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We're very proud to have Adam Frankiewicz of Pionierska Records and Floppy Not News(s) as part of our Magnetic Flux program. Be sure to check out his Speed Floppy Data Workshop at the end of the month!

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After a long sleep, a new post on OSP blog! The report of the Libre Graphics Meeting by @manetta with the question of the word "open" by @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente, , and new curves for , and inside. @lgm

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Here you can find the photo's of the big opening of :

In the meantime ... are a few of us (us = Varia in this case) in Bucharest to meet with ODD, a collective space for art, theory and discussions in the city.

After Dortmund (HMKV) and Paris (La Gaîté Lyrique) the Computer Grrrls exhibition traveled to MU in Eindhoven and it opens tomorrow night (20:00h)! 🖥️ 👀 🤸 [Dutch] [English]

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The #Relearn #curve continues in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of June. This session focuses on computed layout:

" Since 2013, several initiatives have been experimenting with making printed publications using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of CSS regions. This feature is necessary to produce multi-paged publications and since its removal from Blink (2014) and in WebKit (2017), users are trapped with old versions of WebKit. Sticking to older version is still viable today but for how long? "

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Interesting debates about how designers can contribute to FLOSS projects. No consensus on whether their involvement is desired, or how it can be facilitated. #lgm19

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Watching the #lgm19 talk of the #freiefarbe people. It's a bit abstract, but super impressive.

In short they're creating a system for ink mixing (the colours we refer to as spotcolours) by defining said colors in HCL(lab version of hsl), as well as cmyk fogra, srgb, lab AND spectral(this is super impressive). And they're trying to get ink manufacturers to start using the system.

This could be a free open alternative to Pantone and RAL.

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ongoing discussions on challenges and strategies in teaching art&design with #FLOSS software. Free Culture Aware Educators BoF at #lgm #lgm19 #libregraphicsmeeting @lgm

Many small curves to inspect how different tools draw them. From the research on *splines* by Ralph Levien.

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OK, let's try to make this happen (again).

Enter THE POLL'S DILEMMA 2: Pareto Edition!

You can:

- vote
- boost
- reply with strategy and overview of the situation
- wait 7 days to see the results

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@freedombox After the dot com era of 1997-2001 a consensus emerged that "nobody will pay for web services". It was out of this consensus that the web 2.0 systems like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail were born.

Web 2.0 introduced a critical "moral hazard" in which the user of the web service was no longer the customer. They were merely bait for the real customers who were advertisers. This separation is the source of many of the problems of the current internet.

By making web services something which individuals or communities can run we can bring the interests back into line again and make advertising something not needed or which is peripheral rather than being the main concern.
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Since I'm just going through it again now, this is the link for @natacha that @spideralex posted some time ago: en.gendersec.train.tacticaltec
We are preparing a series of workshops at using these modules. @spideralex , would our German translations be useful for you?

Soon to be further developed: VLTK, the Vernacular Language Toolkit.

The not-so swiss-army knife under the language processing tools. Including tools to drift, cross and enhance conviviality.

@ccl @jules

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Last days of the exhibition 'Data Workers'! We got a nice article on Metropolis M:

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