On the news of Epic Games aquiring Bandcamp, and possible alternatives: As it depends entirely on my free time (and asides two weeks early this year I've in fact been struggling to make space for it for a while now) I can't make any lofty promises, but I will say that is still very much alive on my agenda. I received a lot of positive feedback last year (thanks again everyone) and with the Bandcamp takeover there's now more than ever a motivation to bring this towards an official release. Still: It's done when it's done, self-care and a healthy work mode come first. ( ◡‿◡ *)

@freebliss wow, I hadn't heard that! Thank you for creating an alternative:)

@freebliss interesting :) do you plan to use activity pub to connect all them together in some ways?

@imacrea I've set out to create something really simple in design with faircamp (as in trying to keep complexity really low, especially for the built product), which is also why for the time being faircamp builds entirely static sites (even the in-page javascript is optional). Integrating activity pub would turn it into something entirely different, so I think that's very unlikely to happen, at least from the current perspective.

@freebliss I've been giving some thought to similar things myself. Seems like a good time for folks to start taking control of their own destiny.

@freebliss I'm sure there are people who'd be willing to help build this! (myself included)

@freebliss Awesome! And it's in Rust, so maybe I'll contribute :)

@freebliss I really like the approach of using a simple text file to generate a static site. For early development I think that's sufficient. But for this to really take off, I think it needs a GUI to generate that text file, kinda like Publii

@be thank you, much appreciate the feedback! I agree that even in general GUIs for SSGs are a very interesting avenue to explore (and very underexplored right now). That said, it's a huge topic of its own ... :D

@freebliss I stood up a faircamp site where I'm hosting some of my music now:

Thanks for making Faircamp! Even if it is still in early development, it's usable enough already to pick up and run with. :)

@indigo Awesome! Happy to hear you did dive right in and that it works for you - thanks for letting me know. ✺◟(^∇^)◞✺

This project looks interesting, but doesn't help the average artist who doesn't know how to run their own server software. I think Bandcamp will still be a best choice for the majority of artists.
I say this out loud because I hope I'm wrong. This is something we should be thinking about, though, if we want to make a difference for more than just the niche group of people looking to sell/share music who also know how to run and maintain server software.

@nebunez Thanks for your thoughts - I fully agree with your observations, faircamp is only (meant to be) »an alternative«, not »the alternative«, and we should strive for more accessible ones (and there are initiatives out there) too. One important note though: Faircamp requires no server administration know-how and is practically maintenance-free if you deploy it on one of the ubiquitous managed static file webhosts. I find this an important distinction because »self-hostable« usually implies not only a knowledge barrier, but most of all a serious time commitment for maintentance that actually very few (even tech) people can make in the long run. Faircamp's niche is considerably larger given one can deploy and forget about it, and that is a core design aspect of it, hence why I wanted to point it out. :)

@freebliss Oooh, self-hosted? I might have to take a closer look at this when I can.

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