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This is the end of .

Next Libre Graphics Meeting will be in Rennes, France. If you have the ideas, suggestions or want to give a hand organizing it, get in touch with us via our mailing-list.

Je n’ai pas besoin de savoir comment marche un moteur pour conduire une voiture

Je suis allé au Libre Graphics Meeting, début juin, à Saarebruecken, pour rencontrer les développeurs de darktable, en particulier Johannes Hanika, son fondateur, et Tobias Ellinghaus, son deuxième plus gros contributeur. On a discuté de l’aveni

#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

I did a little workshop at #LGM19 this year called "When In Doubt, Print it Out". We had a lot of fun playing with bar-code scanners and small receipt printers. I finally got around to tidying and documenting things enough to make public:

If you're doing work with #screenless interaction and #smallprinters it might be a useful starting point.

I'm enjoying mastodontery noticeably more since I got back from #LGM19 and added a bunch more #lgm people to my feed. Artists and designers are a lot less negative than engineers. (Even type designers, who are capable of being a pretty grouchy bunch when left to their devices)

@tomsart pusblished his Libre Graphics Meeting recap on his website. Check it out:

Bonjour les Mastonautes.

Est-ce que vous auriez de bons tutoriaux pour #Inkscape ?

Welcome @Tatica to the . Tatica is a full-time designer, photographer and community organizer. She gave a talk at on how she turned her FLOSS community into a design studio. She is also an avid contributor to .

Welcome @graphicore to the . Lasse Fister is a developer and type designer. Among other things, he developed graphicoreBMFB, a bitmap font building script that you might have seen in a presentation at .

Thank you all at @lgm for making this happening... I will be grateful all my life for having such a conference where I don't feel weird

I am still catching up with the post conference emails etc, but to @lgm and everyone who joined here during the conference to post.lurk or elsewhere...

We have a tradition here at mastodon to use #introductions / #introduction tag to well introduce ourselves. (also using other tags that indicate interest) it makes it easy to find other newcomers (they are a good place to find people to follow), and it also makes a nice way to boost information about you. :)

Finally back home from #lgm19 .

Met a lot of people, some of which I already knew from irc(including meeting a Krita contributor, Tiar, for the first time), others which I knew would be there for other applications, but also fediverse people like @eylul which I hadn't expected! Very interesting conversations were had, as well as fun!

Anyway, attaching a picture of the back of the vest I wore. Took a while to figure out how to do this, have many prototypes.

Hey everyone. Please Welcome @ale to the . He is one of the core contributor to @lgm, maintainer of our infrastructure and developer.

We are asking everyone who took pictures during to drop us a link, here our in our mailing-list, to a spot online where we can access them.

Johannes Hanika and Tobias Ellinghaus giving the birthday speech of the 10th anniversary of #darktable, yesterday at #LGM19

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