So that script is great but it's having a hard time recognising the line colour of an svg. Any python people can help with this one?

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So this might not be the game I saw it in but Twin Kingdom Valley on C64 has this.

Anyone know of open source automated was of achieving this?

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There was a text adventure game where on each screen it would redraw the pixels on screen by colour. Can anyone remember the name of it?

Natron is Alive & Releases v2.4.0 Just Now

Please help me share.

Important: Natron is looking for developers and maintainers!

Tags: #natron #freesoftware

Web CMS question 

What CMSs are you setting up for clients and collaborators lately?

I still really like the flat file and static site approach but I haven't had great success in motivating editors and end users about markdown and file directories etc.

I'm not a PHP fan, I would like to find something in Python Flask as I have found that it strikes the right balance for me. I do know a few people that use Process Wire, is that still a thing? @raphael I think?

Quokka CMS looked very promising to me but is dead in the water. Wagtail and Django look great but feel really huge for the relatively simple and small (portfolio type) websites I usually make with/for people.

I'm close to setting up a Wordpress but can't get exited about it, need to broaden my horizons. What are you peeps using?

If you're in the EU and #Facebook leaked your data, you're eligible to join Digital Rights Ireland in suing the fuckers. DRI have a phone-number checker for you to see if you were affected:
#privacy #security #infosec

"Fixed Feedback is a collection of two scripts for applying a video feedback effect onto statitc images. This effect is typically achieved by using video synthesiser and plugging the output into one of its inputs, creating an endless repetition of an image"

nice one @hellocatfood !! :ablobcatrainbow:

#videoart #videofeedback

had my ethics and morals tested twice today. Not a fan of it at all.

Basically invited to do commissions on things which I don't 100% agree with but also don't 100% disagree with. Can't say more yet. Just airing frustration

a rule of thumb that almost never fails me is that any advice that begins with "why don't you just..." can be completely and utterly disregarded

Here's a preview of the presentation I did for Nerd Nite London where I talked about live coding and also included some drum machines

The most difficult part of it was routing supercollider to zoom whilst still being able to use a microphone. Otherwise enjoyable.

One good thing I did recently was a Guest Conductor spot over at The Coding Train

It was really great to talk about live coding to new audiences and also highlight the work of my friends and peers.

excellent thread by my excellent former coworker Georgia about the fsf/rms situation

next hydra meetup will be on Saturday, April 3 at 17:00 UTC 💎💎 💎

with talks from @hellocatfood , Melanie Wilson, and Jamie Faye Fenton. see you there!

more info + signup here:

Sunday, I was happy to give a talk at the FSF #LibrePlanet, wearing the Tshirt I designed for them (photo). But later that day, Richard Stallman announced his return to the FSF's Board of Directors. In this situation, I'll no longer invest my energy for them... 😿
#fsf #rms

I know I posted about it before, but it turns out that does midi in, midi out, and syncs up with its accompanying drum sequencer if you open it in another tab. i am using this all to practice drum sequencing but it has All The Chords. you could learn real music theory with this and it's in a *browser tab*. that's so cool!

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