Just created a new repo with a list of resources from teaching Web Design and Programming - - - > git.vvvvvvaria.org/JoanaChicau 🌐 🖥️✨ < - - work in progress - - >

Thank you for all great projects and references shared ♡ I will dive into them!

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hi there! I am looking for references of digital archives that use interesting / less usual navigation systems for 'browsing / exploring' content; it can be through taxonomies, queries, any other ways of inviting for engagement and interaction. Any thoughts? 🖥️ ✨ 🔭 👀 Thanks

traces of the presence of <Anatomies of Intelligence> performance and workshop w/ Jo Chaim Reus @ ISEA 2022 Bcn, a special thanks to the curator and host @ jararocha
♡ º & the team @ Arts Santa Monica (more info ◡ → artssantamonica.gencat.cat/en/)

Added my publication Choreo-Graphic-Hypothesis (2018) to The Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing (DAAP) ↭ daap.network/artwork?id=Q5232 (downloadable link to file @monoskop)

come join us ━ ☆゚ Varia x DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing) public workshop ☆ ~ Sunday 29 May ~ 11:00h - 16:00h CET ~ > more info & RSVP: varia.zone/en/daap-varia.html

if in Liverpool join us @ BiblioTech Symposium ✲゚May 5 alongside Johanna Drucker, Gary Hall, Mel Jordan, Esther Leslie, Edgar Schmitz, and Emily Segal. An amazing program curated by TorqueEditions ===> more info on the exhibition and program here: exhibition-research-lab.co.uk/

excited for this work to be out \ *゚▽゚* ノ a video piece I made by for ~ second order simulacra by digital selves (Lz Wïlsøn) as part of her new EP — error topography — released by Cherche Encore and supported by Arts Council England :::: watch here::::: youtube.com/watch?v=H5sJjfAkym

Avec au centre de tout ça le . "Nos claviers ne contiennent pas (encore) les touches qui correspondent à ces caractères. Alors pour rendre utilisable cet arc-en-ciel de signes par touls, la collective construit des pratiques en commun, des normes molles, rageuses et aux petits oignons, qui ensemble forment læ Unicode Initiative (QUNI)". Le Pratiques en commun de normes molles et rageuses, le standard comme terrain vague, pour plein de nous, mais aussi pratiquement comment sa fonte, les quatre modes de fonctionnement, læ QUNI gonflable et pourquoi proposer vos fontes .

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can't wait for celebrating ☆ Ten Years of Algorave @Corsica ☆ if in London join us ♬ ra.co/events/1499155 ♩ • ☽

Artful Integrators Award

"We welcome nominations for the tenth Artful Integrators Award, to be presented online or in person in Newcastle upon Tyne during PDC 2022. The Award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement in the area of participatory design of information and communications technologies. Where traditional design awards have gone to individual designers and singular objects, the Artful Integrators Award emphasizes the importance of collaborative participation in design, and a view of good design as the effective alignment of diverse collections of people, practices and artifacts."

a global live coding community gathering on International Women’s day!
More info on how to participate here:
livecodera.glitch.me ++++ feel free to spread the word!

Re-writing / Re-reading
Jon Reus & Varia

► Online Workshop ◂◂◂ 12th Mar ◆ 14h—17h UTC+1

How would you like an artificial reader to read? What kind of memory is preserved in an algorithm? What knowledge, thoughts, feelings would you want to be a part of such processes, and what previous 'machine learnings' could be refused?

In this workshop we will explore the potentials of hybrid algorithmic and collective reading through inventive practices of annotation. Starting from the written and spoken words of the artificial broadcaster in »In Search of Good Ancestors / Ahnen in Arbeit,« we will investigate how to understand and digest text generated by machine learning algorithms, and how such artificial writing can be read next to and together with new text of our own choosing.

▸▸ Register free ▸▸ ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/

* join us * on Saturday for Reading Room #42 — Online Reading and Repairing with Varia ↝ this online session takes place in two parts: the first part from 14:30-16:30 CET and the second part from 17:00-19:00 CET ↝ more info: page-not-found.nl/

save the date ↭ 5 Dec ↝ 14h-16h CEST ↭ online event Ch◉re◉graph◦ng C◉d◦ng ↝ tales from real-time cohttp://varia.zone/images/Chicau-Bell-Screenshot21-small.pngllaborative audio-visual coding ↜ varia.zone/en/cc-nlcl.html

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2021: Beyond the Screen

Self Care • Imagination • Duality • The Mundane • Translation • World building • Journaling • Exploring the Senses / World • Self-Expression • Play

Submit by Oct 18, event online Nov 22–26:

Great to see "How to Fork a Book: The Radical Transformation of Publishing" by Mark Marino and Sarah Ciston - about their fork of Aesthetic Programming by me and Winnie Soon! https://markcmarino.medium.com/how-to-fork-a-book-the-radical-transformation-of-publishing-3e1f4a39a66c

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We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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