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I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron , @decentral1se, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

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After three years of (semi) regular existence, it is now high-time that the Pervasive Labour Union zine takes a very close look at the universe of the alternatives to corporate social networks.

What do these alternatives look like? What are the requirements of a 'true' alternative?
The Pervasive Labour Union zine already broached some of these topics on its Special Issue with the Homebrew Server Club on . To follow the HBSC’s strategy, a premium should be put on alternative approaches, not on any specific alternative apps.
We need social networking solutions based on open standards that are able to communicate among themselves, regardless of the platform being used.

Which protocols can and are being developed to achieve interoperability between the different alternatives? How do scale and trust influence the field? What are the forces at play within this realm and how to engage with them?
With this issue, we propose not only to collect a field guide of sorts, but also to open up the discussion on the alternatives and how to tackle the challenges posed by network effects, scalability and financial viability.

DEADLINE: February 5th

Submit to:, or

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Time to get things rolling! On Saturday, the 31st of August Floppy Totaal will visit WORM in Rotterdam for an event entirely devoted to floppy disk music. We call it 'Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux'. Adam Frankiewicz, Sascha Müller and Remute are part of a two part program that consists of workshops, talks and performances. For more information and tickets check: &

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Call for participants Open Design Course
KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for refugees and asylum seekers currently staying in Belgium. The course program focuses on Open Design as a technological and as a cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning (learning from each other, changing the teacher - student relationship), and puts an emphasis on new media literacy.

This 8-week course is open for refugees, asylum seekers but also “sans papiers” and people who do not have easy access to higher education.

- Register, before 26/08
- Course, from 02/09 till 25/11, 3 to 4 days a week
For more information:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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12-13.07.2019 + + !

Upsetting Settings presents graduation projects initiated by Alexander Roidl, Alice Strete, Angeliki Diakrousi, Joca van der Horst, Natasha Berting, and Zalán Szakács. The concept of this exhibition arises from the idea of the default setting, a situation in which a specific mode of interaction is selected automatically, pre-configured to work out of the box without the need to tinker with its underlying apparatus. Every system comes with default settings predefined by its creators, and most of the time, these settings remain unchanged by us, the users of such systems. These defaults do not represent our needs but are possibly the materialisation of biases from the system's makers, from corporate or political interests, from a society at large. The projects engage with the concept of default modes and propose interventions in their core structure/source/root so as to start thinking collectively about better places from which to begin. You are invited to become root users, active listeners, smart speakers, intentional eaters, counter trolls, sensorial spectators!

Grad projects overview:
Full programme:

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This week, What Remains is going to ! The game is featured in the UN/GREEN exhibition of the 2019 Festival in .

PS: @l03s is going, come and say hi! 👋

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Well, what do you know! Some video's of Floppy Totaal's past are still floating around the web. Here's a very exclusive one from 2015 by the incomparable Kai Nabuko aka. Toxic Chicken: Good times!

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, a cooperatively-run bar in , that has been a strong support for the political arts scene of the city & grassroots organisation, is turning into an autonomous social center.

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Tomorrow 7.06 in , join for the next edition of . Participants will engage, in various ways, with digital network practices. I'm happy to facilitate the discussion "networks are people too"!

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Floppy Totaal has a new website! Here you can read about the direction the project will take in the upcoming months. Check it out at:

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Today 5pm at #lgm19

Join me for No Dotted Line hands-on workshop. Illustrating a book about healthy consent, which evolves as desires shift.

We'll explore how to make images consensually, with Inkscape or plain old printouts & glue.

Modular design, FLOSS + #feminism, #consent #education #illustration

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Just arrived at #lgm19 and love the beautiful poster image. Anyone know who made it?

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If you happen to be in Vienna this Saturday:
I'll be conducting the workshop 'Beerpong or Voltaire?', prepared by me and Lucia Dossin, at Mz Baltazar’s Lab!

With special thanks to Ana Loureiro Fernandes and Joseph Knierzinger.

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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron , @decentral1se, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

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▝ digital interdependencies ▘affective infrastructures▝ networked entanglements ▖feminist servers ▖federated networks ▚ digital autonomy ▖transitional infrastructures ▞ ▖so-and-sovereignty networks▝ out-of-the-cloud thinking ▚

7th, 8th & 9th of June 2019
Varia, Rotterdam

More info on how to join:

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do you have some recommandations about care/reproductive work and servers/system administration ?

vous auriez des recommandations autre des relations entre care/travail reproducteur et l'administration système/les servers ?

:www_server: 💗

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new publication: "What Is Autonomy?"

- an overview written mostly, but not only, for students (including those in Autonomous Practices Wdka), meant to cover as many meanings of 'autonomy' as possible within a brief essay: political autonomy, aesthetic autonomy, and autonomous systems...

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Special Issue 08 will be presented at in this coming Thursday 04.04.19 📡at 19:00!

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The Network We (de)Served - (XPUB Special Issue #08)

Geachte bezoeker,

Het was een paar maanden terug dat we bij elkaar van huis tot huis gingen om ons gezamenlijke homebrew netwerk te installeren. Terwijl onze host een kop thee voor ons zette, onderzochten we op deze infrastructour onze routers en hoe die ons aan het internet verbonden.In de huizen waar het mogelijk was installeerden we een server, maar dat lukte niet overal. Het maakte sommigen van ons afhankelijk van een ander lid van de groep.

Gezamelijk werken aan vormen van self-hosting als een manier om het te hebben over netwerken, autonomie, online publiceren en sociale infrastructuren, waarbij we allemaal vertrokken vanuit een andere vraag. We willen graag onze persoonlijke (en toch onderling verbonden) zoektochten met je delen, een verhaal vertellen, onze web- en gedrukte zines presenteren en je uitnodigen om ons zelfgebouwde netwerk te verkennen.

Datum: Donderdag 04 april 2019 Locatie: Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam Entree: Gratis Start: 19:00

Met bijdragen van: Simon Browne, Tancredi Di Giovanni, Paloma García, Rita Graça, Artemis Gryllaki, Pedro Sá Couto, Biyi Wen, Bohye Woo, Roel Roscam Abbing, Manetta Berends, Lídia Pereira, André Castro, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh, Steve Rushton, Leslie Robbins.

Dit project is ontwikkeld in de context van de Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing (XPUB) van het Piet Zwart Instituut, en Varia, Centrum voor Alledaagse Technologie, Rotterdam - april 2019.

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