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Super excited to announce the release of paperback : A Handbook of Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

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Read & Repair - feat. Agustina Woodgate and Dennis de Bel

On Sunday 28th February,
holds a REPAIR session, with @then followed by a READ session with Agustina Woodgate.

13:00-14:30 CET
In this live session Dennis and Danny will take you through the steps to recreate a simple as designed by Tetsuo Kogawa. We will cover the actual construction of the transmitter, what to transmit and how to receive the signal.

19:00-21:00 CET
Inspired by the current theme Wireless Imagination, this selection brings together some of the topics that have inspired Agustina over the last few years of activity - The architecture of air, and alternative means of .

More info:

Poster design by @p_p

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move", What could a common baseline sound like? Miscommunication and distortion happen constantly. Is there care on both ends?”

) ) )) ) ) ) ) ) ))
( ( (( ( ( ( ( ( ((

Zugzwang* or the Compulsion to Find a Common Baseline in Sound
by Christina Gruber, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Samuel Hertz, Emil Flatø

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╚═╝ his month an undergraduate student told me his parents were using the pandemic to persuade him to avoid philosophy as it could not prevent or solve real emergencies. This is evident in the little consideration we give to warnings.”

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( ( (( ( ( ( ( ( ((

The Philosophy of Warnings
by Santiago Zabala

#ann #feed #AMRO #servus

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Read & Repair - Wireless Imagination feat. @cmos4040

In this online edition of Read & Repair participants will be invited to pick and mix from different texts ranging from zines, on the ephemerality of radio, and accounts of radio .

Sunday, 31st January 2021
10:30am-12:00pm CET

More info:

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Call for application WdKA PZI XPUB Master 🔥 💻

This is what our first year students do:

This is what our second year students do:

This is an open day (06 Feb):

This is where to apply:

This is a website:

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Calling all #javascript hackers, there is paid work going for improving #ConverseJS, a really promising web UI for #xmpp chat. The work is coming out of #CoTech, a network of UK tech coops

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╚═╝ ╚═╝ s the pandemic settled into consciousness across the globe, humans devolved. People in countries where the response to COVID-19 was most mismanaged started to snack a lot.¹ Pre-sliced packaged charcuterie. Ritz crackers. Oreo cookies.”

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( ( (( ( ( ( ( ( ((

The Pandemic's Dark Cloud
by Mél Hogan

#ann #feed #AMRO #servus

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"[...] this text is to insist that in should not be treated as mere collections of points or that can be simply compared quantitatively. [...] If the cut the into pieces, to assemble implied a potential stitching of these fragments. [...] There was if not . [...] Faces1999 is not a small version of a contemporary . A quantitative change reaches out into other dimensions, another space, another coherence, another division of and another practice. Another .
[...] It matters because recognising its volumetric regime changes the questions that can be asked to current datasets too. Instead of asking how large they are, how much they have evolved, I may be asking to which volumetric regime they belong (and they help enact in return). Which means a flurry of new questions need to be raised: what are the dataset's passageways? How do they split and stitch? What are its conjunctive surfaces? What is the division of labour that subtends it? How is the photographic apparatus involved in the regularisation of their objects? And what counts as photographic apparatus in this operation?"

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When we have no memory or little imagination of an alternative to a life centered on work, there are few incentives to reflect on why we work as we do and what we might wish to do instead.

"What is your screen's width? Fill one entire line with your colour. You can press space or use any other key."

Lovely etherpad vibes on the Sunday morning

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With @joanachicau @decentral1se @manetta (and @entreprecariat in spirit) we're holding a Read & Repair session on Minimal Viable .

How can minimal technologies maximise a learning experience?

The session will be about, with and on an Etherpad.

13th of December 2020, 11:00-13:00

More info:

--- Call for Subscriptions ---

Together with @alcstrt and @dvd we are working on A Nourishing Network (), a publishing feed that extends the bi-yearly festival in Linz, organised by @servus.

Especially in this moment of reduced mobility and physical encounters, we are excited to launch this playful publishing experiment, which will circulate throughout a community that usually gathers in small-sized events and festivals.

You can subscribe to the RSS, Atom or postal feed :) here:


If you subscribe to the postal feed you will receive multiple packages, including extra copies of the essays and means to forward these one step further.

The feed departs from the following questions:

- Another lost occasion for degrowth?
- Re-centralization or blooming alternatives?
- Artdiversity loss: is now Zoom the best art gallery 2020?

ps. You can also subscribe to the feed on Mastodon, by following this account:


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Welcome to the web feed of A Nourishing Network, a publishing experiment starting from the feed as a potentially multi-directional circulation device.

Especially in this moment of reduced mobility and physical encounters, we are excited to launch this playful publishing experiment, which will circulate within a community that usually gathers in small-sized events and festivals.


Read more and subscribe to the web feeds or postal feed here:

#ann #AMRO #servus

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The revolution of behavioral patterns is often sold in terms of convenience, namely less work. Less work means less decisions to make. Those decisions are not magically disappearing, but are simply delegated to an external entity that takes them automatically. In fact, we can define convenience as automated know-how or automated decision-making. We shouldn't consider this delegation of choice as something intrinsically bad, otherwise we would end up condemning the computer for its main feature: programmability. Instead, we should discern between two types of convenience: autonomous convenience and heteronomous convenience. In the former, the knowledge necessary to take the decision is accessible and modifiable. In the latter, such knowledge is opaque.

Let's consider two ways of producing a curated feed. The first one involves RSS, a standardized, computer-readable format to gather various content sources. The user manually collects the feeds they want to follow in a list that remains accessible and transformable. The display criteria is generally chronological. Thus, an RSS feed incorporates the user's knowledge of the sources and automatizes the know-how of going through the blogs individually. Indeed, less work. In this case, it is fair to speak of autonomous convenience.

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WGBS (Archipelagic) Radio

Archipelagic Waterways
Archipelagic Governance
Archipelagic Belonging
Archipelagic Structures

Manila – Rotterdam 📻

October 14, Wednesday
Rotterdam 14:00–15:45h CET
Manila 8:00–9:45 GMT+8

tune in:

This radio broadcast is the result of conversations and working relationships that navigate the concept of what an archipelagic construction could mean, in terms of organization, belonging, and self. It was constructed between an archipelago of friends such as but not limited to Angeliki, Clara, Chung, and Reinaart.

This radio broadcast departs from conversations about the essay Sketches of Archipelagic Poetics of Postcolonial Belonging by maryamdeluz and Marco Cuevas-Hewitt. The essay is an island of a mutual aid anarchozine package compiled by EtnikoBandido. (...)

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