"Tanaw ang Pinatubo sa General Assembly"
or "Pinatubo is in Sight at the General Assembly"

Amorsolo's Mount Pinatubog painted before the 1938 eruption + prompts and editing with Dall-E

Amorsolo is famous for his idyllic depictions of the Filipino countryside. Attempting to extend his work, "Mount Pinatubo", to the ideals of organized peasantry building planting the seeds of the future far from the semi-feudal, semi-colonial present.


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Live coding: a user's manual is out this week, published open access by MIT Press. I have my copy already, after many years it's real!

I just put up a placeholder website, and will upload the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files there on Tuesday, maybe making a web version. It'd be interesting if people started contributing edits, adding extra chapters etc..


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#astronomy #space #galaxies #maps #mapping

"Created by Johns Hopkins University astronomers with data mined over two decades by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the map allows the public to experience data previously only accessible to scientists.

The interactive map, which depicts the actual position and real colors of 200,000 galaxies, is available online, where it can also be downloaded for free."


Thinking about Philippine weather and what we know about typhoons, our weather vocabulary through local news headlines.


a) Philippines is the most exposed country to tropical storms.
b) the largest TV network that covers the most regions during typhoons was shut down,
c) Facebook is the leading news platform in the Philippines
d) some surveys show that most people only read news headlines in social media

A national ID system is coming soon to the Philippines. :( Thank you former-police-now-senator-who-cares-shit-about-privacy!

Two months ago, I recommended the song "So American" by "Portugal. The Man" to a friend. We saw each other again just few days ago and found out we were listening to the same songs the time we were apart... songs that were recommended by algorithms based on that song choice 2 months ago.

@kurbitur will this suffice?

Format > Character > Spacing > Pair kerning

My laptop flew from the table while connected to the printer. It resulted to the death of one USB port. Today I learned about $ cancel -a, and that's enough to make up for the dead USB port.

Hey guys, so we are planning this eZine library to share works of local artists and writers. We are inviting people to send in digital copies of their work that we will share over wifi in a gallery this June.

Anyone who wants to send over their work, can email them here: bootleglibrary(at)gmail(dot)com

If you're not comfortable with gmail, my personal email is:

Read with me! "Privacy, surveillance, and the proportionality principle: The need for a method of assessing privacy implications of technologies used for surveillance" by Jonida Milaj.

Any recommended references on privacy, mass surveillance and national ID programs?

Anyone with a file copy of the book Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek? Pretty difficult find this side of the world.

Hi I'm a free software advocate and creative tech based in the Philippines. Working on ICT for the People (or ICT4D as they call it in other circles) projects with Computer Professionals' Union (cp-union.com).


A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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