I can tolerate people saying jiff, but pronouncing regex "rejex" is a bridge too far

I mean, the way things are going, the market for these hats in western Europe is going to explode in the coming years, and whoever has that market cornered: hats off to you! 🀠

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during a long walk today I was pondering what a dialogue between Jenny Odell and Byung-Chul Han might look like.

They both agree that vision is important to the conduct of a contemplative life and that we need to cultivate this skill. They also agree that we have to transcend the self, and that resisting the attention economy/achievement society requires a collective project of resistance.

However, I think Han is less optimistic than Odell about the will as a possible source of redemption and resistance. Instead, he thinks redemption may lie in the collective fatigue engendered by achievement society.

Anyway, can we make this dialogue happen for real please?

ode to my big floppy australian hat

with you
i can walk
my pale ass
down a street
in my neighborhood
on a sunny day
without having
to apply
half a bottle
of sunscreen.

I threw a couple of books in my bag for this trip, and they were all excellent and spoke to each other really well: Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown, Lurking by @jomc, and How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. Feel very inspired after finishing the third today!

Toothpicks are made of dried birch wood when you break the toothpicks, you stretch and compress the wood fibers inside them. When you put drops of water in the middle of the closed star formation, the dry wood fibers in each broken toothpick absorb some of it. This causes the fibers to swell and then expand As the wood absorbs the water, each individual toothpick tries to straighten itself as the soaked fibers expand. This straightening action causes the toothpick ends to push against each other

The development version of the textnets documentation now contains an interactive tutorial, thanks to the magic of ! textnets.readthedocs.io/en/dev

yay vax 

Taking my kid for the polio vaccine was emotional since my mother had it when she was little and has been impacted by it ever since.

I don't think I felt the same way with kid #1, but I guess the importance of vaccines is front of mind given... recent events.

Microsoft github sucking in all the free/open source knowledge in order to automate computer programming.. Pretty much what happened to weavers, leading to the Luddites trying to protect their livelihoods. Unionise?

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