Greetings everyone! I have just migrated to tldr.nettime, so here's a brief introduction:

I make art about place/space. Most recently I've done that using graph theory, scanning & optical character recognition poetry, speech synthesis, and a fair bit of research into Lettrism. Previously I've done that using no-input field recording, field recording, noise, feedback, convolution, ready-mades and found objects. I'm ideas and material-oriented rather than results-oriented, so processes and outward aesthetics change a lot from piece to piece. My works are often in dialogue with history, art history/practice and politics, often in a way that's a bit argumentative. I leave the snark to the art though, I tend to have good manners on social media.

A good friend once described me like this: "He makes kinda post-conceptual, shitpost-adjacent sound art, which is often very beautiful, and always full of complex layers of ideas. Also super knowledgeable about data systems for social good and the public sector. And the deepest reader of pop culture I know." I'll take that!

I used to make music, primarily. As I get further away from music I'm losing that audience, and I don't really have time these days to build a different audience, so everything's a bit awkward and in-between. But sometimes I'll play drums, or electronics, or perform with feedback and resonance.

All of the above is a side gig. I work full time, with data as seems to be the fashion these days, and I have a weird little family that I like very much. I live in Bristol, UK.

Celebrating 70 years since John Cage's 4'33, the Australian Humanities Review has dedicated its new edition to the work.
Open access, here:

(haven't read it yet but I'm going to be disapointed if there isn't at least one article which is just a blank page)

I've finally left the bird site for good - following everyone I could find on here but do link me up with folks who I might have missed.
Experimental music, sound art, current practice PhD people, techno, noise, D&D, climbing people!

If you happen to make the kind of music that might fit with the show, please get in touch with news of your new releases!

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My monthly radio show, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, broadcasts tonight on from 1am to 3am.
This episode marks the 11th birthday of the show. I'm not doing anything special for the occasion, it's the usual uninterupted mix of experimental music, noise, improvisation, drone and electronic music.
Tracklist and more info is here:

Listening to this album today, didn't realise that Sandy Nelson died earlier this year.

Just bought a calibration cassette to sort the speed out on my tape player: it plays a 3kHz tone for the whole side.
Thinking of the live performance possibilities of, eg, getting a whole bunch of them playing on an array of portable tape players.

QUICK AGF run down for recording oneself or 'for a better audio future' - audio literacy

Moving house this week. Various woes trying to get packing boxes off Freecycle - kept missing out by replying too late, or not hearing back from offerers.
In the end I've opted to use bag-for-lifes. Sure, must have looked a bit odd buying them 10 at a time, but got all my books, CDs and tapes nicely packed now.

An #introduction seems the thing to do.

I am a teacher of Design Technology in the UK (Yr 3 to 8). I am a Maker who collects skills, from code, CAD, hardware design, blacksmithery, embroidery, woodwork, precious plastics, automata, electronics, robotics, puredata, RPi, etc.

I am a musician/interactive installation artist. (Vulpestruments)

I'm creative director for Hackoustic, showcasing artists working in physical sound at various events.

I also work for MTFLabs in various different hats.

Greetings humanoids, a small #introduction from myself.

I’m a #soundartist working across #installation #performance #locationrecording + #sounddesign - all things #audio really.

I’m also a #singer and am a #soprano with the #londonbulgarianchoir

…Aaaand I also make + talk #radio things with the #radioart collective ~ @ShortwaveCollective #musodon #creatives #soundart

~ @tinysound is an experiment I set up a few years ago to talk about #sound through a lens of #poetry ~


I still have a good few of these tapes left, if you like very abstract chilled out noise music made with feedback

Currently on a small UK tour, playing a turntable/gramophone duo with Sascha Brosamer. We've played 5 shows in 5 days - off to Manchester tonight and playing Birmingham on Tuesday.
Drop me a line if you're local to either and will share more details.
(trying not to spam too much on here, whils I work out what kind of posting is best for the platform)

Made it to the studio with a Technics SL-1200 mkii on the bike trailer. Seems as though nothing is broken, and saved me £15 on taxi fare.

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