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Hi, I’m gwil. I’m a programmer, illustrator, and father of two.

I used to work at a war crimes tribunal, a few e-commerce places, and am now using my practice to build alternative distributed systems.

Right now I’m working full-time on Earthstar, a FLOSS tool for offline-first, small, undiscoverable networks.

I also used to have the time to make a lot of odd-format, narrated webcomics like this one:

Thank you for letting me in here!

In the first useful application of AI generated imagery I've seen so far, we now know what an Eames Gamer chair would look like

1yo took her first steps yesterday. It is always as weird to see as it is exciting. I guess because they suddenly become twice as tall.

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it's going to be super bad for Mozilla's legacy if it turns out that Jack fucking Dorsey builds the alternative mobile OS that challenges the Apple/Google duopoly.

should've been all over projects like , , and the laptop. Mozilla Foundation should've researched the future they wanted to build instead of dumping money into making Youtube (owned by their biggest competitor) slightly less fascist.

We should never forgive the the 2010s tech activism grift, flush with cash dedicated to making huge companies "less evil" despite a constant slide towards a barbaric technofuture. And for what? Who gives a shit about your design ethics when the whole thing can be wiped out in an instant by a strategic purchase.

Mozilla Corp and Foundation had access to talent, goodwill and community to be the leaders of a true alternative to FAANG.

Instead, the world's best browser is stagnant; infused with a featureless password manager, a resold third party VPN and a 'me too' email relay plugin.

The Foundation is busy attending to "trustworthy" AI, "re-imagining" web monetisation thru tech (a legislation issue) and trying to make their unaccountable competitors ethical. "New approaches to data stewardship," an absolute surrender to the violent status quo of the serialisation of everything.

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These server settings aren't something I've had to add special support for. They are 'just' regular documents on an Earthstar share following a convention I made for this purpose. Any Earthstar client which knows of this convention can read and write server settings.

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Here's a video of me editing hosted shares while syncing with a local Earthstar server which has been configured to get settings from +apples.

Back on my bullshit and building web UIs again. Working on an app which syncs server settings across your Earthstar servers (pretty much just telling them which shares to replicate). With Earthstar. Meta.

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🌲☀️ MEMORY IN UNCERTAINTY: Web Preservation in the Polycrisis, the report written in cooperation with Webrecorder on the threats and opportunities for web preservation practice and tooling in a changing world, is now available in open access:

Is there any track that could accommodate distributed / decentralised tech there anymore? Only see a track dedicated to Matrix.

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MH17 verdict; Russian invasion of Ukraine 

Anyway, the verdict is good and I hope those pricks are brought in to carry out their sentence someday.

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MH17 verdict; Russian invasion of Ukraine 

re: The MH17 verdict. The recognition that Russia controlled separatist forces back in 2014 reminds me how this war has been going on for a decade, and not even murdering a plane full of innocents was enough to shake western nations out of their complacency and see it for what it was, for years and years. I'm sure that if Ukraine had fallen in the first few days as many imagined it would, many countries would have shrugged and kept on doing business with Russia, feigned as a sort of resigned pragmatism.

Weird how FOSDEM doesn't have a Web3 track this year.

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This is a good one. My response? These platforms host publics, but are not publics themselves. Publics form through using the affordances of the platforms to give rise to a community of shared interests which enable members to cooperate for mutual flourishing.

There’s lots of important things I’d like to pass on to a younger me, and one of them is that the heady high of winning in PvP online games totally offsets the low of losing to a stranger called YoshiSmurf

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🌲☀️ MEMORY IN UNCERTAINTY: Web Preservation in the Polycrisis

A new major research report from New Design Congress for Webrecorder, co-authored with @shibacomputer, on the threats and opportunities for web preservation practice and tooling in a changing world:

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@shibacomputer @liaizon It is not just governance though, also the (dis)affordances of the platform are important vectors for harassment.

Unfortunately the self-hosting mentality has thus far distracted from this question. As a consequence insufficient work is put to theorizing, creating and sustaining organizations that could host an instance which could actually accommodate people that are suffering from targeted harassment.

But ideally with more attention on this ecosystem from people other than self-hosters, these questions can be tackled over time.

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@liaizon @rra

victims of harassment need structural support to protect them.

this is always interpersonal. human. social. tech is always secondary.

on a bigger platform with more resources, the ability to protect a victim of harassment is a governance issue ONLY.

for p2p, this immediately becomes a resource problem. the resource here is human labour.

by self hosting, the victim assumes the role of the structural support, running a technology that acts as a conduit for their continued abuse with zero support.

Overheard my son (4) playing with a friend:

"Zullen we allemal killen?"

(eng: Shall we all kill? Yesss!)

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Varia invites you to its
5-year anniVariassary!!

:nes_fire: 👾 🎊 :nes_fire: 🎊:nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire: 👾 👾

Friday, 4 November 2022
19:00 (CET) onwards
at (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam) + online (link to be shared soon)

After 5 years looking into and outside everyday technology, we want to come together in different modes to celebrate this occasion. On Friday 4 November at 7pm CET, join us for an online server party and/or in real life inside Varia's space.

Music from DJ Mercenary Force, JustSimon and experimental happening — in virtual and physical realms — there will be drinks, there will be food, there will be streaming, there will be celebration!


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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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