Productive day so far - finished mixing two tracks which were mostly done but totally out of balance with not enough bass (due to headphones, due to sharing a studio most days) and too spiky dynamic range compression. Final mixes tested on 3 sets of speakers and 2 sets of headphones and I'm satisfied for now.

the fun part is I only see this message *after* I exit the live-coding session, so I have to remember to check the qjackctl graph to see that it's running before doing stuff I want to record

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Using on Debian Bullseye, if is open fails to record with an (result is 44byte WAV with no data):

Warning: type DBC_REQUIRE soft-assert 'is_open() == true' failed at
-> audioio_jack_manager.cpp:1574 [void AUDIO_IO_JACK_MANAGER::unregister_jack_p

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claude boosted This group isn't too frequnted (yet) but might help to network with other #puredata users


also dug out my old external hard drive with 200GB of netlabel archives. probably will plug it into the rpi running kodi. it needs more power than a single USB port provides (has a separate additional cable for power from other USB ports), hopefully the pi will cope ok.

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I ripped my small collection of DVDs this week

1. insert disc
2. mpv dvd:// # to decrypt the vobs with decss or whatever it is; also note region mask - all of mine included region 2 so no risk of locking the drive; better to check on the box/disc but not all of them have that info in print...
3. cat /dev/dvd > foo.iso
(wait 15-30mins depending on size of data)
4. eject

repeat until done.

Kodi media player as found in latest LibreELEC (for rpi4, and other hardware) plays these iso files nicely, with menu navigation support etc

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I divided by zero by accident (typoed * instead of &), which killed the sound (silence, but easy to recover from); worse it made OBS stop streaming (which I didn't notice immediately). Think I need to add NaN/Inf removal from clive-server's output logic, maybe even clipping to [-1..1] with nan+inf -> 0...

[aac @ 0x55b3517533c0] Input contains (near) NaN/+-Inf
warning: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'simple_aac'] avcodec_encode_audio2 failed: Invalid argument
error: Error encoding with encoder 'simple_aac'
info: [rtmp stream: 'simple_stream'] Encoder error, disconnecting
info: Output 'simple_stream': stopping

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Live stream to Preston from Heavy Lifting, @mathr and me starting in ~8 mins! You can sneak a watch here ->

what do you use for background subtraction of webcam when streaming? @yaxu @hellocatfood anyone else

recorded 25mins in the garden with my field recorder, but I forgot to put the wind shield foam thing on and the mic record level was too high, so it's just a mess of rumbles... trying again

Casio fx-85GTX scientific calculator is not good for wide range operations:

1x10^100 -> Syntax ERROR
(1x10^50)^2 -> Math ERROR

goes back to 1996, seemingly reconstructed in 2008 from distribution bundles/CDs. There is mention of cvs2git in the logs around 1999. The project is split into many small repositories, I just looked at the one.

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goes back to 1993, converted from in 2020 converted from in 2008. The initial commit has 1.5MB of files, consisting mainly of gnuchess and tcpdump.

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weather here looks bad for viewing, so I'll probably be asleep...

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which gender_s are you?

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Make some 10BPM techno.

I'm still getting my Lurk/Mastodon sense of a schedule rolling, so while the latest Disquiet Junto music community project went live yesterday (and I'd mentioned it in advance here), I haven't actually posted it here in. So, here is the overview. Deadline: Monday, May 16, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are

Disquiet Junto Project 0541: 10BPM Techno
The Assignment: Make some snail-paced beats.

There are two ways to do this project.

Option 1: Record some 10BPM techno.

Option 2: Record what you imagine it would sound like to attend a club event of 10BPM techno, including crowd noise.

Further details at

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