@jboy Lately, a Dutch poem on display outside the local train station has been replaying in my head. I wonder if it will still do so in 20 years' time.

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Poetry has such a weird power. This morning I woke up with some words in my head, and after googling them it turned out they were from two poems I read in high school and haven't (afaik) revisited in the intervening two decades.

The first was "Trost" by Theodor Fontane, and the other "Hap" by Thomas Hardy. Both are really well crafted, and I suspect rhythm is what makes them "stick."

geeking out about... math? 

I can't claim to have a great handle on advanced mathematics, but I love to watch talks by Eugenia Cheng and Tai-Danae Bradley.

Even if I don't understand three quarters of what they're talking about, it's hard to resist their unbridled enthusiasm. They have an admirable ability to make their field seem vibrant in ways few scholars in other fields do.

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just added this button of links for academic liberation to my site!


ignore the broken gossipsweb image for now :)

thanks to @djoerd for sharing !!

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Loved watching computer scientist Andy van Dam and literature scholar Robert Scholes in this 1976 film talking about an experiment using hypertext for poetry education:


There's an important lesson about "ed tech" in this film that we've sadly forgotten.

Scholes says around 11:40: "We've been getting more work from students than they normally would perform in comparable courses, I think. And I doubt seriously if it's possible to get more work from students without faculty putting in more work to meet that. Because the students have written so much, we have had to read so much and write so much in response to the students. If our comments on their responses had fallen short at any point, had seemed inadequate or perfunctory, I doubt of the caliber of their responses would have continued to improve, as it has over the course of the semester. The course, in that respect, demands a good deal of time. What we save on classroom time we put back in response time on the system."


“there has been an almost perfect language swap. Parties that once belonged on the left talk about security and stability while those on the right talk of liberation and revolt.” theguardian.com/commentisfree/

I thought wifi was flaky but I just needed to restart privoxy 🤕

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Just saw this sticker: "ecology without class struggle is just gardening".

"the language of skepticism has been co-opted in order to lend credence to pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. ... it leaves long-time defenders of skepticism struggling to rescue the concept and make sense of what’s going on." alfiekohn.org/blogs/skepticism

what is it with artsy sites where "view source" reveals nothing further than an obfuscated javascript module being called?

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Is the LIVING LABOR that fuels the fediverse the strongest refutation of the DEAD INTERNET theory?

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farting so loud that Zoom tells me I'm muted

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Dad: can I borrow a keyboard?

Me: sure! I've got a few. Let me-

Dad: ...with labelled keys?

Me: ah.

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Loraxing - v. scolding other people for failing to account for the needs of a group that you are not part of. "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."

American banks: first they punish you for not having enough money in your account, then they punish you for putting money in your account.

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