made a very simple for helping debug generation in clive or other

it plots as points using so I don't have to worry about synchronisation with the audio thread, which just writes to a circular buffer

to use it as a regular oscilloscope, send your timebase as the x signal. both x and y are assumed to be in the range -1 to +1.

still TODO:
- add command line options for JACK client name, circular buffer length, window dimensions and initial window position
- make window resizable at runtime
- add multiple audio input XY pairs that can be plotted in the same window in different colours

some breaking changes in my XY git repo at :

- 8 XY input pairs in different programmer colours
- JACK client name changed to exwhyscope
- window title changed to exwhyscope
- window size increased to 512x512

still no command line options, so changes to the configuration require editing the source code

Added a screenshot to the page:

No video yet, I forgot to set the GPU power state to performant before launching OBS to record, and it was struggling hard to be realtime on my laptop.

May try again tomorrow evening on desktop.

@mathr it looks cool ... and might be useful actually ;) ...
thanks for sharing :)

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