A national ID system is coming soon to the Philippines. :( Thank you former-police-now-senator-who-cares-shit-about-privacy!

Two months ago, I recommended the song "So American" by "Portugal. The Man" to a friend. We saw each other again just few days ago and found out we were listening to the same songs the time we were apart... songs that were recommended by algorithms based on that song choice 2 months ago.

My laptop flew from the table while connected to the printer. It resulted to the death of one USB port. Today I learned about $ cancel -a, and that's enough to make up for the dead USB port.

Hey guys, so we are planning this eZine library to share works of local artists and writers. We are inviting people to send in digital copies of their work that we will share over wifi in a gallery this June.

Anyone who wants to send over their work, can email them here: bootleglibrary(at)gmail(dot)com

If you're not comfortable with gmail, my personal email is:

Read with me! "Privacy, surveillance, and the proportionality principle: The need for a method of assessing privacy implications of technologies used for surveillance" by Jonida Milaj.

Any recommended references on privacy, mass surveillance and national ID programs?

Anyone with a file copy of the book Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek? Pretty difficult find this side of the world.

Hi I'm a free software advocate and creative tech based in the Philippines. Working on ICT for the People (or ICT4D as they call it in other circles) projects with Computer Professionals' Union (cp-union.com).


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