Follow My latest drone piece now works in Chromium and Google Chrome. In those browsers you have to press the button to make sound because of . In Mozilla Firefox it plays automatically.

If the sound stutters, your machine is not powerful enough. Probably needs a laptop rather than a phone. Or try compiling the (using the library for audio) source code natively, which is typically at least twice as CPU-efficient.

I made it so I can set the number of steps in the as a command line argument, as well as the offset for the boost. Before now these were hardcoded to 12 and 7 respectively. With 53 and 5 it sounds quite brooding and melancholic. Descendment.

The native version uses 30% CPU for 53-tet on my main desktop machine, there is a hardcoded limit of 128-tet purely because the data structures need a size known at compile time (I could fix this with `malloc()` but I figure changing one `` and recompiling is fine for those that want it).

The key for calculating the factor for the is:

Q = sqrt(2^{1/N} * 1) / (2^(1/N) - 1)

Code not published yet, first I need to figure out how to expose these variables to the Emscripten version's HTML. Not tonight...

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are all equivalent, and do as it did before
is 23-EDO with an offset of 13 (it defaults to the offset nearest a perfect 5th unless one is explicitly specified)
is 53-EDO with an offset of 5 steps, which gives descending tones. Uses 70% of a core on my Ryzen 2700x in Firefox.

if editing the URL in the address bar, you need to refresh manually. maybe I can add an event listener or something to do that automatically.

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window.onhashchange = function() { window.location.reload(); };

simple and effective

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