true masculinity, leiwand 

developers, i urge you: learn rust, asap 

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Librarians are cancelling their Elsevier subs and Elsevier is panicking. The era of charging researchers to access their own work is coming to an end.


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Heute Abend um 18:30 gibts mal wieder ein #VALUG-Treffen im alten #Schl8hof in #Wels. Thema: #Proxmox. Wie immer: keine Anmeldung erforderlich, Eintritt frei. Happy #ILoveFS Day!

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We are happy to announce the Call for Proposals is now officially open for LGM 2020!

You can find all the details about what we are looking for on

The deadline to submit proposals is February 17th.

Rejoice! Our x community meeting in vienna is officially happening on february 13th!

Drinks, snacks and three talks, including myself re-presenting Elmyra (from the @apertus project) which *cough* I will by then have ported and released for blender 2.80 finally. (*^.^*)

Next wednesday (jan 29) I'm hosting a workshop on animated typography at RIAT Vienna, very curious how this will turn out. (✯◡✯)

The eno notation language is now finally getting a schema definition metaformat (by popular request) - just published the first prototype for a CLI-based parser generator:

Finally got around to write a library that deserializes an entire filesystem tree into an in-memory object (directories = nested dictionaries, filenames = keys, filecontents = values, plus customizable declarative/functional content transformation): Curious if anybody else sees potential in this or has comments? (I constantly run into usecases for this when writing disposable-ish static media generators operating on file-based content)

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