Pieter Bruegel the Elder "Children's Games" (1560) without Children (2020)

floppies with lifelong warranty ('lebenlange garantie')! boost if you think 1.44 mb are enough!

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Open and Shut

Type in Morse code by repeatedly slamming your laptop shut


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open call for food zine 

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Streamed online conversation on crisis tactics between Joan Heemskerk (jodi.org) & Heath Bunting on April 8th:

Joan and Heath will continue where they left off at Varia Rotterdam, when Heath talked about his everyday life tactics that anticipate the collapse of infrastructures, while Joan criticized this as a "boy scout" approach.

(I will be the moderator of the conversation.)


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i would hate to live under communism where everything looks the same

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Das @metalab hat nun quasi seine eigene online Lehrveranstaltung zur (Technik-)Philosophie und Politischer Theorie! :D

📕 🗨️ 🤔 Die <CR> Lesegruppe trifft sich online am Donnerstag um 19:30!
Ort: meet.metalab.at/Bibliothek

Folgender Text wird gelesen:
Günther Anders: "Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen I" Unterkapitel: Die Welt als Phantom und Matrize Kapitel III: Die Nachricht

Mehr Infos: metalab.at/wiki/Carriage_retur

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