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Happy birthday to German polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, born in 1646. @jwyg@twitter.com looks at how Leibniz's early vision of computation and the “combinatorial art” speak to our own age of data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence: publicdomainreview.org/2016/11

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The @zkmkarlsruhe@twitter.com & @mitpress@twitter.com book 'Critical Zones - the Science & Politics of Landing on Earth" is now being printed. Congratulations to the editing team and thanks to all the authors for their contributions and patience.

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For those interested in apps, internet history, and platform evolution with a Chinese twist, check out @LRJia@twitter.com & @XF_Han0823@twitter.com's impressive article: "Tracing Weibo (2009–2019): The commercial dissolution of public communication and changing politics" tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10

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If you’re interested in learning to make exploratory network graphs in the context of digital research/investigations then have a look at these three new @Gephi@twitter.com tutorials from co-founder @jacomyma@twitter.com. Just in time for @digitalmethods@twitter.com . 🥰

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Technologies of Speculation is (finally) coming out next month! I wrote about it in the @NYUPress@twitter.com blog: fromthesquare.org/the-limits-o

Intro+Ch1 now free to read, & you can use code HONG30 for 30% off.

Book took a long time to brew, and I'll share more about the process soon, but 1/2

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Our special issue of @FemMediaStudies@twitter.com based on the conference Algorithms for Her is OUT NOW! We have some killer short, gummable papers that explore the relationship between algorithms, the study thereof, feminism, gender and class... [a thread]

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Techno-political archaeology of the "ping": digital automation was not elimination of human factors but their integration with machines; 24/7 networked digital anxiety is psychic fallout of Cold War surveillance systems; composition of the ping is affective, technical, political twitter.com/itsmybike/status/1

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A bit of happy news in troubled times: I received a copy of my book, "Metrics at Work: Journalism and the Contested Meaning of Algorithms," which will be published later this month by @PrincetonUPress@twitter.com press.princeton.edu/books/eboo

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Will big data illuminate reality, or distort it as James Ladyman suggests? Does the usefulness of big data depend on the questions we ask, as @anderssandberg@twitter.com argues? Should we focus on the way big data changes society, as @NoortjeMarres@twitter.com advises? iai.tv/video/numbers-vs-narrat

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there's a huge perception gap right now between what people with professional work-from-home jobs are feeling right now and what's actually happening to the american economy twitter.com/drdesrochers/statu

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