get 1.2 on with :

- make sure your system is up to date

- add the rocm apt repository

- install rocm-opencl-dev (using upstream kernel drivers)

- do NOT try to mess with anything dkms, it won't work

- purge mesa-opencl-icd and pocl-opencl-icd, they get in the way and stop the amdgpu icd from loading correctly(*)

implementation doesn't go as high as OpenCL version 1.2, and is only, thus usually slower. There was a proprietary CPU-based OpenCL implementation that I found in some random backports repository once, but in my test it was very slow, and it got uninstalled during my tinkering

tested on RX 580 GPU with Ryzen 2700X CPU, don't know about other hardware, maybe check for support online or just try it

I used Fractorium for testing, it needs OpenCL >= 1.2.

(*) works for me, your mileage may vary

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