3 iy 1 I8 i i ih : A ‘ gl i i At " ¥l i i b g 2 : ,.h‘ # § } B 0 1 . g ey T R B TE : L s iR R ] R 0. A e B o l; i ; by g .""'p i, MR e RN Ly Pt ol ?,:\ i Mina (R UG ‘-:““-"w:“',‘ J R i “;g‘ o, bl Nl (ANE PR ‘..‘. Wt - .l R T e o R "‘4‘ B, eyl S e ) R o e MEO Eume W W ST vl A ¥ .',Hf i 'SE i R (0 S, - e o 5’1 Sl e ek e bWk R geaR ool | S, R | | fi et O T i vl ‘u.‘.‘:-"\é- P [ - ke = b b e R —_———— e mem s ==

we didn't use that as the alt text, because that would be rude, but here's some of the resulting garble:
= T g T PR 8 e e S A T el e R S e RGN s R R L P 4 R o e S IR e e e el e fifiu‘;;xrfifwfir‘h LY 7 4 3 it S R S S D e e e e el el oA . . B e T e e o § o St SRl i i PR VN LA e e BT e 'vj.p"i‘("‘}?‘:'u:":;'é‘f'n@?h:sf"?"fi T ~-’-“=?3:‘_ i s bt 2 ; : . 98 LA R N R e e L o e v e DS e s A R S S AR g X : ot A e R R 1,*,;1‘3;.)4‘#({#%%" S ”?“gfw*'% , : : T ¥ Qb FCC ID: EYW5QGDATALINK

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we noticed that alt text on here can be auto-generated using OCR... so we ran an experiment, to see what happens when a computer is asked to recognize itself.

An post:
Hi I’m Ryan, I’m a dad of four.
I work at a non-FAANG tech company as a project manager in the support department.
I have anxiety.
I play and run several D&D games.
I make lots of weird sounds with synthesizers and spend a lot of time thinking about doing that.
I do musical theatre at a tiny local community theater and I’m terrible.

one of the ongoing projects in the lab is collecting examples of "care" directed at objects - ie, handmade covers, inscriptions on or in cases, physical personalization. would love to hear examples from your own device relationships

I just experienced everest pipkin's beautiful poem


this is gorgeous and beautiful and wow

hello, lurk! we're the media archaeology lab. we're a community space and hands-on collection of media technologies at the university of colorado. we are gonna keep local only for a bit while we get used to things, but wanted to say hello and thanks to @rra for inviting us.


A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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