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typing exercise 2020/08/14 

flimns rix nrzze y
chvjpqrsuvw tqsttwt vqjm w

cuuvmppn yrzps v qt ttttttuvzsymjxyyzzz fre


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adhxr zywkwxxyyZZz obehjqvuusroouyzzz x


xvv oonb yvrolg gfedc

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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ 🥁💥💻

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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Me: "I want to buy a half-pedalling capable foot pedal for my Doepfer midi keyboard, which one can I buy that is compatible?"

Doepfer: "Ehh ask dealer, here's a datasheet for the compatible electrical specs"

Local dealer: "Meh ask thomann"

Thomann: "Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Roland: We don't do electrial specs in datasheets for our products! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yamaha: We don't do electical specs in datasheets for our products! (ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ)

For f*ck's sake ... (-‸ლ)

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Cutting LP Records with our CNC mill. I am cutting _very_ slowly because of two reasons:
- The knife isn't intended for cutting LP records :)
- When playing the record with 78 rpm all the noise from the machine will be high pitched beyond human hearing

I wrote and used sndcut to generate the g-code:

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Holy shit. Eine C64-Demo, für die man den C64 nicht braucht, weil sie komplett vom Prozessor des Diskettenlaufwerks läuft. Unglaublich!

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Like #RSS? Know #CSS? I created a tool to generate RSS feeds from arbitrary websites using CSS selectors.
And it's called... Feed me up, Scotty!

2021/07/07 Announcement I:
I have extended my personal limitation from 1TB to 2TB. So I will create another TB full of different projects. I will keep you updated about the different projects.

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If you're in Rotterdam this July (22nd-25th), keep reading!

Together with Santiago Pinyol and Luke Murphy we're organizing this year's edition of Relearn in and around the city.
Relearn is an intensive IRL three day collective learning experiment with as many teachers as participants from all backgrounds and disciplines to learn from-and-teach each other, beyond the traditional paradigms of education from an interest in free culture and practices of care.

This year's edition will take place in and focus on Rotterdam. We aim to explore the importance of self-organisation and the use of experimental tools to build alternative systems and economies within the urban fabric of Rotterdam.
Apply by the 30th of June! Find the full text of the open call here ->

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Weizenbaum's original Eliza code finally tracked down in a "distinctive collections" folder in the MIT Libraries. Released as public domain. Images of around a dozen or so fan fold pages.

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Just in case you wanted to hear me talk about implementing rotating space stations for #VR with #GodotEngine for 45 minutes and missed the original at this year's #LibreGraphicsMeeting, here you go:

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Earlier this month, I had a conversation with Agnieszka Wodzińska from Metropolis M about my PhD research, "Storming the Gamergate" (working title), which I recently started. You can read it here:

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