This recent post from The White Pube was such a joy to watch / listen to this week:

If you prefer in written form:

Perfectly incapsulating my feelings about what GDLP dubs "Level One Identity Art" - she explains it in much more clear terms than I ever could articulate to myself, but now that she attaches a label to it, i see it everywhere - in the trendy art / theatre / performance shows, in the "hot" summer literary fiction, basically every "hit" Netflix show in the last 4(?) years... games, too. Moving on to Level 2+ won't be easy on the art world, but feels like it's high time.

This was such an interesting episode from the TechWon'tSaveUs podcast:

Steward Brand & specifically The Whole Earth Catalog tends to have a cult status in design schools, so hearing the brutal crit, connecting the SV "counter-culture" to pro-capitalist / pro-war movements was surprising but logical. Of course sounds like the cool design work on the Catalog was mostly the work of Brand's wife (whose name is naturally nowhere near as well known). The whole episode connects well to an earlier episode w/ Phil Torres from May (which was connecting the toxic 'longtermism' in SV to wilful ignorance of real, present day problems).

Anyways here's also the book review discussed in the episode:

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#CFP: Fermenting Data (8 Oct 2022) 

Workshop on data workflows for semantic web applications in Aarhus, at NordiCHI2022 pre-conference.
With @lozross, Magda Tyzlik-Carver and me

Deadline is 15 August, more info in the call for participation:

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CFP: Fermenting Data (October 8th, 2022) 

We (@lozross, Magda Tyzlik-Carver and me) organize a workshop on data curation at NordiCHI in October. The workshop centers food fermentation and semantic data related to it. It will be hands-on: working with ferments and data.
Deadline: 15 August

📆 I'll be at NordiCHI in October this year running a curating/fermenting data workshop with brilliant colleagues Magda Tyżlik-Carver and @lukasfx. If you're planning to go to the conf. or know people interested in going, please check out our CFP just fresh off the press & spread the word:


🥬 We'll be curating data collaboratively, thinking about making data collection & data structuring practices more visible, and *importantly* using fermentation processes literally and metaphorically to guide our workflows.

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please boost:
job offer at code & context (

a new study program at I am teaching here since 2 years and enjoying very much to build-up this program from scratch, quite literally, setting up workspaces, equipment, concepts, courses and our team. You can be part of this adventure by inventing what a studio code will look like.
An important part of this job will be to help students to develop programming skills and hardware knowledge to enable them realize their own ideas, with a focus on agile methods and team work.

Here are some images to give you an idea of the place and of example projects students have worked on so far.


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We're happy to announce that we just started to work on three new interdependent online resources: the Damaged Earth Catalog, the Permacomputing wiki, and the permacomputing workshop series!


Damaged Earth Catalog

A growing online catalog of the different terms in circulation, used by communities of practice, in relation to computing and network infrastructure informed by ecological ethics, degrowth, resilience, repair, and minimalism. Currently developed by @l03s as part of her PhD research.


Permacomputing wiki

A new wiki about permacomputing that aims to expose its principles, present and discuss the concepts and jargon required to engage with permacomputing, and maintain a repository of related projects. Currently facilitated by @viznut and @320x200 open for contributors!


Permacomputing in the Arts

A workshop series that will be developed throughout end-2022 and 2023 as an onboarding course for permacomputing practices in art an design. The workshops will be made available as an Open Educational Resource. Developed by @320x200 as part of a postdoc research on the topic.

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The livestream was thematically 'buggy', but loved the keynote by @l03s at !! So many inspiring ideas and references for further reading.

The power of small scale practices, community work and community learning is so important for the everyday tasks of getting by living on a damaged planet.

Loved the peace-meal growth ideas vs master plan (I do really, really need to read 'A Pattern Language'), and made me feel less bad about an anecdote from my own work when one of the lead devs on my team complained recently that he feels like a plumber... maybe plumbing is not as glamorous as the work of the architect, but it's the work that is needed day-to-day in order to stay engaged with evolving community needs (and kudos to said dev who keeps on going albeit occasional grumpiness 😅).

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Wednesday 15 June at 20:00 I will talk about bugs 🦟 pattern languages 🐞 protocol 🕷️ and keywords at the wonderful festival in Linz.

Looking forward to spending time with LURK folks irl @ccl @alcstrt @Femke @celesteh @anglk and many more lovely ppl :)

Oh and I also give a workshop on Thursday at 14:00 in Raumschiff! More info:

There's an open comp sci PhD position with colleagues from TIB Hannover & the universities there:

It's for project P13, but topic is flexible and open to change depending on student's interest (also English is fine, doesn't have to be in German). There are some caveats about the funding, but programme is super flexible and you can help us with projects at the Open Science Lab (where I work at the moment) + supervisors are pretty great. Feel free to DM for more details. And boost!

Just listened to a recent episode from Tech Won't Save Us & can really recommend:

Phil Torres, PhD candidate at Leibniz Uni Hannover, dissects the frankly sci-fi dellusion-infused mindset behind "long termism" or why the richest people in tech (& elsewhere today, but mostly tech) excuse themselves from attending to the actual issues of the current human condition, and focus on some imaginary, not-yet-realised future. Honestly mind-bending logic there, but really interesting to listen.

Much love for this week's
episode of the Art&Obsolescence podcast where my PhD supervisor (& all round digital preservation legend)
@despens tells the story behind his work in the field & how emulation, web archiving + LOD made it into major infrastructural projects at Rhizome. Why are digital preservation folks so often coming from music backgrounds? What are the ethics of preserving art on the internet (vs more old school conservation approaches) and much more... Tune in over the long weekend:

@rra >> this seems interesting: from @NGIZero >> maybe useful for some long term ideas or just Varia projects in general.

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📢 Job opportunity - I'm looking for a colleague to join me at #Berlin in a position of junior #DevSecOps please send directs for deets & boost. #devops #infosec @info_activism

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opportunity in academy

boosts appreciated! :boost_requested:

tutor in commercial practices at WdKA, art academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The job description is quite generic, but here is a list of relevant topics/subjects that are relevant to this position:

-art and design practices in relation to degrowth and collapsology
- system thinking and ecological economics applied to art and design practices
- alternative (micro)economic systems/models in art/design/publishing
- collaboration, cooperation and collective practices within microenterprise and coop
- (post-)free and open source software, hardware, and licensing
- resilient and less extractive computer technology and networked infrastructure
- creative design with extreme material, carbon and energy constraints
- collective care, work and labour ethics in the creative industries
- transition, circularity and beyond, gambiarra and repair culture (engagement and critique)
- multi-, trans-, and cross-disciplinary projects beyond the cultural sector

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

Essay editing and listening to Radio Jiro special Vangelis mix from a few years' back - what an amazing legacy:

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