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I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron ,, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

@robert @covetedfish @theantimenagerie @anu1905 @lozross If you know of other people who could feel at home on lurk, please invite them by generating an invite code.

Our moderation policy can be found here: (take note of our stance on twitter x-posting as well!)

Mastodon has quite granular visibility settings for your posts, you find them in the message compose field. Here is how they work:

In addition to those we have another option (the chain link) which makes your posts not federate, meaning they are only visible on

It is possible to switch to different color themes and even a multi-column layout in your preferences:

If you want to move to another instance you can migrate your social graph here:

If you wanna do some serious reading on what else is possible, here's a good place to start:

Get in touch via chat by using:

Lastly if you have any questions or issues you can contact me or one of the other mods: @320x200 or @rra

happy lurking!


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Hello, @robert, @covetedfish, @theantimenagerie, @anu1905 and @lozross and welcome to!

The Fediverse and Mastodon are not super intuitive to get started with so here is an introduction in two parts!

The most difficult thing is to discover content and people you find interesting.

For that there are generally two strategies: first you can post and subscribe to hashtags. This is currently the best way to find particular conversations. For example you could look at or post to to find others interested in that topic. Most commonly is used to describe briefly what you are interested in, that way people can follow you. If you do I can boost you for visibility.

The second strategy is to make use of both the 'Local' and 'Federated'/'Global' timelines. The local one shows all posts by people on The 'Global' timeline shows all posts by people followed by people on but who are themselves on a different part of the network. See here for a visual explanation:


On monday I'm presenting a paper on during the 'Computing within ' conference.

In the paper I'm describing the design choices we made, such as designing for unavailability and how they were based on reducing a few key metrics such as data transferred, calculations per request and use of third party services. This opens up a way of thinking about and ICT. We should be looking in to that waaaay more.

The paper also tries to implicitly answer the 'how do we do sustainable web design?' question and argues aiming for reduction (of bytes transferred, computation and infra required) as useful rule of thumbs guiding a design. That is to say, solar protocols, 'low tech look', 3.5MB dithered images, green CDNs etc ain't it.

However, it also self-criticizes for the fact that it is so unreproducible and a very limited and 'easy' use case. So yeah no answer but thinking through degrowth should definitely be considered as the direction of the answer..

Tomorrow and Tuesday, the Computing within LIMITS workshop takes place.

I'm presenting a paper based on a discussion on Mastodon, started by @calcifer about terms related to sustainability and computing. I'm starting with a discussion of 3 historical terms from the 70s, rooted in anarchism, anti-technocratic critique and human-scale technologies, after which I dive into LIMITS related and grass roots terms, ideas and their associated practices.

Link to paper:

Lurk instance is well represented, @rra is there, in paper session #3, with a discussion on degrowth and ICT, focusing on Low Tech Magazine's design choices and most importantly, why it sometimes goes offline:

Many thanks to @solderpunk @neauoire @viznut and @calcifer for their kind contributions!

14 - 15 June, from 16.00 - 20.30 CEST

As soon as I discovered the work of J. Dakota Brown, I became a fanboy. His essays on automation and autonomy in graphic design are such rigorous and rich contributions to the history and theory of the field. Now, thanks to the BURG University of Art and Design in Halle, I had the chance to invite him for a dialogue, which will take place tomorrow the 15th at 18:00 (GMT+2). More info here:

Also, if you were wondering, this beautiful digital flyer was collaboratively designed by Esben Terje Sonne, Georg Stahlbock, Helene Otto, Karen Czock, Luka Löhner, Marion Kliesch, Melanie Hauffe, Paul Werner, and Sanna Schiffler.

open call for Relearn 2021, the Rotterdam edition! 'The what and the why of the Anarchive' >>>> (deadline for submissions is the 30th of June) .zone

Digital Solidarity Networks started as a shared listing of tools, practices and readings for digital solidarity, conviviality and togetherness. In May and June 2021 we are organising 3 public moments for collective relearning.

For the 3rd event, happening on Thursday 10 June, 15:00-18:00 CEST, we will be joined by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (Miriyam Aouragh, Seda Gürses, Femke Snelting, Helen Pritchard) who will speak about infrables.

