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new blog post: the feasibility of going full fedi (alt title: how to reconcile decades of reinvention)

some folks said my public-learning-journey about data, archiving, self-hosting and the fediverse as someone with a public-facing-practice had been helpful for them, so i put it all in one place!

warning: long, mildly neurotic, no real conclusion

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back on my bullshit (logging in to every account i have saved in my password manager and immediately deleting it)

realised i have accidentally started styling myself like garth from waynes world

Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

Here's what the Summer / Winter School schedule looks like (so far, still waiting on 1 presenter to confirm)

And every one of those presentations needs a moderator to ensure that the presentation runs smoothly

It's not a lot of work, but it's very important

This is what moderators do:

If you would like to help out in this way, you can sign up to moderate here:

trying to work out how feasible it will be to scrape a very data-video-font-visual-effect-y wix site and self host.... i want 2 delete my account but my old messy hypertext/link adventure must be saved this song

i've loved 'this is the day' for years and only decided to listen to the full album today

and i am blown away

Hanging out with a baby all the time really does help one appreciate that β€œplaying” and β€œlearning” are fundamentally the same thing.

Captcha is getting harder & harder for me as time goes on & i’m starting to think that maybe i am a robot

quietly - i've made a page on open collective for special dispensations. i'm looking for ways to make the project more sustainable, and cover artist expenses and hopefully offer an artist fee, as well as paying for my own time. we currently make enough to cover about 1/3 of expenses incurred every month, and it's not possible to modify the machine to make the works more expensive in any meaningful way.

if you like the project (more info:, and have any Β£ to spare, please do vote with your feet and show me that this isn't a silly idea!! i will slowly and softly start publicising this unless someone tells me it's stupid

new artist installs this thursday, too

does anyone know who i'm thinking of who described corporate social media 'platforms' as essentially just dystopian shopping malls

i think a writer or philosopher, i might have read it on a blog? but i wanna reference them and cannot find


if you're looking to get off gmail, turns out the Thunderbird team has been quietly making that old mail client into something modern and awesome. def worth a look as a frontend to other e-mail / chat services, especially now that it has Matrix IM support:

second tape is the singing postman - ha’ ye’ gor a loight bor? some deep norfolk lore right there

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Buddy had an excellent idea.
I'm revamping my Patreon as a sort of library of my published/almost published work.

So if you want to support me (it'll help with the sterilization cost - still waiting to find that out)

quite a lot of them should have her singing on them - and some will have her playing keyboard too. i have the clavinova the demo tape came with, too!!

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i went to see my nanna today and she gave me custody of her archive of cassettes from the 80s and 90s, mostly of church services

i’m going to digitise them using our tascam - personally i am excited for the yamaha clavinova demonstration tape

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