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belated introduction of myself! most of the things I post about will be about - a cluster of projects about networks before and/or outside of the internet. the main project I'm working on right now is a catalog of about 150-200 of these Other Networks that will be published by Anthology Editions as a kind of coffee table book. I've been using the hashtag on twitter for years but will see if I can keep the momentum going here too

with gratitude for great suggestions for readings on artist run spaces and studios, if anyone is curious, here is the syllabus for a grad class I'm teaching again in spring called "Theory & Practice of Doing, From the Sciences to the Arts & Humanities"

5/ Finally -- Decades before DALL-E, Yaakov Kirschen coaxed Amiga computers into composing their own music. His process was to find the "DNA" of existing songs, then and recombine those elements. His system was used in 1988 to score a BBC TV documentary.

Download the disk images of the end PC product and read the bonkers history here:

#commodore #amiga #ibm #pc #digipres #retrocomputing #gamedev #gaming #videogames #breakintochat #jewish #israel

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@loriemerson Reposting from Twitter: There used to be the awesome Phone Book, a compendium of independent/artist run spaces here in Chicago. I don’t know if there are more recent editions, but I found #4 here:

can anyone recommend books on artist-run spaces / artist studios? I'm looking for readings of the space/infrastructure. something that might fit well with this:

more lols: "the basis and purpose of the amateur radio service" is NOT to provide "person radio communications for as many citizens as possible." because that would be wrong.

The Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium (DEFCon) is giving away $100K in grants for teaching and programming at the intersection of #DigitalHumanities & Ethnic Studies. Applications due January 13, 2023.

Webinar: December 5th at 6pm EST/3pm PST


more on learning some basic FCC rules and regulations for and it's curious to see individualism built into the rules/regs themselves - the responsibility for dealing with interference always lays with the entity receiving rather than transmitting. got an interference problem? install a filter!

i.e. the answer "ask/inform the FCC" is never the correct answer

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school is basically teaching us that the FCC will surveil us but we should never bother the FCC with our petty little questions and concerns...hmmm....

#ProTip: every #Mastodon account auto-generates an RSS feed, so friends & colleagues who refuse to join can still reap the benefits of you sharing natively, here ~ they can subscribe to it from any feed reader and always be up-to-date ~ is my feed link (there's also a .atom feed for those who care) ~ change the domain & username and you should see yours, instead ~ just like the good ol' days of blogging ~ #SocialMedia #help #fediverse :clippy:

also as true today as it was in 1976: "We media teachers are used to de-emphasizing the product. It was hard enough to convince greedy school administrators that our classes were not factories to turn out slick industrial-type documentaries about the wonderful new school swimming pool. Even with the kids themselves, we had to constantly point out the essential value of the experience..."

more and more I see the underlying sensibility of as very 1960s beatnik meets 2022 minus white middle class tech bro. DeeDee Halleck writing as a better version of Jean Piaget, Alan Kay etc etc: "In this age of mass communication, people fear they are becoming machines, forced to obey this or that ad or admonition from the vaast networks of power. One way to fight this duped acceptance of the mass media is to interest and instruct people in their production. And certainly, no starting place is better than the children..."

does anyone happen to understand why/how my account is automatically following some people back? I admit: I'm not wild about this and would prefer to choose for myself...I'm guessing it's some script people are using that automatically matches bird site mutals with this site?

Forthcoming exhibition - Data relations
//Exhibition curator Miriam Kelly says: “Artists included in Data Relations reflect on the effects of the contemporary data economy and techno-mediated relationships in ways that are profound, humorous, poetic and confronting. The impacts of what has been described as the ‘data revolution’ – that began with the internet and accelerated with the opportunities to commercialise data and store vast amounts of ‘big data’ – cannot be understated within our economic, political, environmental, social and cultural contexts. Data now permeates contemporary life”.//

Featuring artists: Zach Blas, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Machine Listening (Sean Dockray, James Parker and Joel Stern), Mimi Onuoha, Winnie Soon; plus Data Relations Summer School
Guest Curator Miriam Kelly, Coordinating Curator Shelley McSpedden

Data Relations: 10 December 2022 to 19 March 2023, ACCA Galleries and Digital Wing. 


also: learning about the National Television Standards Committee that created a standard for color fast scan TV transmissions...and named the standard NTSC after their committee...and for some reason I think that's one of the funniest things I've heard all week

I'm no graphic design expert buuuut...a "glossy" fundraising pamphlet for the @mediaarchaeologylab put together by university marketing that includes no fewer than 5 different fonts, three different line spacings, and three background colors?

In the first five years of the Depot's existence, we produced 3 books directly out of our research. The third Depot book is THE LAB BOOK: SITUATED PRACTICES IN MEDIA STUDIES, by me, @loriemerson and Jussi Parikka (U of Minnesota Press, 2021)

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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