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I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron , @decentral1se, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

After last weeks 7" fueled disco rampage, we calm down this week and acquire a taste for longer tracks and mind enveloping melodies.

Tune in tonight 20:00 CEST to
for some space exploring 🌌 πŸ”­ β˜„οΈ
sounds and signals.

Safe from metadata, all from vinyl in various formats.
Come lurk with us while we broadcast, no account required

Rhizome just published this piece i wrote about the end of an internet, what comes after, and what kind of network might nurture a world we can live in. Big thx to all who helped! @liaizon & @lidia_p

#Covid_19 & #ournetworks20 Β· How can emerging #decentralized #infrastructures support different futures?

.. How do #alternative #networks work in #solidarity for change? what tactices of #collective care & maintenance help us respond the opportunities & challenges of this moment?


Due to the current situation and public health concerns the event "Radio On the " will not be public in the physical space of Varia but will be STREAMED online through: We'll start broadcasting at 20:30. Don't forget to tune in!

More info:

Cultural Workers Shouldn't Pay for the COVID-19 Pandemic in NL 

⚑ we continue the Read & Repair sessions at with special guest @manetta ⚑

πŸŒ€ she'll be guiding us through discussions around open licenses from 11 to 13 πŸŒ€

It is time for a new special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine! This issue, prepared by the collective Precademics 85.42.1, brings experiences of precarity in Greek academia to the fore.

"This is an attention-seeking act of Greek academic unions to make public and visible the precarious conditions they find themselves in. Far from being an academic aporia by our Greek colleagues, this is the past and future of academia itself." Leandros Kyriakopoulos

New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the and how these are getting entangled with practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!

πŸ“ƒ ✊ Feminist Data Manifest-No

Cifor, M., Garcia, P., Cowan, T.L., Rault, J., Sutherland, T., Chan, A., Rode, J., Hoffmann, A.L., Salehi, N., Nakamura, L. (2019). Feminist Data Manifest-No. Retrieved from:

Tomorrow at Varia we will be having an evening of documentary watching, thoughtful debate and musical performance!
We will be screening the documentaries "Alles Flex?" and "Call me Intern", both of which reflect on the devastating consequences caused by the ongoing flexibilization of both housing and work. To further clarify and present these topics, Abel Heijkamp, one of the filmmakers responsible for "Alles Flex?" and member of Bondprecaire Woonvormen, has kindly agreed to be present for a Q&A and conversation.

The second part of the program will be secured by Sam Kreuk, who will be presenting his solo project, City Dragon.

Time: 17h30
Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3 (Rotterdam)

On the 8th of Feb, Hackers and Designers together with Read-in, me and @anglk will host a workshop on feminist strategies for searching in library catalogs @ the h&d studio in Amsterdam. More info here β€”->

β€œArtist-researchers Roel Roscam Abbing (@rra) and Aymeric Mansoux (@320x200) likewise critique universal openness in their analysis of an emerging internet infrastructure created by and for users: the #Fediverse.”

starting at 11:30am today #Transmediale

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