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it始s really interesting looking at and working with oldschool Linked Data ontologies because they take a dictionary approach (tentatively introduce general concepts and then document usage in the wild) which is very different from the modern, prescriptive angle of things like ActivityStreams

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"Data Workers", exposition d'艙uvres algolitt茅raires qui m'a l'air passionnante au Mundaneum 脿 Monse en Belgique. Si jamais vous avez la chance de pouvoir y aller.

A nice overview of all the zine makers of yesterday's Tech Zine Fair in Paris 馃摎


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Special Issue 08 will be presented at in this coming Thursday 04.04.19 馃摗at 19:00!

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that journal style from is now available for use at !! i finally got around to cleaning it up and publishing it

(note: this is ONLY the lined颅鈥憄aper style; you will have to HACK ON IT if you want other ones)

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I始ve been thinking about this a lot鈥!鈥僒hese ideas aren始t necessarily organized or complete but I think they shed a fair amount of light onto my design process and the sorts of things I aim for with my works.

Pairs well with RDF, ActivityPub, IndieWeb, and everyone else trying to build the internet of tomorrow, today.鈥傿ut from a design perspective, rather than a technological one鈥!

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And yes @wendy , Nubo is on it's way! Counting the days now until going to the notary :)
Will let you know for sure when the creation is done!

But for mailing lists you'll have to stay with @domainepublic

Nubo is meant for an other public and services...

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Special Issue 07
Start up 馃搱 , Burn out 馃搲: Life Hacks 馃搶

Thursday December 13, 19:30-21:30 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in with under the influence of and guru @entreprecariat!

@darius @crickxson @rra @xuv @KnowPresent @colm @aparrish @matt

Hey all! We're organising a *Welcome to the 锟 Federation* gathering today (writing from the worksession right now :thinkhappy:) in , .

If you want to follow remotely, we're gathering around this pad: and in this XMPP groupchat Please feel welcome to join!

In the worksession of this afternoon we're looking at translations, specifically the translation work that has been done (or not yet) of the webpage.

Tonight will be a roundtable conversation around Mastodon, introducing it and formulating *Frequently Asked Questions* (FAQ) 脿nd *Specific Questions To Ask* (SQTA) together.

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Dear ${USER},

XPUB Master is open for applications!

We focus on ${TRENDING_MEMES}, our staff includes ${GREAT_TUTORS}
and we regularly collaborate with ${OBVIOUS_NAME_DROPPING_IS_OBVIOUS}.

Non-EU + EU priority Deadline: 01.03.19


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Woodstone Kugelblitz in collab with @rra : "On the weekend of the 23rd of November in collaboration with Woodstone Kugelblitz varia organises a convivial book sprint to make a Really Useful Knowledge Cookbook. A manual to be more an actor and less a consumer in your day to day affairs. The cookbook brings together recipes and instructions from the practice and theory of daily life.

For this cookbook we are still looking for recipes! This is DIY-advice, tips and tricks that should become part of this recipe book. We already have recipes about raising toddlers without diapers, blocking online advertising and making of hot sauce based on lactic fermentation!

~~~ Please submit your recipes by mail or post by the 22nd of November. ~~~

You can also drop by during the weekend to say hi, browse the archive of l'intolerant, see the collection of printing equipment, join for dinner (pls rsvp if you do the latter!) or join us during the concert.

The concert is on the evening of saturday the 24th of november (20:00 - 23:00) with improv music by Bohman Family and no-wave reli-pop by Cantos Deus:

More info about the booksprint:"

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Pushing The Score met De Player

Deze avond gaat over het archiveren van het project 'Pushing the Score'. Dit initiatief over de hedendaagse betekenis van de 'grafische score' is de afgelopen 2-3 jaar door De Player uitgevoerd. Zij heeft aan Varia gevraagd om een contextuele en technische 'omgeving' op te zetten die dienst kan doen als een online archiefuitgave van het project. Varia zal deze aanpak toelichten, tijdens een avond met verschillende presentaties.

Valentina Vuksic zal een liveset spelen. Zij benadert computers met 'transducers' die elektromagnetische straling in geluid transformeren via choreografisch opstellingen. De 'runtime' van uitgevoerde software wordt ge毛nsceneerd voor een publiek om een akoestische ervaring te bieden.

Over Pushing Scores

Wat zijn de mogelijkheden van grafische partituren, in een tijd waarin grafische notatie meestal als een 'tekening' wordt gezien en als een soort bladmuziek dienst doet?

In een poging om dit concept te herdefini毛ren, stelde DE PLAYER een programma samen waarvoor artiesten, muzikanten en theoretici werden uitgenodigd. Het collectieve doel is om nieuwe audiovisuele en media-technische vormen van grafische notatie te ontwikkelen en te presenteren door middel van artistiek onderzoek.

De meest eigentijdse en innovatieve grafische notatiepraktijken op het gebied van muziek, geluidskunst, performancekunst, e-cultuur, nieuwe mediakunst, grafisch ontwerp en mediaontwerp introduceerde De Player zo aan een nationaal en internationaal publiek.

Meer programma wordt later aangekondigd!

Datum: Donderdag, 29 November 2018
Deur: 20:00
Start: 20:30
Entree: 5 euro

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Starting today, we'll use our forum at for for most of the community and project discussions, instead of Gitlab.

We learned that Gitlab (and developper-centric) platform are not a great when it comes to involve everyone.

Take a look at to get context on this decision and join the discussion!

Special thanks to @Troll (for the content) and @prismo for the hosting!

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