The collection of link hover effects slowly grows. A cute CSS transform using `overflow: hidden` to fill a text outline today - I'm building a collection over at

My gloopy border demo was recently featured in CodePen's newsletter, which is pretty cool! I like the idea of well-designed, generative, blobby websites...

:drake_dislike: building some mediocre closed source startup app thingy with tons of competitors ( :thaenkin: i wonder why) in public on tech twitter

:drake_like: building something interesting (literally anything, a new programming language, an album, a website that breaks all design rules, you name it) in silence on the fediverse and then releasing it to everyone, like how one would release music

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

I've been thinking about making daily consistent work that's useful and combines into a nice overall piece. I've already built a small library of link hover effects ( and I now plan on adding a link to the collection each day (or when I feel like it, you can't tell me what to do)

I've always been a bit divided on the idea of daily practices; you're committed to always producing something, likely low effort, which makes a lot of clutter. It feeds into constant work culture if you overdo it, which is toxic. On the other hand, you are producing a large body of work, building skills in the process. I'd like to build a large library of creative ideas, and working at it a little at a time is a good way of getting there without burning out over the project too soon.

Hello world! I'm a creative web developer with an interest in all things inter-networked.

I've made a collection of creative web experiences with Three.js and p5.js, you can check these out on my portfolio website:

I wrote a dissertation on creative uses of DevTools in net art and across the web, based on the view of net art being a participatory performance - more than happy to ping over a copy if you're interested.

Something interesting I saw yesterday was a VR streamer discussing the philiosophy of being a "real person" in VR as opposed to reality. They didn't think there was a difference, they felt that being able to have complete control over your personal expression in VR actually helped portray an authentic self - a closer "melding of consciousness". The streamer then casually walked into a bar where two other streamers were having a conversation about Lain and VR drugs. This scene feels like it's at the forefront of the internet and where it's going.

I'll be posting any observations and insights I find throughout my online travels to this account. Best wishes.

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