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I found a way to make variable fonts with free softwares only. It requires Fontforge and two Python modules (AFDKO and fontmake). My code here:
#variablefont #python #freesoftware

Libre Graphics Meeting 2020 videos at @lgm .

Gonna check them out.

They're posting text posts at @lgm .

Inkscape is preparing a 6-week summer of Hackfest online, beginning Sat., July 11, @ 4 pm UTC. Live video session runs 6 hours - come for as long as you like. Learn about Inkscape's board this week. Bring your questions! Everyone welcome! Details:

Another #PlayRaw from community member Bastian of a birds-eye view of lower Manhattan from a helicopter(!). Grab the raw file and share how you would process this image!

#FreeSoftware #photography #ArtWithOpenSource #RAW

And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android:

Gotta say, it's kind of soothing to fix something that's been broken and/or missing in my Laidout software since around 2007, namely being able to fill paths with gradients comfortably. Gradients also now import well from svg.

There was a desktop open source application for making svg animations (not Synfig, Natron or Enve). Can anyone remember it?


I’m currently rewriting #Lufi’s frontend from scratch (using the mockup on, so if a designer wants to contribute to a free software which is already used (not widely, but by a good number of users) and wants to take advantage of the fact that I’m redoing all the UI from scratch, I welcome goodwill with pleasure!

NB: I'm starting to work on the mockup, but I don't mind using a different design, not at all!

@lgm so happy that the videos were posted on so quickly, bravo!

@lgm Thanks very much for everything. The event was wonderfully organized. It was inspiring to see that this whole thing could run on free software so smoothly.

#LGM2020 #LibreGraphicsMeeting

@lgm thanks you so much all for this crazy @home edition ! <3

@lgm it was a great 3 days! thanks for the organization. :))

Thank you to those who joined. Have a nice weekend all.

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