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I somehow managed to make a Highly Upvoted comment containing a bunch of arcane sociology knowledge:

I had no idea that "memoir in essays" was such an established literary form:

All of these sound pretty excellent. I got into memoirs after reading Patti Smith's Just Kids, M Train and Woolgathering. I think I'll add one or two of these to my to-read list.

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Is there any community/link aggregator interested in technology and intellectual curiosity that is like #hackernews with a leftist perspective? boosts welcome!

Something like, but not just about technology.

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Please consider the environment when making seasonal decor choices.

Lefebvre saw right through the "smart city" all the way back in 1989

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how about "full of disgusting antisemitism"? doesn't that warrant flagging?

Gotta respect a clever paper title like this: "Access shrugged: The decline of the and the rise of utilitarian openness"


“I’m way more morally depraved than you can even imagine.” Why do these people assume we care??

Having my research ethics students (social sciences) read “Those Who Walk Away from Omelas”—good idea or bad idea?

“Regardless of how this pandemic will develop, it is clear that the models for on-line learning, the contracts and dependencies that are now being established, are meant to stay.” has ebooks of works that have entered the public domain in Canada.

That means they have a bunch of stuff that is still protected by Disney's copyright law and therefore cannot be included in Project Gutenberg.

wondering how much work it would take to integrate with ... has it been attempted?

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UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 1 

We’re striking for universal remote work for ALL workers, not just grad students, a universal $2500 emergency grant for all grad students, lifting restrictions on childcare subsidies, and defunding campus cops by 50%. These are incredible demands and as one of the oldest grad student unions, it’s our responsibility to push the most radical demands and really bring thjs university to its knees.

Up the strike!
Down with admin!

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TIL: "cli-fi" is speculative fiction about climate change.

New favorite sandwich: fresh sourdough bread, spread with ssamjang sauce, top with raw haring and fermented daikon radish.

Dozens of these amphibian cars are entering Amsterdam from the east.

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