ICLC2020 has been published. I didn't attend/follow at the time, but hope to get inspired reading all the papers etc.

Papers & Poster Live coding in Western classical music Re-coding the Musical Cyborg Live Coding Tools for Choreography: Creating Terpsicode The Megra System - Small Data Music Composition and Live Coding Performance The Live Loom Cibo v2: Realtime Livecoding A.I. Agent Live Coding From Scratch:The Cases of Practice in Mexico City and Barcelona Liveness, Code, and DeadCode in Code Jockeying Practice Designing for a Pluralist and User-Friendly Live Code Language Ecosystem with Sema Disabled Approaches to LiveCoding, Cripping the Code Live Coding Procedural Textures of Implicit Surfaces Filling In: Livecoding musical, physical 3D printing tool paths using space filling curves RIPPLE: integrated audio visualization for livecoding based on code analysis and machine learning Functional Live Coding vs. DAWs and VSTs Visor in Practice: Live Performance and Evaluation Live coding the code: an environment for `meta' live code performance

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Links originally from TOPLAP chat:

> giuseppetorre 9:19 PM
> Dear All, finally the Proceedings are completed. All your papers (ICLC2020) are now published individually on Zenodo. A quick search on zenodo with your name or title of the paper should direct you there easily. I have listed them at the bottom of this message too.
> I have also compiled a full book of the Proceedings which contains all the papers, posters, workshops, installations and concerts notes and very nice photos of the three wonderful days we spent together:
> Please share this message widely on social networks (I have no account on FB TW ... anymore)
> Enjoy and I hope to see you soon

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