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We have another exciting job opening: we are looking for a scientific coordinator for @mediaofcoop@twitter.com on postdoc level with an interest in studying & working with digital publics. jobs.uni-siegen.de/job/Wissens Come work with us! German language skills required.

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Happy to announce that the Data Stories Symposium will take place virtually on the 26th + 27th of November 2020. Join us for two half days on how to experience data through stories 🥳 w/ @esimperl@twitter.com @laurakoesten@twitter.com @binocularity@twitter.com @jwyg@twitter.com Find details/RSVP here: datastories.co.uk/symposium/

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We have six PhD positions in the field of digital media, inventive methods, digital praxeology, AI/HCI, data, platforms, infrastructures to study "media of cooperation" twitter.com/mediaofcoop/status

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Dear @netflix@twitter.com: Since there’s clearly appetite for tech critique RN, why not make a documentary about some of the many women of color and other impacted communities who have been experiencing, describing, and resisting the harms of tech platforms for years or decades?

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Nice CFP for papers on "Visual Methods for Online Images: Collection, Circulation, and Machine Co-creation" from @marioponte@twitter.com @sabinesabine@twitter.com @Journal_Disena@twitter.com 📖🎑🌌🌁

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for : Collection, Circulation, and Machine Co-creation

Gabriele Colombo | @marioponte@twitter.com @densitydesign@twitter.com
Sabine Niederer | @sabinesabine@twitter.com @AUAS@twitter.com

Submission deadline: November 2nd, 2020


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The MIT Press is proud to collaborate with @zkmkarlsruhe@twitter.com on "Critical Zones". Edited by @BrunoLatourAIME@twitter.com and Peter Weibel, this volume portrays the disorientation of a world facing climate change. On sale this October!

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Since Zuckerberg won't turn off Facebook for a couple months to save democracy, the next best thing those in the US can do is install Safebook. Updated for the final stretch of the presidential campaign, Safebook is Facebook without any of the content.


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A reminder: we're hiring two full-time Researcher positions at @TowardsFairWork@twitter.com @oiioxford@twitter.com

Come and work with a smart, friendly, and all-round amazing team doing action research in the gig economy on five continents.

Deadline to apply is tomorrow!

£41,526 – £49,553 p.a. twitter.com/TowardsFairWork/st

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I spent the summer analyzing statements released by tech platforms in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

I wrote about how the statements highlight how the industry misunderstands racism and why that's a big problem for @techreview@twitter.com.


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How sad to hear of David Graeber’s death: here was a scholar who could extract us from the fiction of The Economy and who could reach a vast audience because everyone is tied either to debt, to bullshit jobs or to kings (as in his book coauthored with Sahlins).

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Gutted to hear about Graeber's death - he was engaged in struggles in a way that few academics are and he was relentless in his insistence that a better world is possible. Rest in power ✊ thebaffler.com/salvos/of-flyin

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Extraordinary job listing for Amazon intelligent analysts to monitor “labor organizing threats against the company”, activist groups etc. twitter.com/lmatsakis/status/1

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Come and work at @kingsdh@twitter.com! Lecturer in Digital Theory and Practice. Part-time (70% FTE), fixed-term until 2025, with a focus on social and humanistic computing, ethical socio-technical systems, sustainable design, and/or non-Western digital cultures.

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"Epistemic clashes in network science", a mapping and analysis of 2 disputes on scale-freeness, just published in @BigDataSoc@twitter.com.

I present it in a blog post (5 min read):

Read the paper online (45 min):

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Come work with us and help grow the @mscdigsoc@twitter.com Applications are due by 21st September 2020.

Lecturer in Computational Sociology
The University of Edinburgh - Sociology


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as suggested by @pournarakis@twitter.com, the Spotify Artist Network tool could be a good way to teach network analysis; students know and care about music and networks can be downloaded as graph files to play around with labs.polsys.net/playground/spo

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Just published and open access: My article "Orientalism and Informatics: Alterity From the Chess-Playing Turk to Amazon's Mechanical Turk," arguing ethnic, bodily, and gendered difference play key role in AI, HCI, and our ideas of "reason" bit.ly/34GQRpd 1/

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Excited to receive my copy of catalogue edited by @BrunoLatourAIME@twitter.com and Peter Weibel, designed by @Optichiasm@twitter.com, published on @zkmkarlsruhe@twitter.com @mitpress@twitter.com and densely packed with texts/images on the science & politics of landing on earth 📖 🥰 🌲 mitpress.mit.edu/books/critica

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