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I'm Jessica :emby: , sound artist and electronic musician. Transplant from somewhere in France to Berlin since a while. I'll post about some things I do sometimes.

I'm still discovering the fediverse and I'm interested in many things such as max/msp, interrogating hegemonic western music conventions and discourses, astrophysics, critical art / music / technology perspectives, diasporic thinking, social dynamics... Can't list it all, but I might ramble about those too :unwanted_moonface:

What more... for the anecdotal I'm in a train in Andalusia right now moving through some kind of dry hills and I'm seeing the sky becoming purple in that landscape as I write. That's beautiful.

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Last year I did an episode of my radio show "Open Sources" on early sound synthesis outside of the so called "West". You can listen back to my selection here :unwanted_smile: :

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I recently created "Manifolds" for the Ina/GRM acousmonium. One of its nodes were some experimentations with tunings from sub-saharian Africa and the diaspora found in fragments of polyphony breaking down in that multichannel space.
Here's an interview and extract of the premiere at 104, Paris.​

The new collection of Palm software gives lots of inspiration for classy GUIs for #Uxn :flan_blush:

This screenshot might not be the finest example I could choose, but I still love the robot wiggle!

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FILMS FROM IRAN FOR IRAN: a solidarity fundraising programme of films by womxn, made from 1979 to the present day, with a focus on experimental and non-fiction work. Over twenty works by fifteen artists.

Dirar Kalash - pioneering sound artist, composer and leading figure of the Palestinian underground experimental scene - was hospitalized last Saturday, 26th of November, after an accident in Berlin. He spent five nights at the hospital with severe injuries, including multiple fractures. He will have to go through surgery for broken cheekbones. As a result, he won't be able to work for many months, aside from the heavy medical bills, which are up to approx 5000 EUR already. This campaign aims to bring together collective support to cover his medical and living expenses until he is able to get back on his feet.

FYI: There's an #Indigenous people server now as of last week,

Big thanks to @roag505. And, @aerynlynne made new #emojis.

#IndianCountry #NativeAmerica #AllNations #AllMyRelations

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You can now listen back to my 2 hours takeover of Space Africa NTS radio show last night, an extended version of my mix at Ohm Berlin from last August. From an oil field to a black hole to the waves of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, you go back and forward in time through mostly sounds of the afro / diasporic imagination 🌍🌎

For the context: I had done this selection at the occasion of the release event of DeForrest Brown Jr.'s book "Assembling a Black Counter Culture" here in Berlin, which I highly recommend to read. It reframes the history of techno with a focus on the history of Black experiences in industrialized labor systems, all the while detaching the word from the electronic dance music industry and repositioning the genre in the history of experimental music.

My newest game IS OUT.

The Barnacle Goose Experiment
is an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body.

Music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury and supported in part by Arts Council England.

Play it free in the browser now -

Sunday pondering: Why do we laugh when people fall?

Last December I was invited to participate in OBJECTHOOD #8 by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros on @Radio_Web_MACBA. The show features discussions with Andrea Ballestero and Chris Korda, next to new sounds and music I made involving a sonification of a session of Conway's game of life, an ambient cover of the NATO anthem or experimentations with Chris Korda polymeter software in Microsoft GS Wavetable.

I've made 6 free online courses to help you read Marx:

Reading Marx's Capital Vol 1 (2019 & 2007 eds)
Reading Marx's Capital Vol 2
Reading Marx's Grundrisse
Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason
The ABC of Contemporary Capital

In der Klasse Generative Kunst wird die künstlerische Mitarbeiter*innen-Stelle neu besetzt.
Die Auschreibung ist attached, link hier:

If you live in Berlin - I'll be giving a talk about some recent projects of mine and play a few things tonight at KM28 (19h30) for the Sonic Portraits series :pokememory_ditto:

A lot of my work is, at some level and in one way, about probing the limits of computability from a human/affect/expressive perspective not to test it push computation, but to better understand myself and humanity. I love computers for their ability to help me understand what is uncomputable, and what they let me express about that feeling.

This is one of the best curated online ressources I know on black writings / panafricanism. Also a few videos in there. All material is gathered from the public domain, with some translations whenever available.

"Part library, part digital classroom, SUNU Studies, an educational supplement to SUNU Journal, serves as a means to decentralize + democratize education concerning Pan-African culture, politics, society, economy and art."

@IarfhlaithO @accretor @rjjago A Sámi instance is established at Would be great with more #Indigenous instances.

Awkward #introduction time ⏰

I'm a writer and lecturer, usually thinking about music, sound, moving image, gender, technology and nature, here for #soundstudies #mediastudies #musicjournalism #musicwriting #instrument chat #queerstudies, probably some other stuff too. Bad at specialising, good with insects, cycling, writing outdoors.

An analog synthesizer inspired by older Chinese classical instruments design, made in China in the 70's by Tian Jin Qin / 田进勤 :

Last year I did an episode of my radio show "Open Sources" on early sound synthesis outside of the so called "West". You can listen back to my selection here :unwanted_smile: :

"አ ቦ ጊ ዳ ሄ ው ዞ"

ይህ የአማርኛ ቋንቋን እዚሁ በማስቶዶን ለመመረቅ ስንል የተፃፈ "ቱት" ነው! ከዛኛው የነውጠኞች መንደር ከሸሸሁ ወዲህ የግዕዝ ፊደላት እስካሁን አንዴም አላጋጠመኝም። የሀገር ሰው መጥፋቱና ሰላም መገኘቱ ኑሮን በስደት አስታወሱኝ 😀

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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