my kids convinced me to make a mashup of Go and Tetris in #tic80 this morning; welcome to a completely normal weekend here in my house

So now one of the top trending articles on the web site for the state broadcaster is a pattern so you can your own "Bernie" mittens:

I am looking forward to more political discourse that revolves around eccentric style, DIY techniques, pattern design and natural materials.

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The prudent middle road was accept one, decline the other. So that's what I did.

Let's hope that the middlway does not spell certain death, as Alexander Kluge once insisted.

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Done ☺️

Now the question is, do I accept the two new requests that have come in? I'm kind of on a roll, so I'm inclined to say yes.

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Paper #4 is a re-review. I gave minor revisions the first time around. It was fine, if a bit unambitious. So I think I will be able to finish all my outstanding reviews today!

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On to paper #3. This one cites my dissertation, which inclines me to think the author doesn't know what they're doing...

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It also doesn't help that I feel so conflicted about my gatekeeper role that I spend over an hour crafting the perfect rejection decision.

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It's so hard to focus on the review when the paper is bad.

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One peer review down, three to go. I wonder how far I can get in one afternoon...

First-world academic problems 

The exact moment today that I started feeling badly about once again not working on the two overdue reviews of my four outstanding ones, TWO new peer review requests arrived.

y'all know any library, archival, or digital humanities related podcasts? >_> Preferably BIPOC

I received a bunch of nice stickers that I put on my laptops, but I can't help but wonder, when will anybody see them? I haven't used my laptop in a public place in so long!

I'm reading the Little House series with my kid. At some point in book 3 he asked, Doesn't Laura ever have to pee? It's really obvious question, in a way, because although you get all these detailed descriptions of daily life, nobody ever goes to the toilet and there are no little outhouses on the prairie.

Most recently we read The Long Winter, andI had to think back to that question. The poor family was shut in during seven months of blizzards. Did they ever pee?

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