I've been quiet here for. Here's a recreation of a set I play at a festival on Friday.

I like this one and might do something with it. I keep suggesting/threatening to release an ep one day...

Sometimes you just wanna vent and not have advice thrown back at you

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Super excited to be starting a four year fellowship in December, exploring Algorithmic Patterns thentrythis.org/projects/alpac

@yaxu @celesteh FOSS has a “polishing a turd” problem. Not every solution to a problem that was developed in 1978 deserves to be the basis for contemporary software.

So I know that happiness can't be found in buying stuff but I'm having a birthday soon and finding it a bit worrying that I don't really desire anything.

The worry isn't that I have everything that I could ever need but that I've lost my excitement for stuff. Even the idea of a holiday doesn't excite me at the mo.

Aside from dtstyles where are people getting good darktable styles from?

Earlier today I had this problem in blender blender.stackexchange.com/ques

I'm not which answer to mark as the accepted answer.

There's this answer which doesn't directly address the problem I had but does provide a working solution (they even say "I don't know what you did wrong") blender.stackexchange.com/a/23

Or there's this answer which isn't as thorough but does address and fix the mistake I made blender.stackexchange.com/a/23

Which is the accepted answer?

My fitness advice: Eat 1-3 croissants before going on a run. The general idea is: The more croissants you eat, the longer you will run. To recover as quickly as possible after your run, eat a large and cheesy pizza. For your health!

Does anyone know of any open source extensions for recording audio from Chrome to wav/mp3? Must be available in the chrome web store.

After thinking about it for a bit I've decided that right now it doesn't matter for my purposes.

I'm only _using_ the clip art, not contributing so I don't need to worry about that yet. Still interested in what people think!

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So, is it safe to use and rely on Open Clip Art Library again? openclipart.org/ I remember the maintainer went MIA and everything looks like it's back up now.

Any other foss artists and designers who know about the situation have an opinion?

I've also seen that there's permaclipart permaclipart.org/ but can't tell if this is a fork that will live on

I have an idea for how to automate this. If the font only has sharp edges then, in theory, running the svg glitch script on it will keep the same curve type.

Will come back to this later in the year

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