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7th, 8th & 9th of June 2019
Varia, Rotterdam

More info on how to join: relearn.be/2019/

Come join the #3 >>>> Algo-Rhythms is back in the Open City, deconstructing the way we think about the myriad of socio-cultural possibilities that the interface between music & digital technology opens up > worm.org/production/algo-rhyth

just made a pop-up book shop at Varia > join us at southexplorer.nl/en/ > and come have a look at all the amazing publications!

List :::: Data Workers catalog * R&D - A Low end Rich Media Publication * Pretty Fly For A Wi-fi * My Harddrive died along with my heart * Save and Forget * * Greetings from the Internet * Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis * Prevasive Labour Union [ilu.servus.at/ ]

*tonight*** 3*3: The Three of Joana Chicau III — 18:00 - 21:00 at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, free entrance! weownrotterdam.nl/events/?_cat

>>>> a new performance w/ @JipdeBeer co-produced by @v2unstable — find more about it: jobcb.github.io/web_choreograp

Looking forward to CCC!!! I will be presenting "A WebPage in Three Acts" on Saturday, 29th ~ 20:50 at Eliza — fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congres — who will be around???

After two years looking forward to be back {gredits.org/interfacepolitics/ to present <A WebPage in III Acts> at @Hangar_org

⟩ on the meaning of embodiment ⟩

⟨ ...so pervasive in current writing in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as if merely by placing the word "embodied" before "practice", the still festering wound created by the surgical separation of the organ of self-knowledge from the flesh and blood of human beings could be magically healed. ⟩ Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, The Primacy of Movement (1998)

*Unofficial Live Coding Meetup*

29th October at 19h30-22h
@Conservatorium van Amsterdam (room 433), Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam

Come and join us!

TOPLAP moot, a mini-festival of live coding in Sheffield UK at the start of September: toplap.org/moot2018/

Soon off to give a workshop and perform at the Libre Software Meeting full program here: 2018.rmll.info/en/program/cale ~ maybe see you there?!

Looking forward to present a new performance piece "Circulo & Meio" w/ @renick !!! Today >>> 21h30 at Passos Manuel [liveinterfaces.org/2018/#perfo …] if you can't join us you may read more about the project here: circle.renickbell.net/

Hello, an invitation for all to join Algo-Rhythms #2
on Thu 31 May at Worm Rotterdam.

More info:

Un-learning the Rules of Collectivity


People are encouraged to participate, but never allowed to organise.

How can we re-imagine the infrastructures? Collectivity is part of our existence. How do we build new ideas for cooperation?

Words about community: gift, dialogics,conflict, adaptation, diversity, unlearning.  The word community comes from the idea of gifts.

'Dialogics' - a form of communication that doesn't aim to find common ground or agreement.

What do we need to unlearn? How to we learn to learn in a different way, with empathy?

aa.xpub.nl - the autonomous archive. Their former squat had a huge collection of documents from it's formation.  The built a recycled computer running mediawiki. They put this up in a gallery in Rotterdam, doing a project on the cultural history of the city.
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