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an ... 📝

my work explores the role of digital data, methods and infrastructures in the composition of collective life.

i'm currently focusing on...
- 📘 a book on public data practices
- 🌳 arts-based digital methods for exploring environmental issues
- 🐌 a special issue on critical technical practices in digital research
- 🗃 documenting online mobilisations of east and southeast asian communities in the uk

i'm senior lecturer in critical infrastructure studies at the department of digital humanities, king's college london; cofounder of; and research associate at +

more at:

tag heap:

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“I think a certain optimism is required. A pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will, Gramsci said. That means hard thought, hard graft, recognising what the world is like, recognising the way the terrain is set against you, and then remembering the openness of history, and seeing whether one can intervene”

Stuart Hall in John Akomfrah’s expansive 2013 film which we watched last night 🍿📽🌒

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✨🏕 gathering science and technology studies 

taking cue from other field gatherings, some
() accounts to follow:

who else can we add? 🍄💾🍂🎛🌱📡🏮🐛🧪🚲🌲☁️🗂

@Aepasek @brunostrasser @cassandreces @cbj @chanders
@ckohtala @i_ngli @inquiline @jonathansterne @k8henne @maxliboiron @NoortjeMarres @samday @shobitap @stefanlaser @tscriado @tneale @WarrenPearce

suggestions on politics of autocomplete? 

anyone have recommendations for research, readings, investigations, art/activism projects on politics of autocomplete?

🗂 gathering links here for a class:

🪧 ucu strikes, bringing union branches into the fediverse 

for those bringing their union branches into the fediverse, this looks could be a good fit!

and spotted that @leedsucu is already there. 🪧🎊✨

Forthcoming exhibition - Data relations
//Exhibition curator Miriam Kelly says: “Artists included in Data Relations reflect on the effects of the contemporary data economy and techno-mediated relationships in ways that are profound, humorous, poetic and confronting. The impacts of what has been described as the ‘data revolution’ – that began with the internet and accelerated with the opportunities to commercialise data and store vast amounts of ‘big data’ – cannot be understated within our economic, political, environmental, social and cultural contexts. Data now permeates contemporary life”.//

Featuring artists: Zach Blas, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Machine Listening (Sean Dockray, James Parker and Joel Stern), Mimi Onuoha, Winnie Soon; plus Data Relations Summer School
Guest Curator Miriam Kelly, Coordinating Curator Shelley McSpedden

Data Relations: 10 December 2022 to 19 March 2023, ACCA Galleries and Digital Wing. 


🐦📦 script to recover birdsite archive urls 

if you've downloaded your birdsite archive you may find that original urls have been replaced by urls.

here's a useful script from @edsu to recover the originals 🎊😅

“She was looking past what we could see, gathering the questions and casting about for the necessary tools that might help to create a better future — to encourage people to be critical thinkers and active agents in their own destinies.”

Interactive longread on Octavia Butler:

HT @cybeldp

Many of us have been #OctaviaButler fans for decades. I love that she's trending. I hope she's proud of all of the adaptations that are coming out. Being a #Cinematographer on #KIndredFX was / is still such an honor.

Happy to share that The Ada Journal Reader launched this morning at #NCA2022! Check out selections from 10 years of groundbreaking scholarship on feminist new media, edited by Karen Estlund, Radhika Gajjala & Carol Stabile! (A brief thread!) @castabile #ReanimatePublishing #feminism #newmedia #DigitalHumanities

#introduction I’m a British #vietnamese lover of books, languages and food as a love language. I am a cofounder of non profit Britain’s East and South East Asian Network (besea.n), #DEI speaker and consultant, advocate for #ESEA issues and sharer of #ESEAjoy. Also #writing #podcasting and looking for #diversitymastodon #asianmastodon #blackmastodon #latinomastodon #antiracism


We're a UK trade union with 120,000 members in further, higher, prison & adult education. Our members are academics, lecturers, trainers, instructors, researchers, managers, administrators, computer staff, librarians, technicians, professional services staff & postgraduates.

We're fighting job losses & cuts.

We're fighting for better pay & conditions.

We're fighting to reverse damaging pension cuts.

#UCU #ucuRISING #RespectFE

Not a member? Join today:

#sociology #sts join us for the online booklaunch of Experimentalism and Sociology by Tanja Bogusz on December 6 18:00 - 1930 CET Register at r6

tfw your union is not only here - but also verified ✅🎊🎏🪧📣💛

here in time for strikes across uk universities next week.
and sending solidarity with those in california.

Just launched! The Collaborative Indigenous Research Digital Garden is a living repository of ~200 collaborative & Indigenous-led research projects. Truly amazing & generous resource to learn, cite, and teach with.
By @tuckeve & the Tkaronto CIRCLE Lab.
#indigenousResearch #digitalGarden

Hello, all! I have a book coming out in March 2023 called "More Than a Glitch: Confronting Race, Gender, and Ability Bias in Tech." You can preorder it now here:

The hardcover is available everywhere *except* Amazon rn due to... a glitch.

New publication 📄

Infrastructural Interactions: Survival, Resistance and Radical Care

With contributions by: TITiPI, Varia (Manetta Berends, Cristina Cochior), Clareese Hill, Other Weapons, Gwen Barnard, Naomi Alizah Cohen, Yasmine Boudiaf and Infrastructural Manouevres. Made with wiki-to-pdf.


@manetta @Sedista @Crittercompiler @ccl

Postdoc in participation and digital citizenship at SHAPE, Aarhus University

Come to work with us!!

Deadline 1 Feb 2023

A wishlist for trans*feminist servers at in Athens!

The text is also available here

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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