From this 1953 campaign paid for by the disposable packaging industry to today, I will give an overview of several flavours of greenwashing with a special focus on ICT, and of course a ton of counterstrategies! Today at 18:00, Kunstuniversität Linz. vaping-networks.radical-openne

Microsoft Bob, codename 'Utopia', was a project in which Rover the dog introduced Microsoft OS to new users through the metaphor of a house. Come explore the wondrous world of interfaces old and new at @ImpaktFestival 30-10 til 03-11 in Utrecht!

With: @air_pump @ccl @lidia_p and many more amazing guests :)

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🗓️🔖 2.11.2019
Next week I'll be at IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht NL, on a panel about "Calm Technology" with Olia Lialina, @ccl , and Annet Dekker as moderator—curated by @l03s as part of the festival theme: Speculative Interfaces. I'll talk about mapping Youtube recommendations, and the possibility of perhaps, maybe, chilling out within algorithmic traps. 🕸️

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Cool op-ed from @l03s about What Remains in The Ecologist!

"Gamers battling industry disinformation

What Remains is a game that draws parallels between industry disinformation campaigns from the 1980s and today."

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This week, What Remains is going to ! The game is featured in the UN/GREEN exhibition of the 2019 Festival in .

PS: @l03s is going, come and say hi! 👋

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"We are not striking to fill our pockets. Rather, we are striking to pay for an increase in staff numbers that will improve the student/staff ratio; to provide better infrastructure for our students; to reduce the workload and frequency of burnouts among our colleagues; to improve our institutional capacities for self-government; and to improve the quality of Dutch education.

We are also striking to protest against the creeping mechanisms of market simulation and commercialization in education. We are striking to contest the incessant drive to turn schools and universities into supermarkets, with an unelected – and unaccountable – board of directors at the top, and a hapless army of consumers at the bottom."

Very beautiful artwork in @mathr 2019 diary! Thank you so much!!!

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This Sunday, the 4th of November, me and Lucia Dossin will be presenting our workshop "Beerpong or Voltaire?" as part of Culturele Zondag - Utrecht Digitaal.

"Beerpong or Voltaire?" seeks to explain, without the use of computers and to a general audience, how LDA (a topic modeling algorithm used for clustering) can be implemented to infer a user's psychological traits on the basis of her/his Facebook likes.
We will finish the workshop with a discussion around the political, social and economical consequences of these processes and how they might directly impact our daily lives.

Join us either at 13h30, for the 1st session, or at 15h30, for the 2nd session - Hope to see you there!…/utre…/p

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On the 28th of October, @manetta and I will be giving a :hacker_w: :hacker_o: :hacker_r: :hacker_k: :hacker_s: :hacker_h: :hacker_o: :hacker_p: at the Impakt festival. 

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RT I did a timeline of technologies for publishing. There is a big printed version (240xm x 60cm) styleg in HTML and CSS (grid), you can see here: and you can find source files on gitlab:


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Spain court confirms jail sentence for former IMF chief Rato

All possibilities of appeal are exhausted, one of the most high-profile bankers of Spain needs to go to jail now. This makes Spain only the second country (after Iceland) where any prominent banker were sent to jail following the 2008 financial crisis. What this article fails to mention, like all others I found, is that the trial and conviction was due to an unprecedented citzien's campaign (led by people such as Simona
Levi), which raised funds, hired lawyers and organized leaks to gather evidence. More on this aspect in an (older) article in The Nation.

via felix stalder:

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