“Infrables make negative use-cases and un-fixing bug reports as a solidary praxis. They are articulations of what extractive digital infrastructures are, and what they are doing. What infrables can we tell to take-down Big Tech narratives and undo their violences? (...) Our contribution to the Digital Solidarity Network conversations will be a series of infrables to be reworked and retold.”

Read more about the event here:

To register, please send an email to mentioning the name of the event in the subject line.

@ccl @manetta

Deadlines? New crappy mixtape with to-cry-for conceptual development :) Can I even call it a concept at this stage? Probably...nay, definitely not. But here it goes:

The March Violets - Snake Dance
Oppenheimer Analysis - Devil's Dancers
Suspiria - Allegedly, a Dancefloor Tragedy
She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete
Lebanon Hannover - Gallowdance
Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle - Shadow Dance

If vector graphics, python, creative coding and/or pen plotters ring a bell, my LGM short talk presenting the new release will probably be of interest to you! In around 30 minutes:

If you missed this week's show, it's still looping!
The Broken Phone + 'between arepas and kartoffelsalat'

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Networked publishing, mail art and lots of admin and calculations - tune in for this and more on Saturday for the A Nourishing Network talk at @lgm with @manetta

Earlier this month, I had a conversation with Agnieszka Wodzińska from Metropolis M about my PhD research, "Storming the Gamergate" (working title), which I recently started. You can read it here:

Digital Solidarity Networks started as a shared listing of tools, practices and readings for digital solidarity, conviviality and togetherness. In May and June 2021 we are organising 3 public moments for collective relearning.

For the first event, happening on Thursday 20 May, 15:00 -18:00 CEST, we will be joined by Dušan Barok, who will speak about Artist-Run Digital Networks and Community Work.

Together, we will be asking:

* How can we reconfigure digital networks across timelines and communities?

Read more about the event and the Digital Solidarity Networks series here:

@ccl @manetta

"Pirate Care, a syllabus
, a political notion
▒▒ has topics ▽
> Introduction to Care
> Criminalization of
> as Care
> Struggles
> Care
> Autonomy
> The Hologram: a peer-to-peer social technology of care
> Community Safety from Using Contextual Fluidity
> , Toxicity and
> Fostering and in the scene
> Politicising
> Flatten the curve, grow the care: What are we learning from "
Thanks @vilay

I have a deadline tomorrow, so naturally I think the best use of my time is making a shitty mixtape using even shittier methods. 0 points for those who guess the oh-so-questionable-kinda-obvious-and-depressingly-uninspired concept.


Boy Harsher - Careful
Bauhaus - Mask
Linea Aspera - Event Horizon
Rendez-Vous - Distance
Neon - Isolation
Bioconstructor - Teleturizm

What Remains is at the “Sonic game space II” exhibition at Visningsrommet USF, , . 24.04-08.05

"Sonic Game Space aims to shed light on experimental use of play and interaction, and the new ways of playing. Through experimental game mods, they encourage interactive installations & custom made games."

Also with works by Marieke Verbiesen, Martijn Verhallen, Jordan Bartee, Theo Triantafyllidis & David Murray!
If you're around, drop by and check it out! (free event)

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Tomorrow from 11:00-17:00 @ccl and I will be hosting a session around one of the research trajectories in Varia: Minimal Viable Learning

The session is part of the Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures series initiated by Constant and KASK Gent. Join us for discussions and stretching acts around etherpads, plain text, minimal computing, learning environments, padtiquettes, user-spaces, a minifesto and magic words.

How do minimal viable softwares enable a multitude of practices, while considering how technical learning environments can be viable for different contexts?

Register by writing a short mail to:

This Friday, April 2nd 2021, Page Not Found ( ) and the Master Experimental Publishing ( ) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, are delighted to invite you to the launch of their Special Issue #14, entitled “I Don't Know Where We're Going, But — A Local Network City Quest”.

Join for a game of urban pinball as you drift through the streets of Den Haag. And it's free? Yes:

Friday 2 April 2021, are you in or nearby? Feel like checking out a psychogeographical for a bit of change of scenery?

Join new special issue launch "I Don’t Know Where We’re Going, But — A Local Network City Quest"!

FREE ticket + HOWTO

(in partnership with + guidance of @lidia_p)

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