#GIMP website recently got a new tutorial by nmat to create a heart shape with selections : https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Heart_Shape/

We remind that we accept tutorials for our website (the tutorials page has been pretty inactive these years). We'd love to have advanced tutorials too !

I made my first edit to some of @inkscape code ^_^gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/-/is gitlab.com/inkscape/extensions only a few characters in one of the extensions but I'm happy to have contributed something :-)

And we remind we crowdfund for anyone wishing to make it more sustainable ! 🤗 It would make the situation stabler ⚖️ for ZeMarmot project so that we can continue improving GIMP for years to come … 😊

This one was a really early animation that was mostly just fun to do. Just keep drawing and then erase then draw over then erase and just keep going.

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Recently I've really enjoyed doing little animations to test out some of my ideas. These were made as tests for blender animations but I kinda like them as they are

I'm really happy to share that I've transfered the #ForkAwesome project to a group of very passionate individuals. Thanks to their patience and motivation, there is a future for set of #Icons that grew so important for a lot of people in the #floss community. Special thanks to @douginamug who made this transition process so smooth and for driving the community. Follow the project at @forkawesome and on https://forkaweso.me

Another issue is that the essential creation and renaming of layers (need one called "End State") isn't possible as, for me, when entering a layer name certain letters are interpreted as tool shortcut keys.

"s" and "a" are shortcuts and so it comes out as "End tte". Argh!

Any other Fontforge users getting this?

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If I could find a way to import all glyphs from one font as a new layer on corresponding glyphs on another font then this potentially could be a way to automate the creation of a glitch variable font. Sadly I don't think this is possible in the gui itself.

I'd have to learn how to automate it and I don't want to do that now (no time).

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Back on this again, this time coming across ctrlcctrlv's second method for creating variable fonts youtube.com/watch?v=m5z4sDECCG

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It would be really easy to blame art school but instead I blame school in general. And people.

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I definitely have a weird relationship to drawing. I have so many sketchbooks but feel kinda scared about drawing in them

Do I know people in the UK who like live coding + camping ?

Going through a bit of an artistic reinvention at the moment, which at the moment involves me getting rid of old equipment.

Goodbye vinyl cutter.

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